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Ut some of her characters some were downright insecure annoying simpering andor plainly unlikeable as multiple POVs shaped a huge conspiracy surrounding national security as Until the End simpering andor plainly unlikeable as multiple POVs shaped a huge conspiracy surrounding national security as Until the End like a mainstream thriller than something that was purely romantic suspense Rushdan drew Castle as a veritable hero who d run from his demons and merged a near super soldier type guy with his absolutely loyalty and moral compass tested at the very Fucked by Force end while Kit Westcott both struck and frustrated me with herye rolling TSTL stubbornness and her scrappiness as they both struggled to keep their heads above water There was a villain so machiavellian that it took my breath away ven so because Rushdan xcelled at writing within grey and blurred boundaries of good and wrong then leaving room for so much as the world as we knew it shook and trembled in the aftermath of the climax As much as this could be considered a gushing review nonetheless the Sun and Moon ending didn t leave me with much confidence that her series of books are stories that would profusely profess a HEA For CastleKit maybe this was their be all andnd all Yet there were other secondary characters who needed their acts cleaned up yet we were left in the To Your Scattered Bodies Go embers of promised change that hadn t yet come to pass merely the idea that broken bones or hearts still needed to heal ARC by the publisher via Netgalley This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Review copy was received from NetGalley This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewI found Juno Rushdan by reading the Sourcebooks sampler of romantic suspense novellas Turn the Tide and went Oh my goshwhat a ride I mxhausted after reading this I devoured the first 2 books in this series but this one tops it all There Is So Much is so much on that I can t mention as it will ruin it for you the main relationship between Kit and Castle was well developed and I loved the feisty banter between them I really loved Castle and you really get to see him develop throughout the bookthe choices he has to make could break him and he ll need kit s love by the العقل الباطن end Honestly this was brilliant I so hope we will get to see the rest of the operatives get their HEAspecially Doc Kit Westcott is rich and is the head of a hacker group Outliers She watches as her friends are False Hope A Rachel Thomas Novel Book 2 executed after getting involved with some shady people She grabs the computer drives andscapes to keep from being killed too Castle is a former SEAL and now works for a very secret government agency known as Gray Box Castle is sent to bring Kit in and find out where the drives are Kit doesn t trust Castle because he s with the government There are so many people after Kit that Castle promises her that he will protect her until she is safe When Kit breaks down the walls around his heart will he choose her or his jobOMG Secrets sex and nonstop action that will leave you breathles. The closest of uarters protective instincts flaring he can feel the ice surrounding his heart meltand he knows he'd do anything to keep Kit safeEven defy the rules that shaped his lifeCastle is the last person Kit should confide in let alone be attracted to but he's the only ally she has lef. ,

Nail biting dge of your seat awesomeness Until the End the third book in Rushdan s Final Hour series is just as book in Rushdan s Final Hour series is just as as the first two books in the series There is nonstop action intrigue danger and suspense that will keep you glued to the pages The clock is ticking in this installment and time is running out Twists and turns abound as well as a shocking betrayal that hits the team hard and has you wondering the outcome of the team and the future of Graybox I really did not see the and the future of Graybox I really did not see the of the mole coming it was a shocker for sure The action xplodes from the beginning of this story and is carried all the way through until the surprising Out アウト end There ar A fantastic third book to Juno Rushdan s Final Hour series I have been waiting on pins and needles to hear Castle s story and I am so completely satisfied This Trekkie loving badass might just be one of my favorite Gray Box team members And his romanticntanglement with the fierce and sassy Kit is such a Delicious Trope For Opposites Attracting trope for opposites attracting loved both the main characters and their chemistry together was amazing There were some twists I did NOT see coming And as always Juno Rushdan s snarky talented writing blew me away I ve been a huge fan since book one and I can t wait to keep reading pretty much anything she writes This novel could be read as a standalone but I definitely think Sostiene Pereira everyone should read all three books It s one of my favorite romantic suspense series Thank you to NetGalley and to Sourcebooks Casablanca for allowing me to read this book inxchange for my honest review 45 Until the End is the third book in the Final Hour Series and I ll be honest I ve come into this series late starting with book two and continuing on and I couldn t really remember much about that story when I started reading this one Which I do think impacted my Managerial Economics enjoyment of it and lessened the OMG factor when certain aspects of this story came to light Sorry if that sounds vague but I don t want to spoil it But there s no deny Until the End is one that s cut from the same cloth as the other books in Juno Rushdan s series intricately plotted and very well writtenven if I m a bit distantly connected to her protagonists than I normally am It s a story that slips into action almost immediately Rushdan s writing pushes the pace along relentlessly and there s nary a moment of letting up unless you re intentionally meant to take that bit of a breather before something L'art du roman else sinister pops up and the action barrels on again In short I was full of admiration for the way Rushdan juggled the impressive plot and sub plots the action the secondary characters and the puzzling layers that were found invery scene giving such a visual Wintermärchen experience to her writing that this could have well been a BondBourneMission Impossible movie with an infinite number of seuels waiting to hatch in the background I was suintyyed however abo. He's strong Fierce RelentlessAnd he may be her only chance of surviving the night Gray Box operative Castle Kinkade always gets the job done no matter how tough the assignment But when he agrees to protect white hat hacker Kit Westcott Castle's loyalty is tested like never before Trapped in.

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S I could not stop read it I still can t believe what happened so be prepared to be blown away I honestly don t know what to write without giving anything away Just be sure to read this heart pounding book to write without giving anything away Just be sure to read this heart pounding book read and reviewed this for NetGalley advanced reader copy arc provided by the author Reader Copy ARC provided by the Author Publisher via NetGalley in The Killing Faith exchange for an fair and honest reviewSweet Young Thing Not and the Secret Agent Man Usually I love this trope but not this Sweet Young Thing She grates rather than inspiring sympathy She is all blow and big talk without anything to back it all up She has a pathological mistrust of the Government andven when it is in her best interest choses to lie to the people trying to help her A Trust Fund Baby Katherine Westcott is all alone in the world Her family have all died and she has surrounded herself with a group of White Hat Hackers called the Outliers They are on a mission to thwart Big Government and protect civil liberties but in order to pay the bills they ha Wow I mean seriously WOW This book brought Pharmacology And Pharmacotherapeutics everything together and blew it all apart too Not going to spoil anything so that s all I can say Just wow UNTIL THE END by Juno Rushdan is the first book that I have read by this author and the third book in the Final Hour romantic suspense and thriller series It worked well as a standalone novel but would probably workven better if the series were read in order Castle Kinkade is an operative for Gray Box a black ops government agency When he agrees to protect Kit Westcott the leader of a white hat hacker group his loyalty is tested Themes Harvest Party explored include spies terrorists murder computer hacking clandestine government agencies romance family and much The characters were compelling and someone you could root for They had distinct voices flaws and virtues and their goals were clear The secondary characters were not as fully developed but this did not detract from the story The internal andxternal conflicts were well defined and the stakes and tension were high throughout this novelThe plot was San Juan Sampler Selections from the Nina Heald Webber Southwest Colorado Postcard Collection engrossing moving powerful thought provoking intense and suspenseful The pace was brisk which made the book a true page turner There are a few steamy scenes that start after about 60% of the book While the romance was important it was the action thriller part that truly drove the story line There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing Who can be trusted Exactly how many subplots are thereOverall this was an action packed romantic thriller that was a tense and gripping page turner I recommend it to those thatnjoy action packed romantic thrillers I look forward to reading of the books in this series Many thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca and Juno Rushdan for a complimentary digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley and the opportunity to provide an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any wa. T Under threat of imminent attack and a chilling conspiracy that hits too close to home Castle and Kit are forced to put their hearts and lives on the lineand stop at nothing to face the greatest danger the world has ver knownThe Final Hour SeriesEvery Last BreathNothing to FearUntil the En. Until the End Final Hour #3
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