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W spoilerShe has terrible cringe worthy sex with him hide spoiler This was a tacky book in my opinion I may be being a bit harsh here because after 13 of the book I realized it wasn t my cup of tea and started skipping over half of each page The reason was twofold One a serial rapist becomes part of the story and I don t like reading about serial rape Two the protagonist is a translator and is story and I don t like reading about serial rape Two the protagonist is a translator and is on a rather offensive novel which contains misogynistic the protagonists opinion and I back her up on that sexual scenes For some absolutely inexplicable reason large swathes of this novel within the novel are transcribed as the protagonist translates it She is apparently disturbed by the writing I wasn t as disturbed as irritated that this sort of misogynistic titillation was plastered throughout the book while the author implied that it was wrongI Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific finished by skimming skipping all of the novel within the novel because it was so irrelevant just to see if it in any way redeemed itself Inact it got worse The protagonist at irst tried to take on a man she was sure was a serial rapist herself and then involved the police in some bizarre abricated story that she thought would get them to help than the simple truth would have No Idea What Was idea what was with that This is not a book that I would usually pick up but the story seemed so interesting that I had to buy itI read it in less than a day The entire story had me trapped Once I inished a chapter I had to continue reading and ind out what happened next The main character is very likeable and multi aceted You Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde find yourself rootingor her the whole way throughThe story is Karneval, Vol. 4 fast paced and very entertaining The only problem I had with the book is that when youind out what is going on and The Hiding Place find out whodunnit it is not very thrilling I did howeverind what happens after the climax to be just as exciting and I elt as if I were watching a movie toward the endI would reccomend this book to anyone who likes a ast paced modern mystery Very well written and wonderful character development Not a avorite The premise of the translator inding herself in a similar story to the novel she s translating and then learning The Elephants Journey from it was promising but the execution became tedious and predictable Maybe if she d been translating something better than misogynistic policeiction it would have worked better Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' for me I think in the end the only thing that intrigued me was the concept of how relationships can become intimate ones even when it s not what we desire. O lupta morbida din ce in ce mai sangeroasa pe viata si pe moarte de a lungul careia victima se converteste in calau iar calaul in victimaUn roman tulburator plin de un erotism sumbru si de rasturnari spectaculoase de situatie explorand relatia dintre atractie si repulsie placere si teroare si dezvaluind semnificatiile profunde ale violentei siragilitatea psihicului um.

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Every time I read another book by this author Sarah Dunant I love her She s Changing Face of the Hero fast becoming one of myavorites Why Because she touches upon topics that most authors especially The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry female authors wouldn t go near with a tenoot pole such as stalkers and rape in this novel And it s not even just that she always adds a twist and her characters are so realistic and multifaceted that they jump off the page and dance WellI persisted with this as it was well written in parts and had a scene where the main character refuses to parts and had a scene where the main character refuses to controlled by a sex attackerbut it was very unrealistic and to my mind was revelling in rape as being erotic An ugly and disturbing book I m rather amused by some of the very negative reviews I m glad I didn t let them put me off reading this book I ve read uite a StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story few of her other books enjoyed them this one was a departurerom her historical tales being set in London in the present day I got very caught up in the story reading into the early hours The only element which slightly bothered me was the main character s plan to deal with her situation it didn t strike me as terribly plausible or realistic But then I was reading It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life forun escapism so was able to suspend reality She raises some thought provoking uestions about sexuality but I don t really understand why that offended so many other readers I didn t Lignin Biodegradation find it a scary read either but that may just be me Worth reading as a good thriller with a bit if a twist I liked this but didn t love it The story is an interesting one with plenty to keep you very anxious This is one of the worst books I have ever read and if I can save one other personrom suffering through it I will I ve enjoyed other of Ms Dunant s books and the concept Pure Chance for this one is good but the story was horrific I amar The Lady and the Lionheart from prudish but the language the descriptions the bulk of the story itself were soulled with crude offensive disgusting truly gross scenes and language that the only reason I inished it was so that I could write this review and honestly say that the story has not one redeeming uality I give it one star because all of the words were spelled correctly If I had been Ms Dunant s editor I would have been concerned or her mental She must been in a very bad place when writing this one Spare yourself I m throwing my copy in the trash This book was AMAZING I sincerely don t know why the rating is so low because I enjoyed every single page of it I loved the story the heroine the stalker the ending everything But most of all O casa somptuoasa in stil victorian intr unul din cartierele elegante ale Londrei O emeie proaspat traumatizata de o despartire dureroasa incercand sa si refaca existenta O serie de intamplari stranii ce se petrec mai ales noaptea numai intr o anumita aripa a casei Un criminal in serie inarmat cu un ciocan ce bantuie imprejurimile Elizabeth Skorvecky se izoleaza complet. ,
TransgressionsLoved Dunant s style her way of somehow orcing you to immerse yourself in her story Yes I was hooked I read some reviews about how it ails to portray reality and what a real woman would have done in the given circumstances Yeah but it s iction it real woman would have done in the given circumstances Yeah but it s A (kinda) Country Christmas fiction it supposed to play games with your mind and eventually win Real life is boring If the the backlap blurb writer had written the actual book Trangressions might not have resulted in such trashy tacky crapOkay listen Elizabeth is a modern woman Smart Independent As sexual as she wants to be with whomever she wants to be But a breakup with her academic boyfriend has hit her harder than she cares to admit And while her latest gig translating a glitzy Czech thriller into English offends her literary sensibilities it arouses others with its steamy scenes of eroticism violence submission and dominance In the dead of night she will suddenly come ace to ace with her tormentor She will smell him she will touch him and she will make a choice Then the real haunting will begin I don t know about you but I thought that sounded pretty intriguing However Trangressions is not only poorly written those excitingly presented ideas on the back lap cover are executed astoundingly tasteless As a matter of act it on the back National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 flap cover are executed astoundingly tasteless As a matter ofact it been a while since I read a novel this trashy and as harsh as this may sound unworthy of publication What bothers me most is the act that Dunant s definition of dark sexuality and steamy scenes of eroticism is so different rom mine or should I sayso much ickier Under the guise of translating a Czech thriller she tears open a can of disposable women and has them raped and butchered by aceless men in the meantime plastering Crotches And Chopped Off Female Body Parts All Over The and chopped off emale body parts all over the in a deliberate attempt to create a violently horny atmosphere Oh boy When translating those uneasy and mostly irrelevant scenes into English the highly unlikable heroine and Gods and fighting men: the story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland, arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory fruit loop Elizabeth continuously comments on how blase and disturbing that Czech thriller is how it offends her literary sensibilities Yet somehow she manages to get aroused by itOf course the parallels with her own life are obvious In between completely irrelevant scenes and ridiculously bad sex scenes she starts missing stuffrom her house and odd things happen After having accused herself her cat ex boyfriend and even a poltergeist she realizes something may be wrongthere may be a rapist on the loose So what does Elizabeth do when she wakes up at 4 am and Charming the Firefighter finds the culprit in her room vie. De lume refugiindu se in muzica si in traducerea unui thriller despre lumea interlopa din Cehia Banuindu se mai intai de episoade psihotice apoi temandu se de prezenta unui spirit malefic in casa Elizabeth va descoperi ca pe urmele sale se afla un agresor periculos Jocul pe care l initiaza pentru a l ademeni pe acesta in capcana devine diabolic si totul se transforma intr.