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Not only was I bogged down by other books I had to read but there are only so many hours in a day and adding another story wasn t the smartest thing I could do However I knew if I missed this one I d live to regret it After reading it I m 100% sure of that fact ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT NOW IS GETTING MY I can think about now is getting my on book two TornWanna know how you can tell if an author is truly badass "It S When You "s when you hate the heroine and still give the book five starsAt the age of 16 Helena Willow found out some hard truths about her family Her life was not entirely her own and at the ag 45 starsThis book was so good I loved it Sebastian and Helena love their names are both from families that hate each other They are enemies in a way and that s what makes this book so interesting and appealing The Scafoni s have demanded a sacrifice from the Willow s for centuries in the form of a virgin Willow daughter Sebastian picks Helena and sparks fly between them from the start I loved them so much together Even though Helena is scared of Sebastian she never backs down and knows deep down that he won t seriously hurt her Sebastian s family is a whole other matter though Lucinda his stepmother is evil She gets off on hurting people and her sons are no better Sebastian is truly the only person that cares for Helena and protects her I specially loved one scene in which their connection was so pure I got goosebumps and fell in love with Sebastian This book is dark but not overly so There s many secrets and intrigue too which kept me even interested in this story It ends on a cliffhanger and I desperately need book 2 Highly recommend this story if you like dark romance Its so good Taken by Natasha knight is the first book I ve read by this author and I will have to read book 2 of this series ust to see how it ends because what a cliffhanger that isbut I felt it was similar to another series I ve read before indebted by pepper winters I think if I never read that series first I would of enjoyed this This is an edge of your seat frustrating who the hell are these people kind of book with an extremely lot of smut 2 step brothers and an evil stepmotherI would really recommend this book if you haven t read the indebted series and I would of gave 5 for it had i read this first Title TakenSeries Dark Legacy Duet 1Author Natasha KnightPublication October 29th 2018 TAKEN Is the first full length novel in the Dark Legacy Duet by Natasha Knight In this we meet Sebastian and HelenaBeing born as a Willow daughter isn t a privilege it s a sacrifice because like sacrificial lambs to the slaughter for many "Generations The Scafoni Family Have "the Scafoni family have the rights to come in and choose a Willow daughter of their liking One that will be handed down to each of the other brothers once her year is up with the eldest On one such event on th Going inARC kindely provided by the author via Give me book promotion in exchange for an honest reviewHoly shitthe blurbI m in serious NEEDand it s NOT SPEED I m talking aboutLOLWell noit wasn t SPEED I needed at all even though I have never had read a book as fast as I did thistakes a deep breathNatasha Knight delivered a story that was simply so pent up with angsty compulsive uestionable complex and utterly complicated emotions that it made me dizzyI loved it then I also disliked the very notion of it then I raveled in it then it made me itchy then I uestioned myself why the fuck I liked it at all making me sound crazy as fuckdeep sighHowever this story of a Dark Legacy indeed is dark and it evoked so many mixed feels but then again Natasha brings out her full power of turni. I’m one of four Willow daughters He’s the first born son of the Scafoni family And we have historyFor generations the Scafoni family have demanded a sacrifice of us A virgin daughter to atone for sins so old we don?. ,

Taken Dark Legacy Duet #1Ng smth you might think "you ve already read and felt when in fact you are simultaneously drawn into her "ve already read and felt when in fact you are simultaneously drawn into her distinguished storytellingSo the story starts with an incredulous and shocking act of choosing As it appears that there s a decades long arrangement between The Scafoni family and The Willows And it aint pretty by any standard In fact it s brutal incredulous and absolutely criminal especially in this agesBut nevertheless it still happened It happened to one of the Willow girls one was picked out by the head of a Scafoni family the eldest son to serve the contract made ages ago To serve each brother for one year then she ll be releasedSebastian chose the one that stood out the most The one that made sure she wouldn t be picked and yet it was that very difference that made her stand out as a perfect preyand it took one look for sebastian preyand it took one look for Sebastian chose his Willow Girl HelenaWhat transpires next is a fucking turmoil of every notable emotions coursing through her read mine veins as the events take place filled with unwanted deeds yet undeniable chemistry between two enemiescause this thing between them isn t possible yet it s inevitableThe vile bursting crippling emotional and physical exchange between Sebastian and Helena is eually confusing and dubiously messed up I was on the edge of my own explanatory inner hellAs I tried to understand the reasons maybe get past the motivation at least the most evident one Ruines (BD Erotique) (French Edition) just so I would get a slap of a fuckin twist right in my faceI still can t positively claim I liked Sebastian he susttoo much for me to unravel at the moment and I need spacelolI however marvel at the complexity and layered personality description of Helena from an obvious victim a sacrificial lamb over the feisty Wit And Brush Sarcasm And and brush sarcasm and towards the mixing feels of want and acceptance without the ultimate submission I think the hardest part is that I don t understand why some stupid part of me keeps thinking or hoping you ll save me even when I know you won t only to be betrayed by her own emotion I should be repulsed by him by his touch but I crave it Crave his hands on me And it s not Förändring som tillstånd Att leda förändrings och utvecklingsarbete i företag och organisationer just sexual I like him taking care of me He can be so gentle tender than anything I ve ever felt before But it s all a pretensewith all these devious ploys secrets agendas and betrayalsHe is not what he seems and he plays by his own rules Or does he Gosh I honestly believe this is maybe the most descriptive complex and challenging diversity of Natasha Knight s writingThis book is a rusha devious twisted complex rush of emotions that leave you gasping for And I can t bloody wait for the conclusion to this storyThose of you who relished the twisted darkness of Indebted series by Pepper Winters will for sure find their own piece of darken haven in this story This is a book that offers sexual intensity along with romance and character chemistry that sizzles It s a well written erotic romance and it contains all the heat I ve come to count on from one of my favorite authors Natasha Knight knows how to write a story that draws the reader in and keeps their interest I fell in love with the characters and the sex scenes wereblood boiling Helena manages to pull through her introduction to DS with inner strength She is a feisty submissive that embodies some beautiful contradictions She always answers back but Sebastian is utterly charming when he finally makes her obey his orders If you like drama enemies to lovers trope a little kink in your erotica intriguing plots and huge cliffhangers then this comes highly recommendedIn shortHero 55 Heroine 55 Plot Point Orig. ??t even remember what they are anyBut when you have as much money as they do you don’t play by the rules You make them And Sebastian Scafoni makes all the rules The moment I saw him I knew he would choose me Even tho.