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End friendsI ll definitely be reading from Amanda Lovelace because for what she lacked in style she made p for in aggressively sticking p two fingers to the people of the world who hurt her and that s good enough for me There is rawness *in a lot of amanda s poetry rawness *a lot of Amanda s poetry rawness deals with subject matter that can be disturbing but the poetry conveys the emotion of the poet perfectly This collection gave me a feeling of women s empowerment because despite some of the subject matter being achingly heart breaking you read pieces that lift you and give you hopeA lot of the pieces have references of fairy tales woven within them This is evident not only in the poems but the book is divided into four key areas the princess the damsel the een and you But these poems are not fantasy They are modern stories that deal with sensitive subjects and we are taken on a journey of raw emotion I love this book Its written so cleverly but warning it may be triggering or difficult for people with or that have experience eating disorders or have been sexually assaulted Also speaks about parental abuse Super deep and The Miners Wife understanding though It s a really great book and can learn a lot from it I found it refreshing that there is no taboo about certain topics and Lovelace was keen to embrace some of the darker hidden issues particularly in regard to women However it didn t flow for me and so as a book it was Une modernisation manquée (1915-1956) uite hard to keepp with a new topic It felt really disjointed A preface to each poem would perhaps help follow her train of thought However as individual poems go some are incredibly powerful If you like this content but want something that flows better search Rupi Kaur Loved this work I do prefer The witch doesn t burn in this one though I think this work focuses on self explorationand the past and the latter on life now and standing p for ourselves Both are excellent This one has interesting themes on eating disorders self worth and mother daughter relationships So honest and raw Arrived slightly scuffedThe book itself is a little larger in size than I was expecting and is absolutely lovely Thoroughly recommended reading matte. To the reader This moving book explores love loss grief healing empowerment and inspirationthe princess saves herself in this one is the first book in thewomen are some kind of magic seri. I don t read poetry like ever I don t think I would even call myself a fan of poetry but this book changed that a littleBut given that I ve spoken to Amanda a few *times I decided to do what people do and support people they knowSo I bought a copy *I decided to do what people do and support people they knowSo I bought a copy her self published book and read it on the train to see my boyfriendThis train in particular was so full that every seat was full the walk ways were full and the area in front of the doors were full I was near the doors and decided to just brave it by sitting on the floor because there is no way I could do such a long journey stood p Thankfully everyone around me followed suit so I didn t get suishedSo you had to know this scene because I do not like crying in front on people I do not like crying in public placesBut that didn t stop meThis book just man I don t even know what it was okay It just hit meSo many of these poems just had a lot of impact to them and I related to so many of them too Hence the tears possiblyIt was just so honest and real I never thought it possible to relate so well to poetryAnd its definitely improved my opinions of it to the extent I ll happily give other collections a tryI read it all in one go and immediately left it at my boyfriends for "his sister to readI don t reread books like everBut when I saw that Amanda was getting published and it "sister to readI don t reread books like everBut when I saw that Amanda Was Getting Published And getting published and include poems then of course I jumped on board given my strong reaction and love of the firstIn fact I was so hype that I also bought a second copy to do art in because I felt this was possible when I was first reading it in tears on the train floorThe new poems stuck out to me simply because I found the old ones very memorable so it was nice that I could pinpoint what was new contentHowever I didn t have such a strong reaction to it this time Perhaps I was prepared Perhaps I should stick to my don t reread books plan of actionEither way the extra copy didn t go to waste I did a giveaway on Twitter for it and Angharad the winner also really enjoyed it 4 star rating n GRI still highly recommend it and its totally my own fault for not enjoying it as much the second time round I love this book well I Winner of the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Poetry 2016the princess saves herself in this one is a collection of poetry about resilience It is about writing your own endingFrom Amanda the princess saves herself in this one (Women Are Some Kind of Magic)Ove all of amanda s work in truth I have recently discovered my love of poetry and Amanda is one of my favorites She covers daring raw and deep subjects what Is Literature? and Other Essays unapologetically and it inspires and lights all parts of my emotional being Thank you for being a part of mynderstanding of self healing practices and education I started to write my own thoughts feelings and poems daily as a result of discovering wonderful female poets like amandaDefinately a literary hero of mine Awful This exemplifies the negatives of tumblr culture Poorly written and extremely derivativejust b e c a Passing the Louisiana LEAP Grade 8 in Science u s eYouwriteasentence like this does notmake it poetryThere are other negative reviews that explain the issues better than I can but for me this was a complete waste of money I can t believe it received such acclaim This book is really brave and totallynapologetic It feels something of an autobiography as Lovelace shares moments from her life with no holds barred it s so blunt in fact that I almost find myself in disbelief that so many awful things can happen to any one person Unfortunately it s all true because this was painful for me to read Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day utterly convinced was I by the person who had the heart to write itThat isn t to say it s without flaw In fact there wasite a Bit I Didn T I didn t Not least of all the format of most of the poems which largely consist of few words with only one word on each line To me it felt like fleeting sad thoughts Lovelace had written down when she d needed to get them out of her head Maybe that s the point but I didn t really appreciate what was happening there the way I think it was intended for me toI also *found some of the poems a little bit too direct I think some of them really needed *some of the poems a little bit too direct I think some of them really needed direct approach because many refuse to apologise for being said and that s actually enjoyable and somewhat Four Men and a Funeral uplifting to read But some are needlessly direct detracting from the impact they could have if the meaning intended was the responsibility of the reader to interpret or decide rather than having it forcedpon youHaving said that I m sure a lot of readers will relate well enough to the girl surrounded by books instead of pret. Ovelace a poetry collection in four parts the princess the damsel the Slave School ueen and you The first three sections piece together the life of the author while the final section serves as a note.