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Violence that takes place to the point that we have become jaded to the horrors humans inflict on one another Serial killers are nothing new to our species mass murders have been around as long as history allows us to recount We have tried to place labels on certain individuals who have caught our attention such as Elizabeth Bathory Vlad the Impaler Jack the Ripper or the Servant Girl Annihilator but the truth of the matter is vicious serial crimes have plagued our race since the beginning of civilization They went unidentified as such simply because superstition and fear kept people ignorant and cowering From Truly Investigating The Source truly investigating the source the violence It is speculated that many supernatural creature legends such as those surrounding werewolves vampires and emons were the product of tales woven to explain series of horrendous murders Even the Brothers Grimm told the tale of an old woman who lived in the woods and ate little children READ THE REST OF THIS REVIEW ON FEAR ZONE 45 WHAT THE SNUFF STARS For the love of humanity I surely hope not I really on t know how to review this book without traumatizing readers whom wouldn t touch this book with a ten foot pole Out of respect for those who wish to keep their sanity as well as their last meal in tact Won T Rehash #won rehash fuckery and there was uite a bit which took place within the story Besidesthe title pretty much speaks for itself Do you really want to know Mind bleach anyone Now for those readers who enjoy a little fictional ebauchery every now and then I say 1 click it You won t be Behind the Red Door disappointed but if you are kindly unfriend me Just kidding For reviews Free E books and Giveaways 45 Holy Shit StarsWow to say this book wasisturbing is a understatementnot for the faint of heartYou ve been warned. Turbing than any killer out there Soon the tables are turned on the filmakers as a Coborîrea de pe cruce dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues This is a brutal novel It's already being called one of the mostisturbing efforts is literature and is being advised to come with a WARNING lab. Snuff by Eric EnckI feel there is much to be said rationally speaking many books has as I ve read had better preparation of plots or climaxes than pages and pages of extreme Matematik Startbok description of the violence that is involved in snuff films this book presents I m not talking about other snuff film books But about this one there s a garish and morbid sense of humour in the subject its outlines with fewetails of how such things could happen Supposing that John aka Jack was to become such #A Force Because He #force because he his lurid upbringing matching his psychotic behaviour to other serial killers and well known is that serial killers were often adopted having an unhappy childhood and killed one of their parents Or something like that So not to add any spoilers this is a story mainly about a snuff film industry beginnings by #a sick individual who had help by his #sick individual who had help by his friend who wasn t even a good friend but that they found they had the same thirst for snuff that they worked good togetherDeath s Door by Michael Slade has plot Mystery and suspense that can relate with readers is amoung another thing Certainly I To Conuer Hell The Meuse Argonne 1918 d prefer if Snuff had been longer orescriptive but then I suppose there was reasons of minimaling the story to actions and relating them as Gardasil details of facts of what buying snuffs would be like After all weon t need porn to become so bad the actors ie before the credits Tried to get hold of a copy of this a few months ago but it got lost in the post or something So I was real happy when I got a copy for my birthdayI had to read it straight away and all I can say is wow usually when I read reviews and it says the book is really fucked up it oesn t turn out so well not in my opinion anywayThis really is though I thought I was good at thinking up ways to torture people I watch way. Eric Enck author of TELL ME YOUR NAME THE RECKONING and GHOST OF A CHANCE and Adam Huber Journalist for a top selling Newspaper bring you the ultimate horror novelWhen an out of work movie actor and a pornographer band together to create Snuff films things look great. To many horror movies but nothing like these guysKick ass book if you can stomach it and hope you guys write Dark twisted Period Power disturbing a uick read with lots of stuff going on to keep you turning the pages Oh and that ending my face was like oooooooayummm Sick shit I #love this stuff sick twisted gross fascinating repugnant #this stuff Sick Twisted Gross Fascinating Repugnant Horrifying Brutal Revolting Dark Distasteful Vulgar LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT Possibly the most brutal book I ve ever read I have to give this credit at coming up with some sick as fuck shit that I have never thought of and at times making me feel slightly uncomfortable My mind wanders sometimes into ark places and comes "UP WITH WAYS TO TORTURE AND "with ways to torture and people in a horror Movie Way Not In An Actual Way way not in an actual way usually my imagination is brutal than anything I see in movies or read but here the two authors make my thoughts seem pedestrian and tame although to be fair to my own imagination it oesn t Mud and Stars dwell in the places of violent rape and sexual assaults If you like things super violent then this book is probably for you ButThere are some problems The first is that the book is in some serious need of editing both in it s content and in it s formatting It s lame to say but there is som There were times while reading this that Ieveloped an estranged erection and my hand proceeded to comfort it s existence while I stare into my own soul uestioning my own moral integrity It was a good book The other Culture del Giappone contemporaneo day I overheard someone saying that they thought the world was a much violent place than ever before in the history of the human race This made me pause My gut reaction was to agree but then I began to wonder is this really true Is the world violent Is the human race vicious than previous centuries Or are we merely open about the. The money is rolling inespite the eath count Both men begin a vicious killing spree in their films as and people are emanding the best in bloody pornWhen the mafia becomes involved things couldn't be better until one of the victims turns out to have a father Del big bang al homo sapiens dis.