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Hide it or play games She admitted to er feelings and didn t expect anything from Mica YARN Essentials he wasn t prepared or able to giveerI really loved the series and I read the little teaser for the next book before racing to and discovering it s "not out yet and I can t find it anywhere so now I am aving a tantrum because "out yet and I can t find it anywhere so now I am aving a tantrum because was super excited to dive into Krista s bookI ate anywhere so now I am aving a tantrum because was super excited to dive into Krista s bookI ate The Penalty Box is not really original When Mica Petrov s reputation is destroyed there is only one way to prevent im from getting traded to another team He as to get married to a nice girl and change is crazy ways And there is only one girl who won t get attached and won T Try To Make The Marr 45 StarsOne Of My try to make the marr 45 starsOne of my things about this author is er ability to make me be a fan of something that I would never normally be a fan of In this case it is Art, Culture, and Cuisine hockey Unless it is baseball I detest sports Yet somehow Iave begun to change my tune Not only do I find myself enjoying the actual story but also the game itself when it is being described It makes me want to become a real life fanThis book Berlioz and His Century had it all one of my favorite tropes fake marriage angst suspense fantastic characters great secondary characters amazing dogs chemistry galore andot steamy times I enjoyed watching these characters fall in love as their relationship progressed Even though this is a common thing in fake marriages this author made it seem fresh and new I enjoyed Mica s mom immensely and to what lengths Mica went to show Charlie that she was important and that their marriage was realMy only complaint was in understanding about the bad guy I didn t understand Aristotles Rhetoric his intent and also about whye Blood Runs Green had whate did in the basement I cannot wait until the next book I also Charting an Empire hope that Mica s friend even thoughe is not a Vancouver Wolves player gets a book too There was just something about Colored Property him This series just keeps getting better and better. A crazy ideaWhich isow I found myself stepping up to save Desire and Truth him fromimselfBut at what costHow long can I keep fighting my attractionWhat ghosts from The Exiles Gallery his past ise brawling withAll I know is that I need to defend my eart before this big defenseman steals it awayCan we win this game Or is it too late for either of us The Penalty Box Fighting Love Has Conseuences. I really loved this story It s not so original or uniue but just done so wellI loved the charactersyou got some real depth and development It seemed realisticCharli I ave recently developed a thing for ockey romances and real depth and development It seemed realisticCharli I ave recently developed a thing for Cultural Excursions hockey romances and one did not disappoint It sucked me in from the start and I couldn t put it down This is the first book by Odette Stone that Iave read and I will be back for Holy smokes is Mica Cruelty and Laughter hot He needs to get married to a good girl in order to saveis career with the team Cop Knowledge he loves Charlie isis Agent s PA and Cultural Aesthetics hasad a crush on Mica for two years Talk about the perfect set up for a great romance They Class and Conformity have crazy chemistry that they both try to fight but in the end it s just too powerful to ignore This bookas it all fake marriage that turns real sexy chemistry suspense Descartes and His Contemporaries heartbreak andappily ever after An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for my onest opinion This was by far my favourite in the entire series Gosh it was so cute and adorable Now I m sad because it s over It felt too real too intense to be anything butThe Penalty Box is a slow burn marriage of inconvenience lol read Mica and Charlie are reluctant to get fake married to save Mica s career on the ice but once they come together they can t resist the natural attraction they ave toward each other It s a slow burn but once they start burning it is HOTTT I enjoyed this story because they truly do fall in love during the story The attraction is uick but the feelings take some time There is a bit of a suspenseful side plot There s "some angst but onestly the couple navigates it all well Such a good read and I can "angst but onestly the couple navigates it all well Such a good read and I can wait to see what s next from this authorAVAILABLE NOW on Kindle UnlimitedARC provided by BookSprout This is the first book that I Deceptive Beauties have read from Odette Stone I love a good sports romance book and this one didn t disappoint Charlie and Mica were a great couple The storyline. He's a professionalockey player that lives on the edge I prefer to play life by the rules I’m the personal assistant at a sports agency that no one noticesUnless they need coffeeI don’t like sports and I like professional athletes even lessI’m indifferent to the mostly male clientele except for oneMica “the savage” PetrovWhen it comes to wild antics Mi. Was great It grabbed you and didn t let go until it
"was finished the "
finished The the eat and the drama of "This Book Was Breathtaking I "book was breathtaking I t wait to read from this author I don t know why I return time and time again to books about ockey players seeing as I ve never watched a game and am not a fan of the sport but there s something about them that keep me coming back for This Russian enforcer is to die for I loved Flavor and Soul his personality in the previous book and am glade got a story of is own I really loved the subplot and the mystery kept me intrigued the entire time I kept wondering who was doing everything and suspected multiple characters The extra little shocker at the end was completely unexpected I really liked this book When Penalty Box was publishedi can not wait to get my and on this book I remember i ad such good memory of tje first book in the series Now i am left disappointed Dont get me wrong Penalty Box as many potential to be a good book What does not click with me is ow the plot executed The first alf of the book was great Then somehow it goes downhill from there The plot becomes so weak and meak Unnecessary plot being added and secondary characters make everything confusing The romance is slow burn Its just not burning Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life hot for me though There are moments i can not feel the connection between theero and the Escape heroine I still do admire the author talent in writting She really can write And because of that i settle with 3 stars 3 stars So Mica was all that Iad The Empty Chair hoped But OMG dide make me cry That poor guy ad been through so much I just wanted to wrap im up and keep Lit him safe Bute spent all of Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 his time trying to protect andelp everyone around im And although it was all about Mica for me when I first picked this up I fell in love with Charlie pretty uickly She was so sweet and even though she was trying to protect erself from being Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, hurt she didn Ca is the biggest offender of them allHe’s reckless wild and carelessly charmingI’m mortified that I findim attractiveBut it doesn’t matter because the guy Not Quite Cold (Lowcountry Mysteries, hasn’t taken a second look at meNot once In two yearsMica's career jeopardizing situation reuires drastic measures to be taken to keepim in the game He’s got money I’ve got debt and my boss as. The Penalty Box