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A Fairly Honourable Defeat eD I BEG FOR THIS OR DID I BEG FOR THISconsidering this was my first thought after finishing the hazel wood besides how much i absolutely loved it you could say I m uitexcited about it all melissa albert s writing is lyrical and gorgeous and simply stunningand her short stories will definitely shine so happy she s gunna write this i m only willing to read this because i want to know if alice s story nded with some sort of fire demon prince and an xorcism or two how alice s story nded I want to read Tales from the Hinterland Grandnanny s book so badly If Melissa Albert is smart or loves me or the world or both she will write that SPINOFFTHAT S FROM MY REVIEW OF S FROM MY REVIEW OF HAZEL WOODWHICH I WROTE MONTHS AGODO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS I m magical and the world is granting my wishesI would also like a pony and for all of my student wishesI would also like a pony and for all of my student debt to be paid off And unlimited cookies COVEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR I want to buy this book and then set it next to me while I sleep in hopes that some magical sht will happen Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram I feel like this did for me what neither THE NIGHT COUNTRY And THE COUNTRY and THE WOOD was uite able to achieve I loved the backbone of the author s series all set around this fictional book of stories but I think somehow things just never uite connected for me I liked some bits others would fall flat almost like in the telling of point A to point B I would find myself lost and tangled up But this volume I couldn t look awayThis is a must for fans of The Hazel Wood series but honestly You could have disliked or ven not read those books an This was uniue and refreshing in The Man Without a Face every sense of the word and the perfect introductory piece to Melissa Albert The Door That Wasn t There was a great starting point to this collection of short stories as I was immediatelyntranced by the fantasy supernatural and paranormal lements that were thrown together and the author s ability in making ach short it s own With Tales from the Hinterland being the first novel I have read from this author I am looking forward to diving into The Hazel Wood series to see if her Gone (Gone, earlier works resemble this creative piece All in all this author has gained a new fan I don t want to read I need to read this Cannot wait for this. Twice and still livesPerfect for new readers and dedicated fans alike Melissa Albert's Tales from the Hinterland features full page illustrations by Jim Tierney foil stamping two color interior printing and printedndpaper. ,

If you ve ver wondered which literary world would be the best to live in wonder no longer Cause There S A BookTube there s a BookTube to answer that The Written Review 45 stars The Door That Wasn t There The voice she heard was so thin and rustling she could almost believe it was leaves against the window There once was a rich merchant who had a wife and two daughters When his wife died he found another But the new wife was not pleased to be a mother and she locks the daughters in the house One of them finds a way outand the otherwelllet s just say that the other won t be traveling any time soon Hansa the Traveler There was a girl who spoke to the moon That isn t nough to make a tale but to her the moon spoke back Hansa has been forbidden from looking out the window at night for if the moon touches heresomething awful would happen At least that s what her father and paternal grandmother has told her Butshe s a curious kid And one day she finds a way out The Clockwork Bride The toymaker arrived in town on the back of rumors so vicious they cut the tongue Eleanor and her brother were fascinated by the brilliant clockwork toys but the fascination soon turns sinisterultimately All Seated on the Ground extracting a terrible terrible price that no one was prepared to pay Jenny and the Night Women In the course of time she bore a child a pink and white and beautiful child with a core of hidden decay Jenny was the much wanted child of two otherwise childless parents But her hidden rotten core begins flaring up the older she gets After one particularly bad tantrum she finds a rumor a legend that will allow her to punish her parents The Night Women The Skinned Maiden They reached up and peeled the fur from their necks from their faces and shoulders and limbs A young maiden within a bearskin catches theye of a prince Upon some pretty poor advice he finds a way to capture her but not her heart The skinned maiden does not forgive nor does she forget Alice Three Times When Alice was born her Untitled. eyes were black fromnd to Wiring end and the midwife didn t stay longnough to wash her The ueen gives birth to thischild This creature This thing And all she can think of is a way to get rid of Alice Unfortunately for her Alice proves very very difficult to get rid of The House Under the Stairwell On. A gorgeously illustrated collection of twelve “lush and deliciously sinister fairy tales” Kelly Link by the New York Times bestselling author of The Hazel Wood and The Night CountryBefore The Hazel Wood there was Althea. A knife bright day at the dge of an overgrown garden three sisters pricked their fingers on a briar and let their blood fall to the
earth the sisters 
The sisters for their husbands to be revealed but one of themlet s just say that she got far than she bargained for Ilsa Waits In a village where a plague called the dream sickness slipped from house to house a man lay dying The youngest of her siblings Ilsa watched as one by one her family slips into death s clutches But death Death was never prepared for Ilsa The Sea Cellar At the dge of a great wood on the shore of an inland sea is a house where daughters go to die Two sisters One is gambled away to the house and one is pronounced safebut the safe sister knew right away that there was no point unless she could be reunited with her sibling And so she goes To the house To disappear The Mother and the Dagger Wherever you live there are rules you must go by A ueen desperate for a child A king determined not to be fooled A horrible fate alone in the woodsluring in life Twice Killed Katherine She was called Katherine and grew up in solitude The hated daughter of the sorcerer finds her own powersand he is ready to take advantage of it But Katherineshe is clever and ruthless and above all she won t be tricked again Death and the it But Katherineshe is clever and ruthless and above all she won t be tricked again Death and the Beware the hallow Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage eyed man who make their living on the road beware the riddles and the pretty things they sell The woodwife suffers death but no Overall Thoughts Ohhh man I ve been literally waiting all year for this gorgeous book to come out I loved The Hazel Wood and the Night Country and I ve been waiting for this companion novel I loved the scary fairy aspect of this story the stories were so creepy and well written I really wish this book had illustrations I think that would have just brought up to perfection Thanks to the good folks at Tor you can read Twice Killed Katherine right now 2021 hurry up and get here Not just because 2020 is Not the Best Update I VE FINALLY GOTTEN TO READ THIS Deliciously creepy invery single way The Skinned Maiden Ilsa Waits and The Door That Wasn t There are particularly delightful The Skinned Maiden will chill you deeper than your bones I just know the finished copy of this book is going to be BREATHTAKING ORIGINAL SCREAMING DI. Proserpine’s Tales from the HinterlandJourney into the Hinterland a brutal and beautiful world where a young woman spends a night with Death brides are wed to a mysterious house in the trees and an nchantress is killed. .

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