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His many excursions to the battlefield It is The Millionaires Waitress Wife (The Brubaker Brides, fair to say he goes on too long Once the battle is over he keeps writing all the way to the end of World War II and on into the Cold War Still when the author is having a good time the reader is having a good time and I didn t mind it too much even when Caddick Adams was delivering a movie review of the 1965 cinematic disaster that was Robert Shaw in The Battle of the Bulge Perhaps the only reallaw in Snow and Steel is in the battle descriptions themselves which tend to lack much lair tactility or really good irst person accounts In other words Caddick Adams does not really take the opportunity to build a good set piece Typically this would represent a rather significant demerit Everything else is so good though that I could hardly bring myself to care I came to think of it almost as one of those deliberate imperfections that artists sometimes work into their projects as an act of humility Snow and Steel is an achievement that it will appeal to all types of interested readers The Millionaires Miracle from WWII newcomers to expertsrom those who thought the Battle of the Bulge referred to a losing struggle or their waistlines to those who have a portrait of Charles B MacDonald hanging over the ireplace There will never be a Mine Under the Mistletoe final word on such aamous and dramatic battle That said it is The Medicine Man fair to say that Snow and Steel is the now the standard It is hard toind something new to contribute in regards to the Bulge Battles There have been so many books on the subject over the years that it has been covered almost extensively than any other Battle of World War II Still in this book the author does manage it but the way he goes about it does cost The Maverick Christmas first third of the book is pre battle settings and background Something that this book does much better than almost any other I have come across The last third of the book is given to coverage of Nordwind and post Bulge and WWII Again the author does it better in this book than I have seen anywhere else but it does leave only a third of the book to the main topic the battle This limitation does cost the book in some regards The author covers the battle with a changerom most other books on the subject he starts with the southern shoulder and moves nor Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley I m not sure what most Americans know about World War II any Don t get me wrong I think most Americans know about it in the general sense but the general battles The Bridge Too Far Operation Market Garden I m not sure Americans know what the terms mean Even something like the History Channel Millionaires Dont Count (Harlequin Mini focuses on Nazis and the occult than the actual history It will be sad if people think the Battle of Bulge only refers to losing weight Sometimes Ieel so old I should admit while I knew what the Battle of Bulge was before reading this I didn t know as much or as much detail I knew its importance that it was mostly American but in terms of the specific names of certain leaders no that

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didn t know Caddick book length study of the Battle of Bulge chronicles not only the Allies primary the Americans but also the Germans side of the battle This gives the reader a greater understanding of both sides of the Battle and how each decision by either side Liberating Paris finds into each other This includes studies sketches of the top commanders such as Eisenhower and Hitler as well as the lowly soldier The use of the details about commanders allows Caddick Adams to discuss the reasonsor having the Battle at the Bulge as well as a detailed analysis about how the Nazis ie Hitler decide to The Lost Queen (Faerie Path, fight there At times with the endless description it does become slightly dull almost as if everything runs together This is than made up however by the depth of intelligence and obvious love that the author hasor the topic The end of the book details how the Battle not only affected the outcome of the war but also how Hollywood and others have portrayed it The book is well worth reading To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, for those interested in World War II andor the Cold War RecommendedCrossposted at Booklikes I received aree copy of this book To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, from Net Galley in exchangeor an honest review Snow and Steel will be a huge reassessment of Hitler s last great throw of the dice The Battle of the Bulge the battle or the Ardennes 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945 This is an utterly ascinating The Serpent of Venice five weeks whenor a time it looked like Hitler had outflanked the allied armies pushing toward the Rhine and might just throw them back to the Normandy beaches It is also the context Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels, for the catastrophic events at Bastogne depicted so graphically in Band of BrothersWhat a mammoth book around 900 pages of slow and deliberate dissection of the history of this mostamous battle I was nearly put off by the opening section a pre history of the months of preparation and does mention Normandy and Africa is a passing Kiss of Surrender (Deadly Angels, fashion The psychological war that was going on between Germany and the US is covered as well as some of the externalactors that would be important in the coming months While all this was important it was a little heavy and took nearly a uarter of the book The The Weirdstone of Brisingamen following 400 pages contain details of the battle and these sections were byar the best reading or me The amount of research and understand the author has for this subject is astounding The battlefield was described to the reader by both irst hand and this subject is astounding The battlefield was described to the reader by both Rain (Paper Gods, first hand and accounts and makesor Winters Passage (The Iron Fey, fascinating reading Iound it to be one of the best sections of ANY book on WW2 and I have read a The Replacement Wife few that I have come acrossTheinal part of the book is post operations thoughts written by the author including political and cultural impacts at the time of writing and also includes an index and bibliographyIf you are keen on WW2 history books this one is a must read But be warned do not approach it lightlyPaulAR. Is one of those touchstone battles of the second world war written by an author with a Damned (Witch Hunt fast growing world wide reputation Peter Caddick Adams has used primary archival material and personal interviews to write a controversial commercial landmark boo. E of the Bulge is one of the mostamous and oddly named battles in the history of the United States Army When you think of US participation in the European Theater of Operations chances are you are imagining one of two things Omaha Beach or the Bulge So much of the Bulge has achieved iconic status the snow and cold and contrapuntal Yuletide setting the early confusion and retreats marked by small bands of intrepid soldiers banding together in The Bluebird Bet (Welcome to Tall Pines forlorn delaying actions the confusion sown by English speaking German troops dressed as Americans the American general replying Nuts when asked to surrender and Patton s cavalry charge as the climax For all these reasons the Battle of the Bulge has been the subject of countless books documentaries and movies including several episodes of the wildly successful miniseries Band of Brothers The Bulge though has significance beyond its contributions to US military lore The Western Front of the Second World War is often seen as the undercard to the larger clashes between Germany and the Soviet Union But the Bulge which took place mainly in Belgium is one of theew western battles comparable to the Eastern Front in terms of divisions involved and casualties inflicted It provides a certain legitimacy to the efforts of the western Allies whose labors are often deprecated in comparison to those of the USSR The battle also marked the last bloody gasp of Nazi Germany and it ended in utter Hot-Blooded Italians failure chewing up troops that would have better served Germany in the east This was a big complicated engagementilled with countless small unit actions and gilded with all manner of myth To that end Peter Caddick Adam s Snow and Steel is a perfect match It is a big book devoted to making sense of the complexities and piercing the myths and romances with a hard look at the evidence More than that Caddick Adams does it all with infectious exuberance Mlynowski Teen Thriller for his chosen subject Snow and Steel starts with a thorough analysis of German aims and preparations It takes you all the way back to 1940 and the attack through the Ardennes that helped topple France In doing so Caddick Adams discusses the state of German Army in 1944 especially its poor mechanizationuel shortages and reliance on horsepower as in the power of actual horses This kind of armaments analysis is helpful because the common notion perpetuated by mistaken eyewitnesses of the Bulge is that it was all Nazi Tiger IIs versus overmatched US Shermans In discussing the lead up to the Ardennes counteroffensive Caddick Adams also presents a sharp psychological portrait of Hitler as a strategic buffoon His plan was Reggie for hisorces to capture Antwerp despite the unfeasibility of such a task and despite the Switchback fact that there wasn t much of a plan with what to do with the port city if captured Hitler was also tactically bereft refusing any and all tweaks to his overly ambitious plot that might have madeor a successful gambit As Caddick Adams shows Hitler was always a gambler relying on the unfortunate responses of his enemies to cover up Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, for his illogic and stupidity By 1944 his nonsensical decisions wereinally catching up with him Of interest Caddick Adams suggests that the Ardennes counteroffensive may also have been a means of shoring up Hitler s domestic position in response to the July 20th plot to assassinate himAllied shock and surprise in the ace of the German counteroffensive has always been one of the major themes of the surprise in the ace of the German counteroffensive has always been one of the major themes of the of the Bulge After all it was the early successes of always been one of the major themes of the of the Bulge After all it was the early successes of sudden attack which punched a salient into the American ront lines that gives the battle its name At the time the Germans launched their assault against Omar Bradley s 12th Army Group on December 16 1944 many on the allied side thought that the germans the Allied side thought that the Germans spent The Normandy invasion had been successful the Battle or France had been won all that was left it seemed was the mopping up Then seemingly without warning there were panzers plunging through the mist and CaddyGirls fog right into the suishy center of the American lines Caddick Adams engages in a lengthy and reasoned discussion of Allied intelligenceailures Like the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001 there were a lot of warning signs but because various intelligence units did not communicate with each other it was like the blind men and the elephant No one connected all the Assignment fragments into a single picture While Caddick Adams takes Bradley to task he is surprisingly complimentary towards Dwight Eisenhower who he says uickly saw the danger and took actions to turn the German thrust into a potential Cannae complete with a double envelopment The Battle of the Bulge was a wide ranging battle taking place over the course of many weeks Some historians don t mark the endpoint until February 1945 It is thus to Caddick Adams credit that he keeps you oriented to date time and place in order to maintain some semblance of order in a disordered battleThis is not to say that Snow and Steel is a buttoned up book because it s not Actually it is rather shaggy at timesull of trivia Philosophy of Religion filled digressions where one topic suddenly opens a whole host of others For instance in the chapter on the Malmedy Massacre where Peiper s 1st Panzer Division murdered nearly 100 American POWs Caddick Adams takes the opportunity to survey war crimes committed by both the Germans and the Allies Other diversions include the use of methamphetamine by German soldiers the stories of Romans and Barbarians who battled over the same ground and numerous cameos by an all star cast of supporting characters such as actor David Niven and writers Ernest Hemingway and Kurt Vonnegut Caddick Adams propensity to go off topic is a sign of his enthusiasm In a way it seems like he has been waiting his whole life to write this and he peppers the narrative with anecdotesrom. Had outflanked the allied armies pushing toward the Rhine and might just throw them back to the Normandy beaches It is also the context No Respect for the catastrophic events at Bastogne depicted so graphically in Band of Brothers For military historyans this. ,

Peter Caddick Adams has created a compelling read that is a worthy addition to the already extensive number of books devoted to Battle of the BulgeMost books have concentrated on the military action however approximately a third of the book is devoted to the build up the planning the personalities I The Spirituality Revolution found particularly interesting the detail on Hitler s psychological state of mind post the July 1944 attack on his life and also the effects the same attack has on the behaviour of the German Commanders creating a culture ofear of showing any divergence Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) from Hitler s views no matter how illogical those views wereThe remainder of the book covers extensively the military actions and gives overdue prominence to the actions of those units holding the shoulders of the Bulge who are normally overshadowed by the actions at BastogneTheinal chapters cover the later lives of the personalities involved and the extensive literature and Economies and Cultures films produced around the battle where he gives deservedly short shrift to the infamous 1965 Battle of The BulgeilmAs a serving officer of the British Army Caddick Adams has attended many Staff Rides in the area and his descriptions of the battlefield today added a Designing with Web Standards further dimension not normally present in books of this nature I hadn t realised that NATO troops extensively studied this battle to gain insight into how a similar Warsaw Pact invasion would pan outOne key piece of terrain is still a NATO training ground where on exercise the author was surprised to be digging up the cartridge cases and mess tins of a 1944 predecessor who had taken shelter in the same locationHighly recommendedor any student of the Bulge and also the general reader who wishes to understand not only the military aspects but the wider strategic aspects on the 70th anniversary of the battle One of the best books I have read besides the classic A Time Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, for Trumpets The Untold Story of the Battle of the Bulge written by Charles B MacDonald whoought in the Battle of the Bulge This book is very detailed down to the planning the officers both Allied and German officers involved and the type of tanks were used This book also goes into other battles that were Structure Of The Nucleus fought in Europe in 1945 besides the Bulge Comprehensive and engaging account of the Battle of the BulgeArdennes campaign I especially enjoyed theirst 300 or so pages which provides the background build up and the First Anthology first day of the battle Mr Caddick Adams is obviously very knowledgeable on all things Bulge and particularly adept at describing the terrain and making sense of the many moving parts and logistical challengesproblems that plagued both sides That said this is a very detailed account and I must admit I did bog down and run out of gas a bit over the last third of the book Sort of like the German Army apologies I couldn t resist that But overall a very impressive book and interesting read with lots of helpful maps glossary photos etc Mr Caddick Adams has written an excellent look at the German Offensive that became known as the Battle of the Bulge This volume is an outstanding look at both side of the battle how the German s planned and executed it as well as the American reactions to it He covers the intelligenceailures by the various Allied commands and what commands got it right specifically the US 3rd Army and why view spoilerThe main reason or the ailure seemed to be at the higher H s and esp 12th Army Group and SHAEF the G 2s were telling the commanders what they wanted to hear hide spoiler If you Group and SHAEF the G 2s were telling the commanders what they wanted to hear hide spoiler If you to read about the Battle of the Bulge this book should be on your short list I liked that it covered so many aspects of the battle the lead up Hitler s mindset about it the troops on the ground the leadership and the battle s significance Passage Through Crisis for the war and since The writing was good Often long history books like this one 700 pages before you even get to the notes tend to drag a littleor me by the time I ve been reading them Science, Technology and Culture for aew weeks This one didn t The author included things like recollections of his visits to the battlefields and that added to the story I ll give it ive stars good enough that I wouldn t mind reading it again Although let s be honest my to read list is out of control and there are lots of other books on the subject to read before I make It Back To This back to this Maybe in a Black Boy few decades While the book is well written I didn tind it added much to our understanding of the battle The strength of the book is in the unvarnished look this British officer takes at the opposing Nighttime Sweethearts formations highlighting especially the inexperience of the replacements that had been used to recently bring the Germanormations leading the attack up to strength He credits Eisenhower s handling of the battle to his early recognition of it s strength and the ability of the American Army to rapidly react and reinforce His it s strength and the ability of the American Army to rapidly react and reinforce His based on his numerous tours of the battle are considerable but at times they make the accounts seem like Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire fodderor a tour guide If you are unfamiliar with the Ardennes counteroffensive this would be a good place to start Hundreds of shadowy heads were bobbing up and down coming over the crest of the hillThey acted like they were drunk or on drugs They came over the hill screaming and shrieking Their shrill screams went right through my head I was absolutely terrified They had already outflanked our company and now they were coming to Safe in My Arms finish us off In the middle of this terrifying battle I heard a very confident calm voice inside my head say sueeze the trigger I instantly calmed down took careful aim at one of the charging Germansand sueezed the trigger Helung his arms over his head and Presunta colpevole fell downAt this moment I was a veteran combat soldier Henry F Martin Co L 424th Infantry Regiment at the Battle of the Bulge December 16 1944The Battl. Snow and Steel is a huge reassessment of Hitler's last great throw of the dice 'The Battle of the Bulge' the battleor the Ardennes 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945 This was an utterly Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem fascinatingive weeks when or a time it looked like Hitler. Snow and Steel: The Battle of the Bulge, 1944-45