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On the characters themselves contend with the remoteness of their existence You might want to encourage a Femme in Public loved one to sit and read with you or invite a pet to hang out by your side or on yourap for a bit I would Les filles bien n'avalent pas leave out the back and head straight for Portis s place My truck was just as far away from the farmhouse as the cabin and all of it uphill If Shelton or the girl bothered to notice the baby was gone they d fire up the sleds and the truck and head right for the road I d come in on No the best thing was to go and get Portis Have him drive us to the hospital in his Dakota Another powerful element in Sweet Girl is Mulhauser s portrayal of the relationship between Percy and the man to whom she turns for help If the name Portis rings a bell it is worth recalling that it was author Charles Portis who wrote a great American novel called True Grit Young Percy Jamesike Mattie Ross before her turns to an older somewhat dodgy but trustworthy man to help her with her situation Portis Dale is the closest thing she has to a father he having been a much Первый учитель loved one time cohabitant with her mother for several years He has had issues with substances himself mostly of the browniuid variety and is not exactly someone you would describe as sueaky clean But their bond is strong And while Rooster Cogburn s motivations may have been at Pomegranate Flesh least monetary before developing into something else this Portis has no financial skin in the game The conversation between the two crackles as Percy while only 16 is a hard 16 having had to cope with her meth head mother for years and does not shy away from going head to head with her champion Percy has seen maybe too much of the cold underside ofife for someone her age She is a strong female character no one s notion of a flighty teen pining after some boy She has her vulnerabilities but has a solid core that guides her through It is very easy to see in Percy an echo of another working class teen facing dire circumstances 17 year old Ree Dolly of Winter s Bone Percy is as well realizedJ Law as Ree Dolly Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross from LA TimesOf course getting baby Jenna to safety would be difficult enough given the impending blizzard But when Shelton comes to and finds the baby gone he calls in his troops to beat the bushes Uh ohAnother strength in Sweet Girl is the portrayal of the culture or at The Immobile Empire least a part of it in theand of the great water With industry having mostly packed up the folks Philosophical Aesthetics An Introduction left behind have to make do somehow and tending to the better off sorts who have been buying up the shorefront for summer vacations is not uite enough Aively drug trade involves not only the Hakushaku Reijou volume 4 locals but new Michiganders from south of the Rio Grande Who are all these people and how do theyive You get a sense While it would have been no trick to have made the thugs cartoonish ok a couple of them are and there a few of comedic moments that might fuel an occasional outburst of what a schmuck Shelton while intellectually and morally challenged is shown to have a third dimension You could even feel sorry for him at times As for Percy s mama where the hell is she Can Percy save her if she finds her Is she worth saving What does the future hold for Percy Does Edit 13 Apr 2017 Kindle 199 TodayPercy James 16 Vous n'aurez plus jamais peur du cancer lives in the hills of Cutler County Michigan She s accustomed to her mother going missing but with a blizzard on the horizon she s afraid of where she is whom she s with and most of all if A fearless sixteen year old girl whose search for her missing mothereads to an unexpected discovery and a The Activist life and death struggle in the harsh frozenandscape of the upper MidwestA heartfelt and sincere book beautiful Between tender and tough Percy the 16 year young heroine she touched my heartIn a way this story reminds you of the brave 14 year old Mattie Ross of True Grit just read this Sort of a modern version story of persistence fighting spirit and stamina A dark but hopeful story Written very much to the point simple spot on Well I had to cry in the end and that means a book hit me right in the heart and that deserves 5 stars RecommendedThis is the storyPercy is sixteen and used to her mama disappointing her But this time her mama s been gone for nine days and she s been seen up at Shelton Potter s farmhouse Which can only mean she s strung out on home cooked meth again A blizzard rolls in in Cutler county Michigan middle of January and Percy jumps in her pickup and sets off for the farmhouse She finds Shelton owning the house and a woman passed out on the floor sleeping off the 桃色ヘヴン 2 2 デザートコミックス latest binge But no sign of her mama Percy heads upstairs and finds a neglected baby girl baby Jenna soon nicknamed sweetgirl in urgent need of care and attention Percy knows she has no choice She has to take the baby and get her to a hospital soon But the blizzard shows no signs of stopping and soon her pickup is snowed in Now she s on foot and beforeong two bit criminal Shelton wakes up and heads out with four of his associates on the hunt for whoever has taken the babyShe finds her mother s ex Portis a troubled guy with a good heart though with whom she always kept contact and together they set out to get the baby to a hospital with bad guys in pursuit her mother turning up drugged and disoriented and the weather growing worse A definite highlight of 2016 for me this book 475 I was a foot from the shotgun now and knew I could reach it in time if he The rape of Tamar lunged I believed I could turn it on him and sueeze the trigger too that I would be able to shoot him down right there in the room if he changed his mind Yep you and me both Percy It s true This kind of story can bring out the worst in the reader Go on Shelton keep on inhaling that nitrous until you don t ever wake up See And you thought I was such I nice woman whoikes to drink wine and use smiley face *emoticons A cracker jack debut novel that is a believable haunting thriller of a tale that will chill you to the *A cracker jack debut novel that is a believable haunting thriller of a tale that will chill you to the but Noche de San Valentín leave just enough flesh on the bone for recovery Less than 250 pages tightly woven fantastically paced and a real pleasure to read More please Mr Mulhause. Should be then this is book is exactly what you’ve been wanting what you’ve been waiting for” Brock Clarke author of The Happiest People in the World“There’s a big old neon heart pulsing on every page of Sweetgirlike the sign to a bar you can’t help but enter I Felt Thrilled And felt thrilled and and I couldn’t stop turning the pages Travis Mulhauser is a writer to be reckoned with” Lindsay Hunter author of Ugly Girls and Don’t Kiss Me“In its dark and deadpan hilarity Sweetgirl reminded me of other great chroniclers of the criminal element found in our upper Midwest Tom Drury Jim Harrison the Coen Brothers in Fargo But Mulhauser’s Cutler County a place of numbered days and Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta last chances is a part of that country we’ve not seen before Nor have we heard it described in a voiceike Percy James’s filled with true wit cunning and the unwanted wisdom of a child denied a childhood This novel comes on USMLE Step 2 Ck book like the blizzard at its center andeaves you dazzled and dazed not only by how much Travis Mulhauser knows but how deeply he cares” Michael Parker author of All I Have in This World“To try to nail down what Mulhauser is doing in Sweetgirl to say it’s a comedy or a tragedy is to do the book a grave disservice It’s far too arge of heart and full of ambition to call it any one thing Like its young narrator Sweetgirl seeks first and foremost and finally only the truth It is a beautiful harrowing startling achievement And it’s one hell of a great story” Drew Perry author of Kids These Days. .

Find a baby in the bedroom chaos itself was always confirmation of the dread I carried certain in my bones in the friendly banter between percy and portis who had once nearly become percy s stepfather It s pretty I said But I swear I am never coming back up on this hillThis hill is cursed said Portis There isn t a doubtYou re the one that Bought for Revenge Bedded for Pleasure lives hereI don t so muchive as I do existThat s deepI wish it were he saidand in the straight up slapstick of shelton potter s storyline shelton is the owner of the aforementioned meth house and he returns to consciousness to find the baby gone and her mother still zonked out blissfully unaware shelton sets out to be the hero of his own story but his freuent pauses to do nitrous smoke pot mourn his faithful dog old bo and zone out in many drug related Monster Blood Tattoo Foundling lacunae make himess efficient a championview spoiler and that s probably the best part of the novel this subversion of the grit Never Been Kissed Never Been lit norm which would ordinarily depict shelton as this preternaturally unstoppable adversary a ruthless criminal pursuing percy and portis with strategic cunning and mastery of weapons giving the novel all its tension and edge of your seat action instead shelton is too hapless to be a proper villain not that shelton ever would have seen himself in the role of the villain and it s a realistic depiction of theevel of competence a This Next New Year: (Chinese-English Bilingual Edition) (Chinese Edition) long term user of meth would beikely to exhibit i The Expected Goals Philosophy: A Game-Changing Way of Analysing Football love how the reader s expectations are deflated a bit you re bracing yourself for this confrontation and it never comes from the direction you ve been trained to prepare for hide spoiler I reallyiked this book another one set in Michigan where I Les larmes de l'ombre (French Edition) live Very atmospheric novel that kept me completely engaged as I seemed to be on the cold snowy journey to safety along with two of the main characters and an infant taken from a drug house So much crazy stuff happens along the way IJust have to say I LOVED Portis It s a dark story in so many ways but there s oneight that shines amidst the darkness and the drugs and death and that Bibliography and Index of English Verse 1559 1603 light is Percy James It s a powerful riveting story that had me from the first page and sixteen year old Percy James became a favorite character for me almost immediately It s been a toughife with her alcohol and drug addicted mother Carletta but she Practical R for Mass Communication and Journalism loves her mother and needs to find her In her search she finds a neglected baby that she is determined to save But it is in this selfless goal that the beauty of the storyies the act of saving some else becomes the very thing that saves Percy from this placeWe come across some rough characters Shelton Potter dealer and addict and Portis Dale rough but soft for Percy and it becomes evident that he d do anything to help Percy The points of view alternate between Percy s and Shelton Potter From Percy s perspective we earn that she is smart and wise beyond her years and that she has ed too tough a ife that gives her the burden of watching out for her drug addicted mother and her maturity and goodness is evident in the responsibility of caring for this neglected baby From Shelton Potter s point of view we see the darkest side of the drug dealing and addictionThings uickly spiral out of control in this riveting ordeal that Percy finds herself in with her attempt to save baby Jenna It is not ost on this reader how Percy is desperately trying to insure that Jenna does not have the ife that she had A wonderful story where hope can be found in a place otherwise hopeless A high recommendation for Travis Mulhauser s debut novel Hoping for from himThanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss I could see the baby was shrieking but its cries were buried by the wind The snow blew in sideways edged across the floor and dusted the baby s cheeks with frost The baby s eyes darted in a Side To Side Panic to side panic it reached up with trembling hands and searched for something to grasp I ran toward it 16 year old Percy James had gone ooking for her missing mother yet again and both hoped and feared she might find her at the home of Shelton Potter Human Energy Systems local source for substances of the illegal sort Shelton was not exactly the brightestight wherever he happened to be And he had a propensity to violence Even did time for hospitalizing a fellow bar patron who committed the social faux pas of calling him jughead Shelton was the tiniest bit sensitive about the size of his admittedly triple X cranium Shelton and his gf were on the far side of conscious so Percy had a Classic Ruskin Bond look about Mom was not to be found but the thought of that baby freezing to death while druggies dozed was too much so Percy did the right thing and snatched the infant from the jaws of an icy death Yeah I guess she could have you know shut the window But the dead decaying dog in the house and the state of its adult inhabitants made moving the child to a safeocation a no brainer And so begins our tale Travis Mulhauser from his GR pageYou might want to dress warm when you settle in to read Sweet Girl A sweater at El Mago de Esmirna least Make sure the windows are closed tight and bring out a throw to toss over your feet andegs And it probably wouldn t hurt to have a cup with steaming Sheriff Darling (Heartrise Series Book 1) liuid in it near at hand enhanced or not It was the burning kind of cold A tear had opened in myip and I put tongue to it and tasted the salty pooling blood There was already throb and tingle in my toes and the air torched my Le Seigneur des anneaux (le livre officiel du film) : Les Deux tours lungs just to breathe it Iooked back after a minute and could not see the pinewoods or tell the falling snow in the fields from what was wind thrown Travis Milhauser should know He grew up there in Petoskey a booming metropolis of about 6000 souls up about where the fingernail of your ring finger might be if it were inside the Michigan mitten and hadn t gone black and fallen off He does not Taunting the Lion Ian Crawford live there anyonger but it is damned clear that he remembers how it feels His ability to portray and sustain the feeling of bloody fracking freezing is one of the strengths of Sweet Girl He is eually adept at communicating a feeling of isolation Not only are the places where his characters Creativity and Technology live often at the fringes of what passes for civilizati. Taut and darkly humorous tour de force that is horrifying tender and hopefulAdvance Praise for “Sweetgirl is a gritty compelling novel of a world where even a sixteen year old must confront what Edith Wharton called ‘the hard considerations of the poor’ Mulhauser depicts his people and theirandscape with uncompromising fidelity” Ron RashTravis Mulhauser’s Sweetgirl is a compulsively readable novel – no doubt about it finish the first chapter and you will be hooked I guarantee This book is violent dark and impressively redemptive Villains are haunted by their innocent victims and somehow discover grace Heroes are flawed fallible and reek of whiskey and regret And perhaps at the center of Mulhauser’s novel is an unlikely character whom never speaks a word never takes a step but propels the entire story along Contravida like a runaway eighteen wheeler Sweetgirl is a upper Midwestern homage to great American uest novelsike True Grit and Winter’s Bone It is a truly memorable and remarkable read Nickolas Butler Internationally bestselling author of Shotgun Lovesongs and Beneath the Bonfire“Travis Mulhauser’s Sweetgirl is a riveting novel about a bunch of drug addicts and drug dealers and boozers and uasi orphans and uasi parents dealing with the prospect of a missing baby girl during a massive snowstorm in northern Michigan This sounds grim and it can be grim but this book is also far far funnier than it has any right to be If you’re a fan of Charles Portis and Denis Johnson and if you’re not you. The first thing I noticed about this book was how wonderfully it was written the words and the plot just flowed aimlessly Nothing was forced it was all as natural as a story being told to one person by another Another thing was the ocation grit Тарас Бульба lit in Northern Michigan Love it The characters Percy and Portis are both very memorable characters Percy sixteen years old with way to much responsibility for one so young trying to take care of her mother who is hooked on drugs and alcohol Portis a man who despite his addictions is a stand up guy one who is there in pinch always available to help Percy He really tries to help her and will pay heavilyThis is an adventure story but also a character study Drugs addictions the harm and sorrow they cause to others and to themselves So incredibly powerful that even though they wish they were different could change that the rough circumstances they find themselves in could be alleviatedthey are unable to get out from under the drugs spell There are bad guys in this novel certainly but bad guys who it seems wish they weren t The book ends on a very hopeful note that Percy might manage to escape the dire future that seems to beckon and have a fulfillingife This is a novel about caring doing the right thing and the hardships and brutal reality of addictions BrilliantARc from publisher Sixteen year old Percy s mama is on the meth again She has taken off and Percy heads over to the ocal drug dealer s house to try and find her mama to drag her home again When she gets there her mama Carletta isn t therebut the ocal drug dealer Shelton and his girlfriend are zonked out in the house Then she goes upstairs and finds a baby During a snowstorm With the windows open and snow filling her cribPercy takes the baby After figuring out what the smell of death was in the house YukShe enlists the aid of a former doper that pretty much raised her He had been hooked up with mama for awhile and they set out during a blizzard trying to get the baby help Now this part was odd The baby had really bad diaper rash I really expected something serious to be wrong with the poor kid because with a meth head mama and that snow blowing inbut I digressAs they are trying to figure out how to get the baby to the hospital Shelton the meth dealer wakes up He is all out of meth and decides to put that canister of nitrous oxide he picked up to use Balloons are handy dandy سرگذشت حسن صباح و جانشينان او little drug sniffing tools The beauty of nitrous was that it wouldn t show up on a standard piss test Ateast Sheldon didn t think it would Obviously the methamphetamines would be there in full parade along with the pot and the alcohol and the cocaine but what good did it do anybody to dwell on such things His PO could call him up at any moment and have him drive over to the courthouse to piss That s just the way the Emails from an Asshole legal system was unorganized and flat impossible to predict It wasn t something you couldet get in the way of Daddy Takes His Stepdaughter Over His Knees living yourife Sheldon s ittle drug addled brain realizes that the baby is missing and he decides on his undying ove for it s mother that he needs to find it to keep her happy She is still passed out He starts making calls to his boys and starts searching himself It s still in the middle of a giant snowstorm So you have tons of snow idiots on drugs said idiots with gunsyou know this ain t gonna end wellThis book could have been fleshed out just a tad bit for me The characters felt real they just needed something else I would have The Dead Dont Confess liked definitely of Sheldon he could be the poster boy for keeping kids off the drugs Booksource Library Fellow hickit reader Bonnie s review brought this one to my attention I thought this well written rural noir thriller was really terrific I had never heard of the author before but I would be happy to read what he writes next Set in northern Michigan during a blizzard the book is alternately exciting touching funny sad and tragic and would make a really good movieFifteen year old Percy goes to find her drug addict mother in a meth house and instead finds Shelton the drug dealer s nephew and Shelton s girlfriend Kayla who are both passed out in a drugged out stupor She also finds a decomposing dog and an unattended infant Jenna Percy impulsively takes Jenna to the house of her mother s old boyfriend Portis to enlist his help in getting Jenna to the hospital which proves to be awfully hard to reach Portis Percy and Jenna are pursued through the snow by Shelton and an inept and unpredictable collection of his uncle s minionsShelton is probably an idiot even when sober but I can t be certain of that since he was both stoned and an idiot at all times in the book Portis on the other hand was drunk at all times but never an idiot He was shrewd caring clever funny and responsible They were both interesting characters as was Percy who seemed to have turned out uite well despite a difficult childhood The writing was ean and crisp without a ot of unnecessary details The book took unexpected turns and the ending was satisfying I received a free copy of this book from the publisher this was pitched to me by greg as a funny Winter s Boneand that s a very good description although funny is relative and it s funny used to offset otherwise horrible things and funny compared to other grit it but considering the plot of the story it s amazing there s anything funny about it at all a sixteen year
Old Girl Named Percy 
girl named percy enters a known meth house ooking for her relapsed mother carletta she does not find her but she does find a dead dog a Bus Ride Beast Bang live cat two passed out junkies and a distressed baby girl by an open window needing to be changed and slowly being covered by snow percy rescues the baby taking off on foot into the worsening michigan blizzard where she enlists the help of the kindly gruff portis dale and his faithful *wolfdog resulting in theot of them being pursued by criminals with *resulting in the The Official Guide to Learning to Drive Driving Skills lot of them being pursued by criminals with humor does find a way to manifest in percy s wry sardonic occasionally overformal voice while the particulars of a given calamity may be impossible to predict while I could never say I expected to. A blistering debut driven by the raw whip smart voice of Percy James a fearless sixteen year old girl whose search for her missing mothereads to an unexpected discovery and a Candy Man life and death struggle in the harsh frozenandscape of the upper MidwestAs a blizzard bears down Percy James sets off to find her troubled mother Carletta For years Percy has had to take care of herself and Mama a woman who’s been unraveling for as フラクション Furakushon long as her daughter can remember Fearing Carletta is strung out on meth and won’t survive the storm Percy heads for Shelton Potter’s cabin deep in the woods of northern MichiganBut when Percy arrives there is no sign of Carletta Searching the house she finds Shelton and his girlfriend drugged into oblivion and a crying baby girleft alone in a freezing room upstairs From the moment the baby wraps a tiny hand around her finger Percy knows she must save her a split second decision that commences a dangerous odyssey in which she must battle the elements and evade Shelton and a small band of desperate criminals hell bent on getting that baby back As the storm breaks and violence erupts Percy will be forced to confront the haunting nature of her mother’s affliction and come to find her own fate tied and inextricably to that of the baby she is determined to save Filled with the sweeping sense of cultural and geographic isolation of its setting the hills of fictional Cutler County in northern Michigan Sweetgirl is an affecting exploration of courage sacrifice and the ties that bind