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Michael's Discovery rI m a sucker for aomantic Christmas tale and warm hearted Holiday Gig most definitely didn t let me downA Christmas Carol meets Sex and the City Taylor Barnes works in New York for a huge law firm defending celebrities Whose Boob Jobs Have Done Wrong And boob jobs have done wrong and exceedingly well at it thank you very much And now she s working every spare moment in her uest to make partner Sure she doesn t have time to see her friends or call home let alone think about Human MonstersAn Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Most Vicious Murderers romance but she loves her work She s happy Reallyeally happy ReallyThat is until her boss insinuates that she won t make partner until she achievess a better worklife balance as it looks good for the firm to have a strong family vibe So in a panic Taylor promises to bring her make believe boyfriend Tom Maguire to the New Year s Eve party Desperate not to let all her hard work go to waste Taylor interviews potential candidates for Tom until she hits upon Hunter Ryan Handsome intellectual and kind Hunter for unknown Simple Kayak Navigation: Practical Piloting for the Passionate Paddler reasons needs the money despite his sturdy morals and good jobAs Hunter and Taylor spend time together Taylor starts to find there s to life than work and it s than Christmas magic that puts a sparkle in her eyeThis is the perfect story toemind you what Opportunities in Museum Careers Opportunities in really is important this Christmas Sweet as a candy cane and as twinkly as fairy lights Holiday Gig is the perfectead to get yourself into the holiday spiritReviewed by Nikki Mason on behalf of BestChickLitcom One of the cutest stories I ve ead in along time Sort of in the same theme as BestChickLitcom One of the cutest stories I ve ead in along time Sort of in the same theme as Sophie Kinsella book I was almost sad that the book was over I enjoyed NTC's Vietnamese English Dictionary reading it so much I can t wait to get my hands on another book by this author It s my first festiveeadfeeling a little festive 4 stars as it was a cute fun ead Once again Erin Brady has delighted me with her new book The Holiday Gig It s cute and fun with a super hot hero And the best part it left me with a warm fuzzy feeling insideTaylor Barnes has worked so hard and is so close to her goal of becoming a partner in the high power becoming a partner in the high power firm she works for She logs in as many billable hours as she can working through weekends. Taylor Barnes has a dilemma She is 32 and about to ealize her dreams of making partner at her New York City high powered law firm with a fancy office and a huge salary She has no time for anything else in her life least of all a boyfriend Yet something stands in the way of her coveted promotion Charles Wigs family man and managing partner at Gotsall and Craig who uestions whether the single Taylor Barnes can project the ight image for the firmNot only does her own boss uestion her singledom but so does her entire family back hom.

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Ing it was I Starfell: Willow Moss And The Forgotten Tale - Starfell 2 really liked the chemistry between the main characters and also found the other characters well developed At times I found the main characters internal monologue too wordy and uiteepetitive but apart from that it was an easy and fun Race the Sands read This was such a sweet heart tuggingomantic holiday adventure It had some good moral lessons if the eader is open to themNothing too deep or preachy just all around FUN chick lit escapism Taylor is on track to become a partner in the law firm where she works She is a Type A workaholic and logs hours than is humanly possible almost At her dinner meeting with her boss She Realizes She May Be realizes she may be over because of her personal life or lack there of Mr Wigs wants his partners to have a good work life balance Taylor is in big trouble The only thing to do is hire a boyfriend for the holiday season Enter Hunter Ryan although not perfect he is trainable and with some new clothes Taylor has herself a elationship The characters in this story are likable and there is so much h DefinatelyTHE HOLIDAY GIG is one of the best book from this genre I ve ever The Husband Hunt read for manyeasons First I love books whose characters I can indentify with and I could see myslef in Taylor as a workaholic there are many similarities between both of us I could understand her feelings because of that work can demand lots of you Second this book is hilarious I had many emabarassing public situation because of this I coulndt control myself I The Buddhist on Death Row remember laughing like this in few books and im gald I can add this one to the list Third I love seeing chracter development in books And Taylor had a wonderful development and in a natural way Finally this book was very well written and it has a beautiful message and makes you think about your life s priorities Thank you Erin for another superb book Really funny with some goodeflections on how important it is to find a balance between our professional and personal lives Great ead for anyone Funny and loved it Great for all ages Erin Brady is a wonderful writer I love all Her Books If You books If you omance and a laugh this is the perfect book for yo. Hip However when handsome Hunter Ryan answers the ad for the position Taylor finds herself with than she bargained for Ryan can certainly talk the talk but does he have what it takes to walk the walk Could he possibly cost her that coveted partnership that she has been working for since the beginning of her career Could something that starts out as a simple employment proposition turn out to have her uestioning everything she has worked so hard to achieve Will this Holiday Gig turn Taylor's professional and personal life on its he. And holidays Taylor is sure she has
it in the 
in the when her boss Mr Wigs drops a bomb in her lap he makes it clear that he values not only hard work but that it is important a partner in that he values not only hard work but that it is important for partner in firm to have a strong family life A Family lifethat is something Taylor does not have She is too busy for a Book Of Queer Prophets 21 Writers On relationship and shearely visits her parents any Taylor can t tell Mr Wigs there is no one special in her life So she makes up the perfect boyfriend Tom Maguire Now all she has to do is find him Taylor places an ad for a personal assistant After interviewing several people she picks Hunter Ryan for the job But will he take the job when he finds out that the Nothing Compares to the Duke real job is to play theole of her boyfriend Tom Maguire Not only is Mr Wigs insisting on meeting Tom but her mother is also putting on the pressure for her to come home for the holidays Her cousin and best friend Melissa is getting married the day before Christmas a big Christmas themed wedding and her mother expects her to be there In fact she already RSVPed for Taylor adding a plus one to the لبخند مریم response card Her mom s way of saying You need a man in your life Hmmm maybe a temporary boyfriend would come in handyI loved Hunter Erin Brady knows how to write a handsome and swoon worthy hero Hunter is smart has a great sense of humor and is compassionate he works at Higher Horizons a children s home Hunter is an amazing man Hunter and Taylor are such opposites She is so uptight he is very laid back She is all work and no play Hunter likes to balance work and play As they spend time together Hunter helps Taylor loosen up to have fun he shows her what s important in life but does she learn those lessons too lateI loved The Holiday Gig It is the perfect holidayead but you don t have to wait for the holidays to Pickpocket read it It s justight to Parental Guidance read anytime and one I would highlyecommendDisclaimer I Wonder Woman Volume 3 Iron received a copy of the book for my honesteview This story My Calamity Jane reminded me of the movie The Wedding Date And because of that the ending didn teally come as a surprise I didn t expect it too either This is the kind of book you Chulito read for entertainment and entertain. E When an invitation to her cousin's Christmas wedding lands on her desk Taylor must head back to Pennsylvania to face the musicIt seems as if Taylor has to convince everyone that she's got the perfect life with theperfect boyfriend all before the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve But how is she to make this happenTaylor thinks she’s found the answer Why not hire a temporary boyfriend to help her get through the holidays It’s the best of both worlds and without any of the emotional baggage that comes with aeal elations. The Holiday Gig