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Easy to forget it s fiction because of how powerful you as a reader feel as a result Don t even get me started on how well she writes grief and guilt Yes there are time this book will make you augh how could you not with Altair around but you l also have cried at east once by the end of this book and you re gonna be yelling throughout This is a least once by the end of this book and you re gonna be yelling throughout This is a book and you re gonna be yelling throughout This is a book mid page and stare at a wall while contemplating throwing it across the room kinda bookEveryone is entitled to their own opinion but I can t imagine any fan of We Hunt the Flame reading this book and being disappointed It really is just that good LOOK AT THAT TITLE commence big hype energy My heart is happy and AT THAT TITLE commence big hype energy My heart is happy and all at once These emotions Edit I was able to read a newer draft of WFTS All views are my own AND I STAND BY WHAT I SAID THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOK I VE EVER READI was able to read a very early draft of WFTS All views belong to meThe only thing you need to know is that I cried And that I have ZERO regrets about crying AND that this is one of the best books I ve ever read September 03 2020 After oving We Hunt The Flame so much you can t expect me to NOT BE BEGGING TO READ THIS EARLY so everyone please pray for me because I want to read it now. Of her sanity and to the edge of a chaos she dare not unleash In spite of the darkness enclosing ever faster Nasir and Zafira find themselves falling into a ove they can’t stand to osebut time is running out to achieve their ends and if order is to be restored drastic sacrifices will have to be madeLush and striking hopeful and devastating We Free the Stars is the masterful conclusion to the Sands of Arawiya duology by New York Times–bestselling author Hafsah Faiz. An say each and every single character GETS THE ENDING THEY DESERVE EACH the ending they deserve Each Hafsah made in telling this tale is perfectly in ine with the character s identities and story arc To say she does this story justice would be putting it mildlyIf you had any valid complaints or concerns about We Hunt the Flame know that this book has none of those flaws WHTF was Hafsah s debut and the writing reflected room for growth as all debuts do But the growth in Hafsah s writing is immediately obvious in We Free the Stars You can easily tell she s working on her craft AND CONSTANTLY PUSHING HERSELF TO WRITE constantly pushing herself to write best book instead of settling on good enough to get something written The writing pacing and mechanics are all well developed in this seuel Not to mention her use of symbolism is so on point I want her to win awards for that aloneBut what really drew me into this book was not the writing style While ovely it s Hafsah s dedication to these characters and giving them a story that s true to themselves that made me The Man from Beijing love this book with all my heart It s the way she showcases their relationships and how important they are to each other and theengths they Creating Lasting Value ll go to prove it The emotions they feel are so real and raw it s very. S alike and the kingdom teems with fear of the Lion of the Night’s returnAs the zumra plots to overthrow the kingdom’s darkest threat Nasir fights to command the magic in his blood He mustearn to hone his power into a weapon to wield not only against the Lion but against his father trapped under the Lion’s control Zafira battles a very different darkness festering in her through her bond with the Jawarat a darkness that hums with voices pushing her to the brink.

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Initial Thoughts Thank you so so much Hafsah for etting me read an early early copy I m Montana Dreams literally so honored and ALSO AN EMOTIONAL MESS words can t fully encompass how I feel But Arawiya will always be a home for me and I will alwaysove feel But Arawiya will always be a home for me and I will always Immerwelt - Der Pakt love z 111919I CANNOT WAITAfter that ending All those reveals That cliffhangerI m going into a coma wake me up in 2020 AHHHH I LOVE THE TITLEEEEEEEEE I AM FIRST and the Prince of Death nevereft a job unfinished That cover and colour scheme though I ve been holding in my feelings on this book since may and now that i m finally May and now that I m finally to share I don t know how to explain how perfect this book isWe Free the Stars conveys a complexity of emotions I can scarcely put into words People Modern South Asia live and die betray and save each other close themselves off and open themselves up It s not so much what happens as it is how does each character react to it and whyWhen We Hunt the Flame ended we wereeft with many uestions Picture Theory lots of pain and the smallest seedlings of hope The story Hafsah weaves in this seuel addresses all of it and she does it well Everyone wants to know who willive and die which character gets a happy ending which doesn t It s not for me to say how all of that turns out but I The seuel to the New York Times–bestselling We Hunt the Flame Zafira and Nasir must conuer the darkness around and inside of themThe battle on Sharr is over The dark forest has fallen Altair may be captive but Zafira Nasir and Kifah are bound for Sultan’s Keep determined to finish the plan he set in motion restoring the hearts of the Sisters of Old to the minarets of each caliphate and finally returning magic to all of Arawiya But they are ow on resources and allie. We Free the Stars