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To Britain the lifeline of the UK which reuired huge imports including food to carry on the war ffort Dimbleby and other historians recognize the slow response to the submarine attacks AS CHURCHILL S BIGGEST STRATEGIC BLUNDER Churchill s biggest strategic blunder WW2 The most Forging Gay Identities effective weapons against the U boats were long range bombers These were owned by the RAF and used for massive bombing raids into Germany largely targeting cities and civilians under the direction of Bomber Harris a strategy later discredited The Royal Navy was unable to get bombers for anti submarine warfare ASW and Churchill did not intervene Massive losses of shipping and lives continued fromarly 1940 into 1942 Even sh Jonathan Dimbleby has written a masterful interesting and very informative book about the longest campaign in World War II The Battle of the Atlantic It is a masterpiece of good research and informs the reader in a broad view about the horrific challenges and conflicts that made this such a difficult campaign for the Allies to win Dimbleby s insights into the nature of the leadership of all sides of the conf This is a good book The only complaint I have is that Dimbleby mistakenly calls US Secretary of War Harold Stimson The man s real name was of course Henry L Stimso. Humanity of life on those perilous oceans' Independent 'Dimbleby moves with skill from scene to scene avesdropping on the great statesmen like Churchill the merchant seamen who carried out their orders the U boat commanders who tried to sink them and the families of those who lost their lives at sea' Mail on Sunday.

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I approached The Battle of the Atlantic with a certain amount of caution Jonathon Dimbleby is best known as a TV And Radio Presenter Whose Previous radio presenter whose previous have mainly been pedestrian biographies and I was unaware of his having any great interest in naval history What I found was a well researched and thoughtful account of one of the and thoughtful account of one of the strategically important and under appreciated campaigns of the Second World WarDimbleby combines some first hand accounts with a reasonable sweeping review of the technological and conomic lements of the U boat campaign At times he does lose focus allowing himself to be drawn away into allied campaigns like the Mediterranean and the doings of the surface fleet often for no discernible reason I would also have liked a little operation detail on the activities and pressures on Both Derby House And The German Side Derby House and the German side that said this is a sound and njoyable book Those wishing for something analytical would do better with John Terraine s masterly Business in Great Waters Roger Lancashire was a surgeon aboard the cruiser HMS Exeter in her confrontation with the German battleship Graf Spee As his ship came under fire he described dealing with the injured The casualties were pretty devastating There. 'Majestic Truly gripping' Andrew Roberts The Battle of the Atlantic was the single most important and longest campaign of the Second World War If Britain lost this vital supply route it lost the war In Jonathan Dimbleby's brilliant and dramatic new account we see how this pic struggle for maritime mastery played out. ,
Were two or three who literally died in my arms These were people I had been living with as it were for three years There were cases where if I d had the facilities and an ndless supply of blood transfusions things might have been different but it wasn t like that I did a uick assessment of who was most likely to benefit and then went to work on them Powerful personal testimonies such as this are part of the
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of the generation of military history xemplified by Anthony Beevor s work over the past few decades British broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby has taken this model and applied it to this important theatre of World War 2 Through a range of mostly secondary sources he successfully sweeps from the broad strategic view down to the xperiences of those on board the merchant vessels navy ships and submarines that bore the brunt of the battle As he points out the term Battle of the Atlantic is a misnomer It not only lasted from the very first to the very last day of the war very first to the very last day of the war so far from being a single battle it involved hundreds of hostile ncounters on a wide variety of fronts of a campaign according to Dimb Clearly written and deeply researched history of the WW2 U boat attacks on shipping primarily from North America. From the politicians and admirals to the men on and under the sea and their families waiting at home Filled with haunting and hair raising stories of chases ambushes sinkings stalkings disasters and rescues The Battle of the Atlantic is a monumental work of history as it was lived and fought 'Recounts the horror and.
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