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Solid summary of polling data Cool analysis No drama but still uite interesting Packed full of essential information on who voted for who why and how of the 2017 election this is not a party political piece no matter what your political persuasion it holds fascinating info on current and potential future voting patterns If you are of a Lib Dem persuasion you might want to have a a stiff drink before reading thoug. The 2017 eneral election was supposed to be a walkover for the Conservative Party – But Party – but voters had other ideasIn The Lost Majority Lord Ashcroft draws on his uniue research to explain why the thumping victory the Tories expected never happened His findings revea. ,

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The Lost MajorityEd into a real voter and the unpopular policies she announced Then U On It U turned on It a shambles of a campaign that her the majority she had been looking to increase and allowed a following two years of Remainer MPs blocking had been looking to increase and allowed a following two years of Remainer MPs blocking and messing up everything It was interesting to hear what the interviewed voters said and see the voting statistics I like the author s work and intend to read by him in the future. Ing a winning coalition when 13 million votes is no longer enough for outright victoryThis is an indispensable uide that will provide food for thought to anyone wishing to examine in detail what really happened on 8 June 2017 and how this will impact on future electio. ,
H I m very much "a political animal so I love looking at analysis of eneral election voting and the "political animal so I love looking at analysis of On Grand Strategy general election voting and the behind a win or a loss I vividly remember being shocked and unconvinced by May s early call but I did expect her to win based on her huge lead in the polls But as I watched the campaign unfold Irew irritated by her mantra of strong and stable the Way She Seemed Unwilling To she seemed unwilling to o outside in case
bump. L what real made of the campaign why Britain refused Theresa May’s appeal for a clear mandate to negotiate Brexit and where the party now stands after than a decade of ‘modernisation’ And critically Ashcroft examines the challenges the Tories face in build.