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Zach can give me all the x s and o s he wants What a delicious read I m not sure what was sexier Zach s intelligence filthy mouth or watching him with Poppy s little boy It was total swoon city from every angle I couldn t put it down This was ust what the doctor ordered Laughter really is the best medicine xo Zach was completely unexpected for all the right reasons It s funny as hell super sweet and oh so sexy The sexual tension between Poppy and Zach is delicious Zach is my new favorite KR book boyfriend He s gorgeous sexy self assured AND JUST A REALLY GREAT GUY I THIS just a great guy I read this in record speed because it s engaging witty and uses a few of my favorite tropes Forbidden speed because it s engaging witty and uses a few of my favorite tropes Forbidden and NA college romance There are a few other that I won t mention to avoid spoilers but ust know that this book is chocked full of goodness Is it absolutely perfect Probably not but it was perfect for me Here s where xo Zach shines The secondary characters Oh man the neighbors in this one are hilarious Interestingly enough I actually had a college roommate who was very similar Absolutely no filter or boundaries Poppy s friends are a couple notches higher on the embarrassment meter than mine were It was so much fun reading their interactionsThe parents Yeah I know parents are typically something mentioned as a highlight in a romance novel review However they re a huge win here 2 words Zach s mom The setup and progression of Zach and Poppy s relationship I enjoyed the chase and every second of the result Although there may have been one pushback too many it was still very well done The humor Man I don t think I ve laughed this much reading a KR title before I loved that Some of these characters are so freaking inappropriate I laughed my ass offSo kudos to Kendall Ryan for writing another fantastic read I highly recommend this one to readers who enjoy rom com forbidden romance and embarrassing secondary characters45 STARSFor of my reviewsMy Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog Poppy sweet Poppy Dangerous Poppy She was pure fire And I could not have been any willing to throw myself headlong into the flames xo Zach was ust pure awesome it was one of those books that made me feel really happy Everything about this book Big Little Man just worked for me and this is definitely the Kendall Ryan I know and love I swooned big time I laughed at lot I felt an abundance of emotions and most importantly I fell in love If you are looking for a fast paced uick easy Sunday read then check this one out I actually don t really want to say too much about the story line for this one as I don t want to reveal any spoilers so I will keep it shortPoppy attends a college party and unexpectedly sees her ex who let sust say was not the nicest boyfriend in the world So what s a girl to do Find a fake boyfriend of course So whilst hiding from before mentioned ex Poppy goes on the hunt for the perfect and willing participant to play the part of her new boyfriend at the partyWhen a gorgeous woman approaches Zach at a college party asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend he is all too happy to oblige The connection that Poppy and Zach felt from their first encounter was instantaneous they talked they laughed and they kissed one of those life altering explosive kisses They parted ways that night with the romantic notion of if it is meant to be they will see each other again someday Neither was prepared for when their next encounter would be Zach spent the next few days thinking of nothing but Poppy the kiss they shared and the way she made him feel Zach is the academic advisor to the Masters writing program and he was not prepared to find out that the student he is advising is none other than the woman he can t seem to get out of his mind Poppy One of the things I loved most about this story was the progression of Zach and Poppy s relationship and the forbidden aspect of whether it is appropriate to succumb to the intense feelings that have awoken in both of them The thrill of the chase really kept me fully engaged throughout I loved the anonymous poems Zach would slip to Poppy and the way they made her smile It was romantic and beautiful definitely made my heart flutter xo Zach was such a fun well written read that I read in almost one sitting If you love your forbidden romcoms that will seriously make you laugh out loud then I definitely recommend checking out Kendall Ryan s xo Zach I fell in love with Zach within the very first page It s a conversation with his mother and yo. The first time we met was at a party Your ex arrived to show off the person he'd left you for last month and you asked me to pretend to be your date I was than happy to help You were attractive smart and witty and that kiss we shared It left me wanting you for days The second time we met was in my office on campus where we were both surprised to discover you were the new mast. U can tell a lot about

A Man By The 
man by the he deals with his mom I could see that Zach was well rounded had a his mom I could see that Zach was well rounded had a of humor was incredibly respectful and was an overall decent guy His mom cracked me up and their interaction sealed the deal for me Zach was the kind of man with whom I could put all of my eggs in his basket He was a keeper Just gotta watch out for his dirty mouth exploding ovaries material right thereI m obviously not talking literally here people It s ust that Zach was the kind of guy you would want to give you babies He was sweet smart charming romantic and he had absolutely no problem showing his heart or his vulnerability On top of all that he was a sexy gorgeous adonis C mon you d be throwing YOURSELF AT HIM JUST AS I WOULDNOW GRANTED POPPY at him ust as I wouldNow granted Poppy this way too but she wasn t as willing to put herself in his hands She wasn t as eager as I was And it was frustrating a lot of the time However I understood her position In fact I ve found myself in the same circumstance so I know how it is But it was Zach The uintessential perfect man Well as perfect as one can be He wasn t a serial dater he was looking for the one he had found her and he was open to exploring forever with one person Poppy It took him much of this story to finally get her on board Which made this entertaining to say the leastThere was virtually no drama aside from the nonsense brewing in Poppy s head She was drama in and of itself But that was it Zach was funny and with his mom and Poppy s friends humor could be found throughout the plot This romance was sexy and sweet and the ending gave me everything I could hope forRelease Jan 23 2018 Genre Contemporary Romance POV Dual 1st person Heat 3 out of 5 Standalone ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewXo Zach is a sweet sexy flirty playful and a bit angsty romance Given the fact that this book is written by Kendall Ryan you can expect this book to be both heartfelt and lovelyThis book is not so much a forbidden romance but it does entail a graduate student and academic adviser Poppy has somewhat lived a sheltered cautious life and so when she asked a guy to pretend to be her new boyfriend at a college house party that her ex boyfriend is gonna be at she never expected to run into the stand in guy again And so when she discovers the guy that she shared a hot passionate kiss happens to be her academic adviser Poppy is beyond stunned Of course it was Creating Lasting Value just my luck that the one woman I d been interested in in over a year wasn t looking for a relationship and was also one of my students Shit didn t get complicated than that Zach right away is intrigued by Poppy Never has a woman got under his skin like her He wants to keep things professional and at the same time want to explore what could be a hot relationship with PoppyPoppy and Zach starts off as friends and mentor Poppy is well aware she doesn t want toeopardize her academics for a fling with Zach But as the two gets to know each other Poppy can t help wonder what Zach has to offer So will Poppy finally give into Zach and confront her feelings for him And how will Zach react to Poppy s secret that she has kept from him I need you to understand that I will worship you and make you come So Many Fucking Times Xo Zach is a very sweet slow burn charming romance Kendall Ryan does a terriffic Understanding Markets and Strategy job in setting the scene and allowing readers to understand Poppy s hesitation in having a relationship with Zach And as for Zach I adored him He was sweet very patient and understanding He made his intentions clear from the start and so that was refreshing to see a hero that wasn t arrogant or cocky So if you are looking for a sweet and playful romance that was deliciously filled with heart and sincerity then this book is for you Kendall Ryan Get it here US UK xo Zach is the playfully cute story of Zach an academic advisory and Poppy a literature major Their story was pretty fast paced but always stayed intriguing It wasn t easy for Poppy to give in to Zach and I liked that her struggle was portrayed very realistically She didn t want toust fall into a relationship especially one as complicated as hers and Zach s would be It made for some amazing sexual tension between them since their chemistry was so evident on the pagesIf you re looking for a light and fun NA read this is the one for you 35 375 xo Stars Roses of crimsonSkies of blueNature s beauty has got nothing on youDo you know how you affect meI don t think you doIf given the chance I think I could love youP. Er’s degree student in poetry that I would be working with You promised to be professional I did no such thingThe late nights and intense study sessions spent alongside you majorly throw me off my game I want you and I fight with myself daily over this fact I know I'm crass that my sexual innuendos and dirty mouth annoy you but I live for those two bright spots of color in. xo Zach Author Kendall Ryan