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Ith every sassy and alpha pair I love her books and Great start to a new series and a new world Matt who didn t want to become Alpha of his home pack comes home to save the life of the Alpha s Mate and discover Elisha is in fact his fated mate This is rittier than other of Susi s books with lots of drama but a happy ending for now Looking forward to Lucian and Thirteen s story next and the rest of the West Coast Wolves Nooooo a book by this author I cannot even finish I adore adore author s earlier works I reread Beaumont s story when I need pick me up but this is not in the same leagueFirst WE GET IT That mating was with no consent If this were a true story yeah demand it for all parties But this is fiction and the injured party moves onwhy cannot Alpha which leads toTwo what a flipping bunch of weepy men I understand the appeal of being man enough to cry but all the Alphas seem to just be wet eyed weepy little irlsThird always wondered what it would be like to see a name used for character that I know of in real life just wildFourth the Omega is SO young could he have not been twenty something which would explain better his old soul I did not make "it to other Omega arrival so cannot compareFifth the whole extra something that Omegas have Refer to "to other Omega arrival so cannot compareFifth the whole extra something that Omegas have Refer to Wolves Of Walker CountyI hope next book I find what I have so enjoyed in author s previous works Author remains automatic buyH HisO OmegaL LovesE Erection1 Cks Theyre wolves Strong proud and willing to do what it takes when their community needs them whatever it takes This is the first in a new mpreg series about finding joy in a hard world building family and discovering that life can surprise a person when they least expect it Although this world has harsher themes than my previous books it still has the same heart youd expect Plus a dose of my irreverent humor and all the naughty knotty heat that comes with true mates It wouldnt be a Susi Hawke book without it Be sure to read the author's note at the beginning for possible trigger warnings. Fferent from her other omegaverse books But that is part of what makes is so reat I loved seeing a different take on the AlphaOmega dynamic Matt and Elisha make such a Art great pair and I loved seeing themrow closer throughout the book The other Alpha s in this pack are loyal protective and at times very #FUNNY THIS BOOK WILL MAKE TEAR UP ONE MINUTE #This book will make tear up one minute have you laughing the next I m super excited about who s book is next and can t wait for it to come out I wanted to love this story but it just didn t flow smoothly I struggled to keep reading at times because it just didn t God Is in the Crowd grab me orive me anything interesting to hold on to It seemed like the author tried to cram too much into the book and didn t have a clear plan of how it was oing to blend "together or evolve There wasn t enough detail in the right areas too "or evolve There wasn t enough detail in the right areas too focus on things that just didn t matter like the way on things that just didn t matter like the way mating between Elisha and Matt occurred it didn t need to dominate so much of the story It also ot very political with all the packs and alliances and then who The Matriarchs (The Family gets what pack when they killed which alpha without knowing the area or without any descriptions from the author understanding which areas were where was impossibleI ve read other works by this author and found them eitherreat or missing the mark Sadly for me this was a miss the mark one Don t think I ll be continuing the series at this point Love Susi Hawke her writing is superb Othing in return just helping to build a world they want to live inThen Matt Notes for the Everlost gets a call from an old childhood buddy Hes being called backbegged to returnto reclaim his birthright and save a life in the process The problem is to do it he will have to take a mate And if he refuses The omega will die Torn between his duty to help others and his resentment of his old pack Matt never expects for Elisha Whitetail to tilt his world and change everything Can Matt and Elisha rebuild a broken pack while tending to a new love and arowing family while dealing with outside threats from neighboring pa. ,
The Reluctant Alpha (West Coast Wolves Book 1)

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This is a When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) great start to a new series with a slightly different take on the shifter world while still keeping with some if the traditional aspects of alphaomega hierarchy and attitudes Love the characters and look forward to the upcoming books on the other WCW alphas Susi Hawke is always areat read Another amazing readI love Eli he is such a strong character even if "its a hidden strength its still there Interesting new world building I love the way Matty changes the there Interesting new world building I love the way Matty changes the of "a hidden strength its still there Interesting new world building I love the way Matty changes the life of pack and even of others Now I m waiting for the second book The Reluctant Alpha is a No Biggy! great start to a new series from Susi HawkeMattias left his pack behind and now cruises the road with his band of misfit alpha friends helping where and when they canWhen he receives a call from a beta from his old pack asking for help Matt reluctantly returns home to not only save the Alpha Mate Elisha but take him has his own mateTheir meeting and mating may have been unfortunate but their connection and chemistry than makes up it Matt and Eli arereat togetherThe Reluctant Alpha has a few twist and turns and kept me reading and Crush It! guessing as to what comes nextLucian s story is next and I can t wait to read it I enjoyed this storyI lovedetting to know the whole Attracting Birds to Your Backyard group and I can t wait for the next book i like this book it is agood story to read This was such areat beginning to a new series by Susi You will notice that this book is a little di. As much as I felt bad for this Elisha personGod my heart was breaking for the young man and all he'd been throughI was also angry I'd left that pack in my rearview ten years ago for a Deep Listening good reasonMatthias Longclaw is happy living his life on the back of his beloved Harley with his five best friends and brothers in arms at his side The West Coast Wolves are a rare pack of alphas made up of unwanted orphans and second born sons The packs they were born to may not have wanted them but theyve built a solid family of their own They help where they can doing random acts of kindness and expecting