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The Mulberry Tree

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Eshness I even sneezed a few times at the descriptions of the *Old Dilapidated Farmhouse And *dilapidated farmhouse and years of Dust And Cobwebs And Cringed and cobwebs and cringed I saw the unsightly hideous paneling So what had me closing the book and struggling to go onDetails Yes that s ight Details I know that every good writer needs to have the details lined up to make their work believable I agree To a point I m not a fan of time consuming outlines of facts so strewn out that the heart of the story is pushed aside in order to go into the exact method of canning a jar of strawberry preserves And despite the fact that I m a poor man s version of the Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, restauranteur and love gourmet food the several paragraphs spent on writing out ingredients and preparations for a 5 star meal cooked in the backwoods of Virginia in a farmhouse that surprising stood up against the test of time where in the mountains do they sell swordfish anyway was just a bit too much I wanted the heat of the action I wanted to know what Jimmie meant when the note he left his new widow said something about finding out what happened Something happened Oooohhhh I want to know what this little bit of mystery is But it took to the very last couple of chaptersushed so that the story could be wrapped up and sealed off before I was to finally learn the dark secrets of a small backwoods town in Virginia and how everyone played a part and why LillianBailey had to go from Billionaire Princess to Country Hen so fast she barely had time to pack So after finishing the book I was only half satisfied Chapter 18 eally picked up the
and had me eading so I feared permanent cross eyed damage And I was only half satisfied with how things ended I wanted of the nitty gritty The deception The cover ups The love triangles and family secrets In the end I can only give this book an honest ating of 3 stars For all the bits and pieces that didn t hold much for me there were still enough chapters written with skill and strength that kept me going and that s all that matters when it comes to eading a book finishing it and liking it well enough And all in all The Mulberry Tree is worth eading Jo uite a disappointmentpicked. Mystery all that Jimmie has left to her is an old farmhouse in tiny Calburn Virginia Now Lillian's unexpected circumstances are leading her to a made over life in Calburn an exciting businessŠand a sweet new love with a handsome local man But will she have the courage to unveil the truth surrounding a past scandal and the. It up as a light summer ead but was eady to put it down before I finished it Took a weird turn about halfway through and by the end I was so confused by all the different characters and plot gaps that I didn t even care There are two books in my collection that I ead occasionally when I need A Light Read And Something light ead and something of fun and this is one of them It is the story of Lillian Manville the wife of billionaire James Manville who is killed when his plane crashes in the middle of the night He dies leaving Lillian a decrepit old farm house and a mysterious note that eads Find out what happened Lillian undergoes plastic surgery and moves to the farm in ural Virginia trying to eassemble her life which has been lived in the lap of luxury for 12 years Now on her own she elies on the strapping Matthew Longacre her new boarder and some friends to help her ebuild her life discover the truth of what happened to her husband and prevent her deceased husband s half brother and half sister from destroying the Manville empire with their narcissistic greedinessI love this book It is in places
beyond belief as to be entertaining and at the same time there are parts of it that I can t get enough of Matthew Longacre is the leading man I love to hate at one point he tells Lillian who is newly named Bailey James that the pressure is off for them to be anything than friends and not two pages later he kisses her in front of his whole entire family Plus he agrees to ent one oom from her and winds up taking over her whole entire house and he is basically everting back to his high school years while living at home licking his wounds from his failed marriageThe half brother and sister are so evil and the people who ally around LillianBailey are so overwhelmingly selfless and wealthy themselves you eally have to ead this book with an eye to entertainment versus believability James Manville makes Bill Gates look like a pauper Seriously A fun uick ead as close to a omance novel as I ll ever truly get and still enjoy it I wouldn t ead it again It was ok but too many characters made this tedious and a bit confusing Still not sure what happe. Loss of her husband The answers may be as close as the mulberry tree in her yard and Lillian must dig deep within herself to Wght the secrets and lies that threaten to uproot the past she cherished and the future she treasuresThis lush bestseller shines with the passion intrigue and warmth that is Jude Deveraux at her bes.