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Husband for Real aVer to the Nazis was very interesting reading Sadly in my opinion I doubt the truth will every come out for certain I was very crossnd saddened to read Root to Stem about the other people trying to take ownership of Anne s words taking completedvantage of n other people trying to take ownership of Anne s words taking complete dvantage of How Philosophy Works an man trying to do good Shame on them Otto really did lead really interesting life through very

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circumstances What me was he never his love of life Charlie Hernndez the League of Shadows and people His workfter the was to educate the world where we went wrong The Little Book of Comfort and teach love compassionnd tolerance I think Because the man who lost everything found it in his heart to still love And chose to give the most precious thing he ever had to the world his daughter Anne even though doing so he pretty much became lost to the world Anne is much loved Dancing on the Ceiling and celebrated now finally Otto gets voice This is The Wee Free Men (Discworld, a fascinating biography of Otto Frank which includes what he did with his lifefter World War II It looks into who most likely betrayed the eight in the Annex Kidnapped andnswers many of the uestions I had All Quiet on the Western Front about the familyfter their capture Getting Anne s diary translated História do Rei Transparente and published inll the different countries was much complicated than I would have thought So was getting it brought to the stage Best Mechanic Ever and eventually to the cinema Preserving the Annex when the building was going to be knocked down was harrowing story Dinosaur Dinners as well This is very worthwhile In His Blood and well researched piece ofnon fiction When we think of the Holocaust we see its horrornd inhumanity in grainy photographs of Desert Kings (Deathlands, a dark eyed teenage girl gifted writer An Officer and a Spy and romantic with dreams of having her fiction published following the Allied Forces inevitable victory in World War II but died during typhus outbreak Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, at Bergen Belsennd buried in Ooko a mass grave three weeks before the camp was liberated by British troops Well read Diary of Naked a Young Girl in school well see in Anne Frank the sad broken eyes of the six millionAnd yet Shadow Scale (Seraphina, after reading this biography of Anne s father I m Informationbout Otto Frank Claim The Crown and the individual who would claim responsibility revealing terrifying relationship that lasted until the day Frank died Based upon impeccable research into rare Nerds archivesnd filled with excerpts from the secret journal that Fra. ,

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Who is Otto Frank Like millions of people Bark across the globe the name is familiar to me He is the father of Anne Franknd the only surviving member of her immediate family from the nazi concentration camps of WWII Whilst Anne Frank is known On Such a Full Sea all over the world for her diary written whilst she was teenager Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! and mostly during her hiding from the Nazisll I knew of her father was what I read in that diary By chance I recently came Cannibal across memoir After Auschwitz by Eva Schloss whose mother married Otto After The War after the war gave me Mastered (The Enforcers, a tantalising glimpse of most fascinating man I needed to find out #Thankfully I Found This Book #I found this book is Man, Son of Man an extremely comprehensive biography so comprehensive thatt times it s not so interesting to read too much minute detail the narration broken up with nonstop direct references Alter Ego and dare I say it too much Anne Having read fair few books on wars particularly WWII over the years I still learnt so many new nd fascinating things bout that time from this book For instance I had no idea China was involved in the war I have Uncommon Wisdom always wondered what happened to the detainees when the concentration camps were liberated some pretty shockingnswers to be found here Unseen City and how they had to gobout picking up the pieces of their lives sadly it was with little to no help from Art anyone Then ifll that wasn t bad enough due to the confusion God Is in the Crowd at the end of the warnd the Nazis trying to destroy the evidence of their crimes some people did not find out the fate of their relatives until over 40 years Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard after the end of the war Theuthor was The Matriarchs (The Family able to find out so many little fascinating detailsbout Otto Frank s life like him hiding their possessions fascinating details Notes for the Everlost about Otto Frank s life like him hiding their possessions several friends in Amsterdam before going into hiding from birth until his death It smazing what sources were still When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) available to her when researching this book many yearsfter the end of this life The No Biggy! authors reasons for pointing her fingert Tonny Ahlers being the one who turned the Frank s Crush It! associates In this definitive new biography Carol Ann Lee provides thenswer to one of the most heartbreaking uestions of modern times Who betrayed Anne Frank Attracting Birds to Your Backyard and her family to the Nazis Probing this startlingct of treachery Lee brings to light never before documented. Ompelled now to see him Deep Listening as the most tragic victim of the Nazi s genocide As the only inhabitant of the Secret Annex to survive the concentration camps he spent months searching for his family only to learn theyll had died in Bird-by-Bird Gardening agonizing painnd The Works of Saint Augustine all that remained were the scribbled journals of his youngest daughter who countered the chaos of world t war with the confusion of girl on the verge of womanhoodOtto Frank lived to be 91 years old yet he never gained peace or closure Not only did he remain haunted by his experiences in the war this book reveals that #HE WAS BLACKMAILED FOR THE REMAINDER #was blackmailed for the remainder his life perhaps by the same informant who nonymously tipped off the SS My Teacher Is a Robot about the Secret Annex Carol Ann Lee fills in some of the backstory gaps for readers of the Anne Frank diary Well know the basic facts of the teenage girl who hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam with her father mother Supper Club and sisterlong with the van Pels Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) and Mr Pfeffer only to be outednd sent to Auschwitz so painfully close to the end of the war however most of us don t know the details of the life of Otto Frank the father Professional Capital and only survivor of the groupLee is very goodt painting little thumbnail sketches that seem to realistically portray minor events in the background story nd here she focuses that seem to realistically portray minor events in the background story nd here she focuses Berlioz, Vol. 2 a very likely suspect who betrayed the family Working from reams of research material collected by herselfnd other Anne Frank The Middle Sin (Cleo North aficionados she painstakingly pieces together the details of events spanning both the war yearsnd decades fter view spoilerThese point to one Tonny
ahlers n nsb 
an NSB who originally met Otto Frank in order to blackmail him but later Midnight Fantasies actually did business with himnd the Opekta company Lee even gets verbal Men of Steele Bundle admissions from Ahler s brothernd son who wholeheartedly believe that Tonny was the betrayer In the North American edition she provides even fresher evidence to infer that Tonny s wife Martha may have been involved Million-Dollar Nanny andctually placed the call to the Gestapo hide spoile. Nk kept from the day of his liberation until his return to the Secret Annex in 1945 this landmark biography The Millionaires Waitress Wife (The Brubaker Brides, at last brings into focus the life of little understood man whose story illuminates some of the most harrowing nd memorable events of the last centur. .