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The Spirituality Revolution eNers of Highbury Manor and Sydney finds Venetia Smith s original sketches she realizes that this restoration work will be highly rewarding Only when they discover that there is a missing key to the gate of the Winter Garden section do they begin to wonder what happened to that key to the completely overgrown and long neglected section The Winter garden section has a rusty locked gate but whyIt is 1907 and Venetia Smith is known and highly regarded to designing beautiful gardens for the rich such as bankers and lawyers She has a reputation for creating beautiful rooms with her uniue talent and she is hired for the ambitious job of doing that at Highbury Manor She will create a masterpiece of the likes of what can only be described as a Monet painting Each section of this multifaceted garden of different rooms outside will bloom with rich and brilliant luxurious blooms that can only be described as watching the many bursting colors of fireworksxploding in an American 4th of July skies Something heartbreaking will happen to her that forces her to flee to America and start a new life thereIt is 1944 and Diana Symmonds is newly widowed from losing her beloved husband in World War II Her home has been taken over by the the British wounded from the war In short Highbury Manor has been reuisitioned as a convalescent hospital Beth has been put into service as working as a land girl Beth grew up as an orphan and has finally made a home that she craves to be permanent working on a farm next to Highbury Manor She meets her future husband a Captain who is visiting the farmer while he is out on a walk from Highbury Manor His shoulder was shot during his service and while he is healing he and Beth start a romance that will lead to marriageStella works as a cook for Mrs Symmond s when one day her sister shows up asking Stella if her young son Bobby can stay with her at Highbury Manor Mrs Symmond s happens to witness this Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) exchange between the two sister s and kindly gives Stella the okay andncourages Bobby to go and find her only son Robin who is the same age Stella doesn t want to be tied down with Bobby as she has been taking correspondence courses and shorthand so she can work in London and travel the world Something Economies and Cultures eually as devastating happens to Mrs Symmomd s and an odd bargain is made between Stella and Mrs Symmond sThere is a strand of thread that connects all of these different timelines and these wonderful women It may seem like a lot of character s to keep track of but I assure you it wasasy This is a beautiful well crafted story that I loved and can t recommend highly nough I am certain my review didn t do this gem of a novel justice This is another one of my favorites of 2020 I wish that I came across novels like this that absolutely shimmers with sparking glitter The descriptions of the gardens where some of the most beautiful imagery I have ever read They are reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier s novel Rebecca only much stunningly read They are reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier s novel Rebecca only much stunningly This is one I will definitely be purchasing for that special bookshelf and also for special family and friend s I highly recommend that you pick up this special book for yourself It has all the feels and will please all of your sensesPublication Date January 12 2021Thank you to Net Galley Julia Kelly and Gallery Books for generously providing me with my ARC in xchange for a fair and honest review All opinions are my own TheLastGardenInEngland JuliaKelly GalleryBooks NetGalley I was was immediately drawn to this book when I saw the cover on Instagram I mean who does not love an English garden The book which is set in England specifically the village of Highbury was told during three different time frames by Venetia Smith a garden designer in 1907 in 1844 by Land Girl Beth Pedley cook at Highbury House Stella Adderton the mistress of Highbury House Diana Symonds and present day by garden designer Emma Lovett Venetia s story is of particular interest as she has a career during a time when women did not She is a highly recognized an reputable designer who is hired to bring the gardens of Highbury House to life Beth Diana and Stella s stories become intertwined in a surprising way while navigating life is a small English village during the worst of WWII while Highbury House is a convalescent hospital for wounded soldiers Diana is widowed with a young son while trying to navigate living in a house that has become a hospital Stella is her cook who wants nothing than to see the world and Beth is an orphan and gifted artist who is searching for her place in the world by becoming

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Land Girl In present Emma has been hired to restore the gardens after the renovation of Highbury House to its original splendor Venetia Smith is her hero so she is honored to be restoring her work The characters in the story are well written and have Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, excellent backstories The details about the garden the house and the timelines are detailed and make for a very interesting read I only wish there had been I felt that the storynded a little abruptly without giving the "reader a chance to prepare for the nding All in all I would recommend this book for the details "a chance to prepare for the nding All in all I would recommend this book for the details wonderful writing Thank you Net Galley for allowing me to read an ARC of this boo. To pursue her own dreams And widow Diana Symonds the mistress of the grand house is anxiously trying to cling to her pre war life now that her home has been reuisitioned and transformed into a convalescent hospital for wounded soldiers But when war threatens Highbury House’s treasured gardens these three very different women are drawn together by a secret that will last for decades In this sweeping novel reminiscent of Kate Morton’s The Lake House and Kristin Harmel’s The Room on Rue Amélie Julia Kelly xplores the unexpected connections that cross time and the special places that bring people together forev. .
When I saw Julia Kelly s name pop up on NetGalley I immediately reuested the book without ven reading the description I m a huge fan of Kelly and the cast of characters she create Netgalley it s January 1908 She walks in the winter garden surrounded by Christmas Roses I loved the opening descriptionsbthen it s February 2021 and Emma is meeting with clients I liked reading about Emma s work in the winter garden I loved going back and time and reading about the past I loved reading about the beginnings of the garden I loved the characters and seeing how they would connect to the present This story is told in three different timelines but centered around one very special garden at Highbury House in England 1907 Venetia Smith is hired to design a garden for this beautiful home She fashions several small garden rooms such as the tea garden children s garden and the winter garden When her client reuests that she use her brother s roses instead of the variety she had planned Venetia is initially frustrated but becomes pleasantly surprised by the roses and by Matthew himself1944 Highbury House has been reuisitioned as a convalescent hospital for injured soldiers in the war Diana the owner of the home does her best to protect her garden from becoming crop land She befriends Stella her cook and Beth a neighboring land girl2021 Emma a specialist in English garden restoration has been hired to restore the seriously neglected Highbury gardens to their original glory When blueprints of the original gardens are found secrets are discovered that tell a different story of the history of Highbury HouseI loved the beautiful writing of this story with descriptions of the characters in ach time period It reminded me a little of The Secret Garden with its mysterious abandoned Winter Garden with the locked gateThank you to Gallery Books and Julia Kelly for the free ARC of this wonderful book I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley The views and opinions xpressed in this review are Passage Through Crisis entirely my own The Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly is anxcellent historical fiction novel that is a triple timeline story that weaves together to create a beautiful and amazing book that kept me riveted from beginning to Science, Technology and Culture end I have been a huge fan of Ms Kelly for uite a while now I loved her previous two books The Light Over London and The Whispers of War When I saw that she had a new book coming out I knew I had to read it And it most certainly did not disappoint There were so many things I loved about this book1 The ability to take three separate stories from three different time periods createxcellent plots and weave them all together seamlessly into a breathtaking The Road to Einsteins Relativity end All three time periodsarly 1900s 1940s and 2021 were all Black Boy excellent in their own rights That in itself is hard to find Injoyed the development the complexity the mystery the romance the twiststurnssuspense and the Nighttime Sweethearts endings allually 2 I loved the full character cast Ms Kelly has outdone herself with a full array of fascinating characters I loved Venetia Emma Diana and ven Stella as hard as IT WAS AT SOME POINTS TO was at some points to so There were so many characters within ach story to Safe in My Arms even mention howeverach one was vital complex realistic and fit perfectly I loved how ach woman was different in personality and place yet all had similarities that the reader discovered throughout the book Excellent3 I Loved The Central loved the central of the Highbury House Gardens I was completely blown away and wonderfully immersed into a botanical dream Learning about all of the plants flowers descriptions history colors care and design was a dream It is clear that the author has done her research and it showed in how she was able to create a literary masterpiece that made me feel as if I was actually walking among the paths feeling the dew on my legs as they brushed against the leaves the silky petals against my skin as I touched the blossoms and the smell of arth leaves ponds and dampness as I wandered throughout the areas during Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem each season It was truly remarkable4 Thending I LOVED it It was perfect in Safe Words every way and nothinglse would have fit Just perfectI also His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, enjoyed the Author s note at thend to give a bit context as to what was fact vs fiction vs inspiration I The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, enjoyed that as wellThis wasasily one of my favorite books this year with Ms Kelly being one of my favorite authors She has most certainly done it again Bravo55 stars Pursuit of Justice enthusiastically Thank you NetGalley and Gallery Books for this ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinionI am posting this review to my GR Bookbub and Instagram accounts immediately and will post it to my and BN accounts upon publication and Instagram again Julia Kelly has a way with words The Last Garden in England was so captivating and fresh This is historical fiction with not tworas but three I love the travel through the a This book was received as an Advanced Reviewer s Copy from NetGalleyThe Last Garden in England is the first book I ve read of Kelly s Choosing to situate her book in three different time periods they all revolve around the same garden and the lives of the women who touched that gardenVenetia is a garden designer in the first. From the author of the international bestseller The Light Over London and The Whispers of War comes a poignant and unforgettable tale of five women living across three different times whose lives are all connected by one very special garden Present day Emma Lovett who has dedicated her career to breathing new life into long neglected gardens has just been given the opportunity of a lifetime to restore the gardens of the famed Highbury House state designed in 1907 by her hero Venetia Smith But as Emma dives deeper into the gardens’ past she begins to uncover secrets that have long lain hidden 1907 A talented arti. Decade of the 20th century Known for her designs and use of non traditional styles she s made a name for herself Now working on a new garden she finds distractions that could ultimately nd up sinking her careerBeth Diana and several other characters round out the time period during WWII in which England was besieged and many manors and homesteads taken over in the war Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude effort The beloved garden designed by Venetia in a previous decade is noxception granting comfort to the inhabitants of the manor that is being used as a makeshift hospital and the family who still lives there as wellFinally Emma of 2021 is hired to restore the beautiful garden to its previous glory A devoted fan of Venetia unlocking the gardens mysteries becomes just as important as restoring it And maybe there s time in there for her to discover what she truly wants and needs out of life as welljAll of the characters are pretty compelling While I didn t connect uite so much with Venetia I at least understood her plot struggling to make a name for herself in a male dominated world I think where I lost connection was in the romance and Rodeo Daughter even that probably only because of how uickly her particular chapters went My favorite character was probably Diana I found her complex and interestingspecially given the trials her character has to My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze endure Stella too really resonated with me I feel like the book has a potential to paint her in a bad light due to her choices but I think her strengths were in recognizing her weaknesses and seeking to find the best solution for them Overall the book moved pretty seamlessly despite having three different time periods woven in Each storyline was concise tied together with the others on the major plot points and all resolved satisfactorily While some of the romance points were a bit rushed I don t think they detracted And knowing the time period for some it also kind of made sense to have them be rushed I was pleased to see a lot of information about the various volunteer and work programs during WWII having just read The Splendid and the Vile it fit in very well with what I learned there It helped shed a light on that part of history and how people managed But best of all the garden was a highlight of this book and I truly appreciated thexplanations and descriptions of the various plants used throughout the gardenA uick but ngrossing read it s definitely one to settle in withReview by M Reynard 2020 This was a lovely book all around Although described as the alternating viewpoints and timelines of three women it really was five women as all played important roles in weaving and connecting the threads of the story It s also a good novel for anyone who loves gardening It alternates between Venetia an unconventional garden designer in 1907 England to Beth a land girl in 1944 who finally finds her home and finally Emma a modern day garden designer at a crossroads in her Life And Career All Of and career all of have ties to the state of Highbury Also providing crucial roles in the plot were Diana and Stella upstairsdownstairs members of Highbury during WWII when the house was reuisitioned as a military hospital The almost friendship between high born Diana and Stella and Beth provided the backdrop for a touching yet sad aspect to this novel I appreciated the character rich glimpses into the lives of these five women so different yet on many levels very much alike The mystery of the winter garden winds throughout the book as do a few other mysteries involving A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, exactly how the lives of these people turned out in thend Overall a very My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, enjoyable read and while it s my first Julia Kelly it won t be my last I received this free copy from the publisher inxchange for my unbiased review Bestselling author Julia Kelly plants the seed of an idea nurtures it into a vivid intriguing seedling then fertilizes prunes and shapes its various twisting branches into a stunning garden Connected across the decades by a garden in desperate need of their care three fascinating women grow alongside one another shedding secrets and insecurities Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, eventually blooming with self realization hope and love THE LAST GARDEN IN ENGLANDBY JULIA KELLY Therefore all seasons shall be sweet to thee Samuel Taylor ColeridgeOH WOW How I loved this wonderful wholesome gem of a novel It was so bright written with Julia Kelly s love of her character s I would give it 100 stars if I could I also lovedvery single one of the character s They were deep and thoughtful to ach other It is an intricately told tale about our humanity coming together for the greater good of working together to make ourselves better Wait there are two character s that
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almost forgot about that unlikable during the arliest timeline this wonderful novel was set in 1907 They were the first owners of Highbury Manor for the cruel way they treated icon Venetia Smith but I understand that they were acting the way they did because it was a sign of the times that they were living in that dictated the way they reactedIt is present day and Emma gets a dream job She gets the chance to restore the gardens at Highbury Estates to their former glory the way her hero Venetia Smith designed them in 1907 When Emma meets Sydney and Andrew the new ow. St with a growing reputation for her ambitious work Venetia Smith has carved out a niche for herself as a garden designer to industrialists solicitors and bankers looking to show off their wealth with sumptuous country houses When she is hired to design the gardens of Highbury House she is determined to make them a triumph but the gardens and the people she meets promise to change her life forever 1944 When land girl Beth Pedley arrives at a farm on the outskirts of the village of Highbury all she wants is to find a place she can call home Cook Stella Adderton on the other hand is desperate to leave Highbury House. ,

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