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E between the reporter and the town s visiting dick but my wife who does not have the mind of a 12 year old boy shamed me into removing it Usually she does not see my material until it is on line but had expressed curiosity about the book so got a preview hide spoiler The razor blade on the front cover of the book is what one yearns for right after embarking on this read sharp blade with which to cut every single page one by one until they are so neatly shredded that even the memory of what was written on them becomes non existent And then one can use the same razor to end one s own life I m still unsure what the author was thinking when she began this book unless she had some very deep and very disturbing mental issues to work through This book is dangerous and not because it excites one with a thrilling and suspenseful story It is dangerous because once one reads it one loses any desire to look for another book that may restore one s faith in the existence of good books with an uplifting charge Not only is this book dangerous but it is sick Its underlying sickness is that it s emotionally draining and unless readers are looking to load up on mental baggage I can t think of anyone who doesn t have enough I d stay away from its pain The main character is a female reporter who returns home on an assignment covering the serial murders of two little girls As memories of her painful childhood emerge readers find a lot about her character for example her alcoholic addiction and her obsession to carve words into her own flesh Waves of her unresolved issues wash away further hopes of a challenging literary work as readers are practically dragged into her problems not loved enough by her mother not popular enough in school not motivated enough in her work and are subjected to the anguish of either feeling sorry for her in school not motivated enough in her work and are subjected to the anguish of either feeling sorry for her wanting to end her existence As disturbing details of the two murders resurface readers are introduced to yet two characters as eually unpleasant as the first There is the psychologically unstable almost emotionally poisonous personality of her mother and the pathologically sinister and eually disturbed one of the teenage sister And of course there are the endlessly problematic and mentally crushing details of the small town s endlessly problematic and mentally crushing details of the small town s America Why Would One "America why would one to read this is beyond my understanding This book robs one of smiles of the beauty of life and even of the reason for love It is not only bitter but leaves one with an unpleasant smell of what I d like to call rotten feelings I can t brand the book dull as it did leave me with unwanted thoughts but I can promise you that you ll feel dull once you ve read it I don t recommend it but may compare the feelings I have for it to what Chuck Palahniuk s Choke birthed in me Last week I read the fuck out of Gillian Flynn s catalog Three novels in eight days while my wife and ids were out of town and a sweltering late July marooned me in one of the house s two air conditioned rooms So although this review is primarily for Sharp Objects my favorite of Flynn s trio let me go on record with Gone Girl four stars go read another of the zillion of reviews and Dark Places three stars maybe too many narratives perspectives and too willing to wallow in the muck as well but I m not writing reviews for those two Sharp Objects to me stands out as Flynn s best so far The narrator and the storyline don t dance with each other in a seamless synchronized manner family history and unwritten community norms mosh pit it up until the collective response to the murders reminded me of that Soundgarden video where all the faces go funhouse mirror y This narrator isn t a shining heroine She s very human supremely fucked up trying to make sense and move forward Maybe that s what makes Sharp Objects so interesting Highly recommended Sharp Objects is the Out of This World kind of book one could characterize as a summer read This is the rare novel that both devoted and casual yes that sound you hear is me turning up my nose readers will appreciate as long as they can handle the psychological darkness Good for any season not just a summer read even My nose just turned up a little higher I better stop now before I m looking at the ceilingBy the way if I haven t said so yet Gillian Flynn isnee weakening cut. Strongly Dogged by her own demons she must unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past if she wants to get the story and survive this homecoming Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 10 0307341550 ISBN 13 9780307341556. Disturbing story Disturbing characters This book will make you feel uncomfortable that s what Gillian Flynn does bestI m not sure I loved it but it s definitely the best written thriller I ve read so far this year still only getting 35 stars thoughI did suspect the right people but the twists were still well disturbing 345 Stars The face you give the world tells the world how to treat you Wow well this was disturbing And sick and twisted and depraved and degenerate Possibly incest I liked it But didn t love it Prior to reading this book I had watched the mini series from HBO And then naturally I bought the book and didn t read it until now Yes the series came out 2 years ago and I m reading the book in 2020 shut up But let s talk about itCamille was a very interesting protagonist to read about She has a very dark past a disturbed family history of violence abuse and self harm and now after years of not being back to her hometown and having being saved so to speak she ends up back in the rabbit hole Which brings back many bad memories awkward meetings with old classmates gossip and most importantly a reunion with her toxic mother I didn t like Camille as a person She was very unlikable and snobbish to me But I liked reading about her and delving into her psyche Finally a good unlikable characters bookThe storyline was pretty basic two little girls are illed in a small town reporter has to go there and write an article about it but in this case the reporter is from the town This fucking town man Is this how people are like in small towns in America Like honestly 13 years olds

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like 18 years olds the fuck was that about They could just up the ages a tiny bit 15 would have been realistic Looking like that and acting like that at 13 does not happen often Maybe they could have done this with Amma only which yes was the most popular and mean girl in school blah blah blah but the other girls don t really fall much behind They are in middle school for God s sake No Couldn t buy it Tell me please if 13 year olds in America act like this I truly want to nowThe mystery was thrilling but at times it fell flat There are moments were the plot was backtracking I could say I can t really explain it but I guess I could say some things felt very repetitive sometimes Conversations and characters mostly Also thoughts in Camille s mind and the way she expressed them Maybe this book could be smaller and it would be impactful and fast pacedOne of my biggest problems with this book was the ending and the twist The revelation was written in such a weird way that I literally had to go back to my audiobook and book yes I listen to audiobooks at 23 while reading the book too to read faster trust me it works especially if you re bilingual to understand what the fuck just happened Luckily I didn t remember the twist from the mini series and when I remembered it I got that OH SHIT HOW DID I FORGET THIS but the presentation could have been better It was a good plot twist buried by the writing and presentationTo sum up this was a good but not great mystery thriller for me If you enjoy mystery thrillers that depend mostly on abusive relationships and character studies you will like this a lot If you want good world building and a nice plot twist you won t like it extremely much And before I go FUCK THE MOTHER K bye Little buddy read with Her Majesty La Lionne and Jerry on January 31st DThis is my third Gillian Flynn book after Gone Girl and Dark Places The first one blew my mind the second one freaked me out a little and this one really scared me Sure after reading 5% of it I was like a creepy story with the potential of giving me special nightmares but by 90% I was likeWTF did I just readAll the characters were disturbing especially even the children Allow me to start with Camille She s a reporter a writer She s practically obsessed with words even if they are scribbled on her skinand not necessarily with a pen OR MARKER IF YOU GET MY DRIFT YOU SEE marker if you get my drift You see used to be a view spoilercutter hide spoiler The face you give the world tells the world how to treat you There is something deeply unhealthy about this book It s in the characters in the story in the relationships in the sex and just in the general mood of the novel Reading this made. Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital reporter Camille Preaker faces a troubling assignment she must return to her tiny hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls For years Camille has hardly spoken to her neurotic hypochondriac. ,

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Me feel a little unwell both physically and mentally but I am glad I did If you The Child of the Soul and Other Stories know me you llnow I love complex characters with issues that feel raw and real rather than melodramatic The people in this novel are majorly fucked up no one is without a dark past and everyone it seems has a horror storyThe protagonist Camille Preaker was just thirteen when her sister died and fuelled by grief amongst other things Camille spent her teen years carving words into her flesh covering almost every inch of her body with the marks of her pain Ten years later Camille Preaker is now a journalist who returns to the small town of her youth to report on the murders of two young girls girls who had had all of their teeth removedCamille is soon caught up in the town once again she tries to get along with the mother who never loved her and establish a relationship with the troublesome half sister she hardly Childrens Phantasies knows It seems that once again small towns hold the biggest secrets and Camille finds herself getting dragged deeper and deeper into the investigation her fragile state of mind constantly threatening to tip her over the edgeThis is one mean and nasty book Inew I was getting a dark psychological thriller but I expected something on par with In The Woods I new I was getting a dark psychological thriller but I expected something on par with In The Woods Tana French Um not exactly Flynn never shies away from the horrific details You re not going to find anything pleasant in this story sex for example is always something complex it s an escape or a bargain or a catharsis Everything else is similarFlynn does a fantastic job of challenging the notion that women are weak innocent damsels in distress In a world where women are victims both in their media representation and in statistics this is a very interesting look at other inds of women It s programmed into us to believe that women are safer inder built with an instinct that makes it difficult for them to be cruel and cause pain without reason Maybe we were always wrongLast updated April 2016Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store Update 102018Doesn t seem that edgy 8 years later We are not lacking in female anti heroes now The novel and the show complement each other rather well Liked the neater ending of the book though but the show is a visual feast Interesting how the show creators chickened out and made Amma older to not offend our sensibilities Amy Adams 25 Stars Unfortunately I did not love this book and it is probably my least favorite and it is probably my least favorite Gillian Flynn s work As this was her debut I m happy to say I feel her later works show great improvement and a lot of strengthCW self harm sexualization of children murder child abuse I don t normally put content warnings under spoilers but this warning is so integral to the ending AND it s so specific that I don t want people attacking me for spoiling the book view spoilerMunchausen By Proxy hide spoiler sweet jesus Camille Preaker is a young Chicago reporter with a troubled past When a second young girl goes missing in her home town Wind Gap MO Camille s fatherly boss sends her down to get the inside scoop Who says you can t go home again Well maybe you can but would you really want to There is a reason she is in Chicago instead of Podunk MO and the danger for Camille lies as much with her delicate psychological state a product of her childhood as it might with a psycho iller on the loose u est ce ue c est Wind Gap is home to an array of characters left over from GCB Yes I now it was published before the show Stepford and Village of the Damned and mix in a bit of Mommie Dearest and Cruella de Vil Sounds like fun no Sorry to disappoint but not so much Gillian Flynn Image from Orion BooksLess than a year ago a young girl was found dead floating in a stream strangled with her teeth removed Now a second girl about the same age has gone missing and folks are fearing the worst Well duh uh Ere long the body is found wedged in a foot wide space between two buildings sans pearly whites The game is afootCamille has to cope with an uncooperative local Sheriff and then try to get some any information from the very cute Kansas City detective who had been brought in to help out Camille is presented as a dish and there is definite sexual tension between the reporter and the town s visiting investigator view spoilerOk I really first wrot. Mother or to the half sister she barely nows a beautiful thirteen year old with an eerie grip on the town Now installed in her old bedroom in her family's Victorian mansion Camille finds herself identifying with the young victims a bit too. Sharp Objects