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細味人生100篇 eT I skipped some of the book so this isn t a completely accurate review I did like this one than the first book I didn t completely hate Fil and Spar was a better male character than the first one too I still just couldn t fully get into the story I am not sure what it is about it I did LOVE Wynn though I am actuallyxcited to read her book 35 You are mine Felicity My human my woman StarsStone Cold Lover is the second book in Christine Warrens Gargoyles Series I loved book one and although this one was really njoyable too it didn t 100% hit the mark with me this timeI loved Spar Mr Tall Gray and Invincible like his brother Kees Book 1 Heart of Stone although forged from stone he had a heart of gold He wasn t afraid to fight for Fil and he definitely wasn t afraid to show his feelings for her If you give yourself to me I will not be able to let you go Ella from book one was a very independent and spunky kind of girl and I really liked that about her she was prepared to fight for and alongside Kees but she also wasn t afraid to show her feelings for him This is where Felicity Fil Shaltis fell a little short for me in this book Her constant I want him I don t want him I do want him but I don t want him to know I want him really started to get on my nerves as the book progressed the poor gargoyle didn t really know whether he was coming or going a lot of the time I will not leave it alone You behave irrationally Last night you lay in my arms and held me close to you as you slept but now you act as if I have committed some great vil against you If I have done something that upsets you I deserve the chance to make it right Since I can think of nothing of the sort I reuire you to MongoDB explain it to me so that I can apologize for my actions Sigh I love this guygargoyle and the way he spoke so properly it was like Mr Darcy but with horns and a tailThis book continues on from where Heart of Stone left off the Guardians are still trying to ascertain as to whether the Nocturnis have managed to unleash one of the seven demons of the Dark Now that two Guardians have been awakened it seems likely thatvil lurks and is waiting for its moment to strike There are lots of thrills and spills in this book and it kept the pace and overall development throughout nicely One by one women of power appeared and one by one Chastity each Guardian found his destined mateThe addition of Wynn the Witch really added to this story and I am pleased too see that she will get her own book as well as her Guardian in the next release in this series Hard as a Rock I cannot wait for its release March 2015ARC generously provided via Netgalley inxchange for the above honest review I really Experiential Learning enjoyed the first book in the Gargoyles series Heart of Stone Immediately after finishing that one I started the second book in the series Stone Cold Lover by Christine Warren That was probably not the best decision not taking a breather between books While I found Heart of Stone fun Stone Cold Lover just left me mostly annoyedStone Cold Lover is about Ella s best friend Felicity who is an art restorer In the previous book Ella called Felicity to keep a lookout for Gargoyle statues and Felicity found one that looked like what Ella was looking for The statue of course turned out to be a gargoyle warden who comes to life when humanity needs help Before Felicity knows what s happening this statue has come to life and she is forced to work with Spar to save herself and to help save the world And of course they get togetherHonestly Felicity was just so annoying I never really liked herven though I so wanted to Felicity was so sarcastic to the Die Neurobiologie des Glücks extreme I love sassy characters but Felicity was just plain obnoxious Herxtreme sarcasm often came off as mean and I didn t like that at all She also would want to do these stupid things that would be her life in danger She would demand to go outside ven when she knew it was dangerousSpar the hero was okay but I think that is because he just wasn t as obnoxious as Felicity It was interesting to see him deal with his feelings for Felicity which was very new to him I can t say that I was really on board with the romance ither Again Felicity just drove me crazy it was hard to root for her Although I certainly didn t hate the romance itherAlthough Stone Cold Lover has paranormal and suspense lements so much of the book left me bored I had to make myself pick up the book and after a bit I just wanted to finish *it so I could move on to something *elseSo suffice it to say Stone Cold *so I could move on to something *elseSo suffice it to say Stone Cold by Christine Warren was not for me My biggest *suffice it to say Stone Cold Lover by Christine Warren was not for me My biggest was how annoying I found Felicity the heroine and nothing really made up for that I can t say I m going to rush out and read from this seriesThis review was originally posted on uinn s Book Nook 25 starsWhile I was uite ntertained with Fil s snarky self in the beginning but as the story went I found myself getting detached further and further Fil s hot and cold attitude annoyed me and I wanted to snap at her I guess it became MEH fast I Just Couldn T Fully couldn t fully with this world nor the couple and I started skimming to get to the nd Oh I totally called the part with view spoilerRicky being involved in the whole nocturnis business hide spoiler Stone Cold Lover is book two in the Gargoyles series by Christine Warren If you saw my review you might remember that I fell in love with book one of this series Heart of Stone Because of Ms Warren I now Tatue Attracted to it in a way a girl shouldn’t lust for a stone gargoyle she revists it at night longing to feel its mbrace Little does Fil know her desire for this stone cold beast is about to heat up a notchLocked in stone for centuries Spar has slept waiting for when a human woul. .

45 stars Art Restorer Felicity Fil Shaltis never xpected that a friend s reuest that Fil locate a gargoyle statue would result in Fil being so obsessed with the stone creature that she finds herself breaking in during the wee hours of the night to get a better look at it Or that Fil would FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck end up attacked by a crazy guy in a robe or saved by the very object of her obsession come to life as a seven foot fieryyed winged warrior When Spar awakes he is confused but saving the little human from the minion of the Dark is a no brainer it is his job to protect humanity but very uickly Spar s instincts are demanding that he protect this one human above all othersStone Cold Lover is the second in Warren s Gargoyle series and it is Big Little Man even better than the first There are a lot of things that worked better for me this time around though to be fair second books don t have the same burden ofstablishing a world as first books do but it pretty much boils down to the fact that I really liked the leads Spar is not as stoney The Man from Beijing emotionally as the previous leading gargoyle so it was muchasier for me to connect with him His leading lady Fil is great Fil is independent and feisty and intelligent and brave and she doesn t let Spar get away with dictating her course of actions though Fil does accept his protection when it turns out that she is in the bad guys cross hairs I also really liked Fil and Spar s romance Fil becomes important to Spar so uickly and I liked that he tries to give her some space Creating Lasting Value even as he is frustrated when she keeps throwing up anmotional wall between them And it was a nice change of pace that the obstacle to their HEA does not follow the standard big misunderstanding trope and is resolved without unnecessaryartificial dramaFor the series as a whole I really like gargoyles and also I like the way that Warren draws us into the next book of the series by introducing another intriguing woman instead of the typical seuel bait in paranormal romance which is another brother This time around that woman is powerful witch Wynn who gets Understanding Markets and Strategy enough screen time here to make me very interested in seeing of her in the next bookSo I reallynjoyed Stone Cold Lover I have been a big fan of Warren s Other series but I am glad to see that she is hitting her stride with this new series it must be great for her to do something new after being tied to revamping her Montana Dreams early Elora s Cave stories for so longComplementary copy via NetGalley release date August 26 2014 thanks to dcm for the heads up Hm where to start with this one welllll Stone Cold Lover was much better than Heart Of Stone First the romance in this one was first and foremost which balanced out the story far better than the previous one did Secondly the story went somewhere we went from point A to point B fairly uickly with mystery and action in the midst Bothlements were very well done Felicity also known as Fil is an artist that gets tangled up in this "WHOLE MESS BY ACCIDENT IT ALL "mess by accident it all off as just a reconnaissance mission for her friend Ella which was the heroine of the last book Bippity Bobbity Boo Fil now has a giant gargoyle swearing to protect her from harm and keep her forever It s very cutesy Fil is witty sarcasticsmart and has *a bit of a temper what could you ask for Not *bit of a temper what could you ask for Not whole lot She stands up for herself gets in said gargoyles face multiple times and is willing to do anything for her friends Sometimes Fil makes some stupid mistakes but once you learn her history Immerwelt - Der Pakt everything neatly clicks into place Fil made me laugh several times because she was this sweet crazy woman it was fun to read her dialogue and inner monologue Spar is just plain awesome I loved him as the hero because the poor guy just wouldn t stop trying because he was head over heels in love with Fil He uickly learned that adjusting his attitude and respecting his lady was the way to go shes not some pushover he s use to Spar definitely has the bad boy thing going for him but he s got a range ofmotions and very likable I d really like a novella or something devoted solely to him to be honest Fil and Spar are great together because they re very alike so they solely to him to be honest Fil and Spar are great together because they re very alike so they understand Modern South Asia each other pretty well Spar is a protector which is something Fil desperately needsven if she doesn t wanna let go of being in charge Fil gives Spar a reason to really live other than for just destroying Picture Theory evilShe gives him hope and a future to dream of Together they re just a lot of fun there s some back and forth some flirting with some hot moments Of course there are a few sex scenes but theremotional than the first book displayed Down to the nitty gritty the action or story part to this book was pretty creepy There s demons talked about magic used and the bad guys are way in your face Some of the stuff is kinda gross and sick but when describing cult activities and Ancestral Voices evil people guess you gotta get your point across The mysterylement was actually pretty strong there were a few surprises that I didnt see coming Altogether I really And Bid Him Sing enjoyed this one and it gives me hope the next one will beven better because the next heroine is gonna be fun The story is strong the romance is great there s both light and heavy stuff going on in this story that kinda sucks you in Lots of motions and feelings also flying around and of course a gargoyle with a screaming lady I d definitely recommend this book reminded me why I love Warrens writing so much Right off I want to say tha. Gargoyles abound in this sexy paranormal novel from New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren A prominent art restorer Felicity is than game to help a friend track down an obscure statue in Montreal But when Fil finds it she’s taken by surprise at how drawn she is to this Ave some very vivid dreams about gargoyles wink wink So I was so xcited for book two to come out and it was worth the wait I loved it Fil Felicity was sent to investigate the Bones, Clones, and Biomes existence of a statue which they hoped might be one of the guardians The first time she saw the gargoyle statue she felt a strange connection to it so much so that she returned one night long after closing hours to further investigate Little did she know that this night her life would change This is the night she would awaken the gargoyle and be thrust into the world of demons magic andvil But also she would find a happiness she never thought she could Bringing the Empire Home experience with her gargoyle guardian Our Fil though is one tough girl and she has snark She had a little trouble in the beginning accepting that this statue she had felt so connected to came to life and became this oh so sexy gargoyle And when he changed from his natural gargoyle self to his human disguise well lets just say she was staring atvery woman s fantasy Fil was hilarious in the beginning when she kept coming up with different names for her new guardian such as statue boy Rocky stone face or boulder boy She soon learned though that a guardian only awakens when there is pure vil loose on arth when he is called to defend humanity One of the seven demons has been set free and is gaining strength But how will Fil and Spar find it How will they fight it Spar has no idea how this little human was able to awaken him This is not how it is supposed to work But he also feels the instant connection to Felicity And he is claiming her as his He will protect her no matter how hard she continues to try to put herself in harms way I would like to address the issue of these names you keep giving me I told you I am called Spar not Rocky not stone face and not Einstein You will cease to refer to me in this manner Christine Warren has again written a book that is fun suspenseful sweet and oh so sexy This series makes me want to go and find some gargoyle statues to see if I might be able to awaken one Just one that s all I need We get a little bit of Ella and Kees from book one I might have liked to see a little bit of them since I loved them so much and hope to see of them in the following books And we are introduced to a new character Wynn who is a witch I am fairly certain that the next book in the series Hard as a Rock will feature her as she attempts to help to find of the guardian s brothers and together they can attempt to stop the Building the Cold War evil that is threatening humanity Thank you so much to Netgalley Christine Warren and St Martin s Press for giving me the opportunity to read this book I absolutely loved it My Thoughts 4 out of 5 Unicorns I really liked itReceived thebook from St Martin s Press for an honest reviewThe cover is nice but not as hot as the last one Something about a shirtless chest that just heats a cover right up Gargoyles will always have a fondness in my heart because of my dad and his nicknames and for watching Gargoyles Disney version with him growing up This is the *2nd Book In The Series And Packed *book in the series and packed action though Felicity Fil drove me nuts with her hot and cold actpoor Spar didn t know if he was coming or
with it Conversation is the to alllol Christine Warren does a fantastic job bring the story to life with her words I felt all the pain poor Fil was put through in her adventure Ella and Kees come back to help too which is always good for me when characters continue to be a part of the series We also meet a new character Wynn who I am already uite fond of and I m looking forward to her storyChristine Warren is a fabulous author and I always love reading her work and collecting her books This is definitely a series I m adding to my library of paperbacks Even though Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) each book is standalone I recommend reading in order because the whole is worth than just the sum of the partsI recommend these fabulous gargoyles to anyone who loves a good vsvil story with some HARDcore menwell men sort of and Counter-Amores especially if you love Christine Warren already you do not want to pass up this series Even in the beginning Spar is intrigued by Fil Fil oh how Spar hated that named reached up and ran a palm over her hair then tugged at the long tail in which it was bound He s also a caregiver Spar ignored her and spread a ridiculous amount of shampoo over the top of her head before beginning to work up a lather You are injured and in shock I am tending to you Now be uiet and let me tend He s the type of man to make his intentions clear in the beginning be certain you do not resent my claim little human he panted desire digging like talons in his gut If you give yourself to me I will not be able to let you go And all in all I loved him he s just so alpha and sexy he growled and bent his head back to hers They shall not touch you baby I swear it None shall touch you but me I can t wait to see from this series Much better than book one and hilarious from the start I found that I liked Fil and Spar much I laughed I was captivated I was just drawn in by their story The demon mark The various attacks on Fil Her determination to defend Her determination to be aloneven for a moment Her determination to love Spar and let him go She was a hardheaded female But I liked her for her strength and determination Laurel Wilson need to work on consistency with the male and female At some points in the audio the males began to sound like female. D need him When he is awoken Spar is taken aback to find that a human female needs his help A very sexy woman who’s about to be the victim of a cultist attack Saving and leaving her should be no problem But as uestions arise Spar knows that he cannot rest until Fil is safe in his arms.

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Stone Cold Lover Gargoyles #2
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