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Total MMA Inside Ultimate FightingA much stronger interesting and engaging read than No Holds *Barred This One Was Also Better Written I Highly Recommend *This one was also better written I highly recommend anyone who s an MMA fan or interested in how the sport got its start Super good I ve read a lot of MMA books but few of them have this breadth and depth Lots of back story on stuff that usually gets left out of the usual history books eg the legitimate contribution of SEG Japan s influence on MMA how the Gracie s broke into the US etc Pretty entertaining and surprisingly balanced definitely critical on issues shady ness of Zuffa shady ness of Gracie The 5 Secrets to Highly Profitable Swing Trading propaganda etc other books shy away from Even clocking in at around 400ages it s still obvious that the book could be longer It ends with the UFC having Vixen Midnight Liaisons potential competitors which has changed dramatically EliteXC Affliction in terms ofutting on shows IFL and Strikeforce are all dead It would be great to have a follow up chapter in a couple years In short great book well researched very critical very informative and easy to read An excellent overview of the evolution of the sport It describes not only UFC s development but also Pride re Zuffa UFC and even earlier history Almost all major characters and events are described and the book finishes sometime in 2008 A very good and concise material for both an MMA follower and a newcomer Or a sports marketing executive for that matter This is actually a very informative book full of history and interesting facts so as far as sheer knowledge goes this is a very useful read for any MMA fan who doesn t know the origins of the sport and got acuainted with it only through UFC I did rate it only 35 stars because the writing is very dry It isn t captivating or written in an entertaining manner it s just a history textbook for fans For me the first half of the book was very involving Back when I was first watching some of the early UFC days I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes There was no bloodyelbowcom or similar site to visit I lived only

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of the I got hold of So it was great to get a look at all the backstage stuff with fighters and the businesses Getting to watch the history unfold in a mostly linear fashion was something else I enjoyed in the book When watching things here and there sometimes laying catch up especially with Pride or missing events all together it was great to get another chance to relive it This book definitely made me nostalgic and want to rewatch many of these fights againThe second half of the book from a bit Puppy Love: An Alpha Man, Curvy Woman Romance (Vincent Street Valentines Book 3) past wh. Since the beginning of time men have engaged in hand to hand combat In Ancient Greece they called it Pankration a no holds barred battle Over time one complete combat system was replaced by a variety of limited ones like karate boxing and wrestling In the modern age this created an eternal uestion who was tougher Could a boxer beat a wrestler Could a kung fu artist dispose of a jiu jitsu man The Ultimate Fighting Championship answered those uestions emphatically in 1993 and Mixed Martial Arts was born Early stars like Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracieropelled this new sport into the Nor. ,

En zuffa UFC and especially once Pride was gone and the TUF era began was a bit less interesting to me Mostly because it was information I ve come across online read elsewhere re watched these modern era fights in many reruns on Spike etc That s not to say the second half is not still good just ointing out the difference in the emotional connection I had First half sucked me right in second half was a bit leisurely read For any fan that was just getting into MMA when TUF started and didn t dive fully in there would still be uite a bit of history in there to learnAs a whole the book took a fairly even approach to events it talks about Giving readers a look at something they rarely see on mma history lessons often featured by the UFC now that they are the top dog and own most of every great fight *LIBRARY BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY NOT TO SAY *both sides of the story Not to say attacks the UFC uite the contrary it simply gives you all the shades of gray and let s you make your own decisions In the end it really didn t change my opinion on any company view or fighter view I had it just have me information about it allAll in all it was a good book and I d highly recommend it to any fan Even if you are one of those fans that already knows it all you might still enjoy reliving the early years of the sport a good history of MMA to the dawn of the lesnar era though the earlier entries feel much deeper and richer than the later sections which appear to be cut and asted from Nation Self and Citizenship prior online articles snowden is the go to guy on mma and will remain so until the bullshit serious academics begin carving up and ruining this subjecterhaps they already are if so i ll make sure i get in on the action A 83% Very Good Notes Essentially a collection of interview uotations sewn together it The World of Critical Role The History Behind the Epic Fantasy provides a surprisingly comprehensive base history I just tore through Total MMA Inside Ultimate Fighting Jonathan Snowden s excellent history of MMA Its a hefty tome at almost 400ages with 32 Làm như chơi pages of colorhotos and 11 Someday Matters of the Heart Book 3 pages of notes but a very uick and entertaining readIf you re looking for a one volume history of Mixed Martial Arts it would be hard to do better than this The evolution of MMA in both America and Japan are covered nicely with a natural emphasis on the UFC and PRIDE Early Pancrase gets a good amount of attention as wellRoyce Gracie Ken Shamrock Frank Shamrock Kazushi Sakuraba Frank Shamrock Tito Ortiz Chuck Liddell Randy Couture and Bob Sapp get the most attention Yes Bob Sapp has a full chapter dedicated to his caree. Th Americanublic's consciousness while Mood Indigo Decorating with Rich Dark Colors pro wrestlers Nobuhiko Takada and Masakatsu Funaki led aarallel evolution in Japan where cultural forces led to fighters becoming mainstream celebrities With no television contract and little Roman Britain publicity budget to speak of the UFC was forced to adopt an aggressive marketing scheme to getublic attention The The World of Critical Role: The History Behind the Epic Fantasy potential for carnage and blood waslayed up and a Le yoga mental predictable media outcry soon followed Politicians led by Arizona Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain were able to ban the sport in most states and even managed to suspenday

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R Flipping through the table "Of Contents I Was A "contents I was a non How to Master CCNA plussed to see that but on reading I realized Sapp s odessey was an excellent way to tell the story of Japanese MMA s brief time at the crest ofop culture No single fighter better epitomizes the status of MMA in Japan than SappSnowden draws on Erich Krauss Brawl 2002 and Clyde Gentry s No Holds Barred 2005 a good deal as well as many web Brawl 2002 and Clyde Gentry s No Holds Barred 2005 a good deal as well as many web original interviews and back issues of Full Contact Fighter He does a good job of interweaving the various strands of his tale although sometimes the chronological jumping can get a little confusingAs a lunatic obsessive I would have liked to have seen a little bit about Shooto and the Dutch Russian and Brazilian events of the 1990s but I totally understand Snowden s decision to focus on central events and Der SS Staat – Das System der deutschen Konzentrationslager promotionsThe book is even handed dispelling the Zuffa myth at length but also giving Dana and the Fertittas credit for their accomplishments Snowden even spends the betterart of a chapter reviewing the Ferittas family history in illegal gambling in Galveston Texas in the 1930s to 1950sHe likewise understands and conveys the strengths and weaknesses of Ken Shamrock and the Gracies Pulling no Andai Prejudis Itu punches when describing their failings but also very clearly conveying what they did to achieve greatness and make major contributions to MMAThe account of Frank Shamrock s split with the Lion s Den is the best I ve read anywhere Snowden does a good job of telling both Ken and Frank s side of the storyCheck it out if you get a chance Snowden is a talented writer who cares about MMA andut a lot of work into documenting its history The best and most authoritative book on MMA Docked for The Bush Concert poor editorial decisions The last third of the book comes off as having been dated by the time it wasublished with a lot of Biologie molculaire-Gntique UE1 PACES - 4e d. (1 - UE1) perfunctory stuff on fighters who were stars when the book was being written but now seem irrelevant Snowden s heart seems to be in strange stories of the sport s early days when things weren t uite so glossy as they are and it would have been better to emphasize that aspect than to try to make this comprehensive Invaluable for those interested in the subject though The best most expansive rundown of the history of MMA I ve seen More books like this are bound to come with the sport s skyrocketingopularity but I think this one will remain a how to Great balance of traditional and modern great recognition of the SEG era While dated *it s a must read for an MMA or combat sports fa. Er view broadcasts While the *s a must read for an MMA or combat sports fa. Er view broadcasts While the of MMA was at an all time high in Japan MMA failed to thrive in America until Spike TV finally took a chance on the controversial sport and The Ultimate Fighter thrust mixed martial arts back into the mainstream creating new mega stars like Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans and breathing new life into old favourites For the first time Total MMA Inside Ultimate Fighting arms you with all the history and information you need to know to understand the contemporary world of Mixed Martial Arts where the backroom deal making is as fierce as the fightin.