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Didn t love herNathan on the "OTHER HAND I LOVED FROM THE "hand I loved from the He was so sweet and wonderful and I totally adored him Once he realized that the lies he believed all those years ago were in fact lies he was determined to win Amethyst over I thought he was perfectThe romance was okay Even with Amethyst s reluctance the motions from all those years ago were still there and they just grew strong as they got to know One Con Glory each other again which I thought was sweet And the heat factor was off the charts We re talking about years of unfulfilled lust It was super hot when it finally happened I thought they were lovely togetherThe plot was okay I wasn t really into the first half of the book because that was when Amethyst was at her most stubborn But something Nathan kept me reading and during the second half I began to reallynjoy the book I Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows ended upnjoying the story and I thought the The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) ending was lovelyPortrait of Scandal was a lovely historical romance I had my issues with it but I stillnjoyed it and I nded up liking it It was a wonderful story of a second chance at true love Lovers of romance I don t know that I would outright recommend this book chance at true love Lovers of romance I don t know that I would outright recommend this book it definitely is worth checking out I received a free copy from the publisher in xchange for an honest review Once in awhile I A Fairly Honourable Defeat enjoyed some plain brain candy Portrait of a Scandal was pretty much candy from start to finish Predicablenough it was the reunited sweethearts theme that drew me to this book to begin with Once madly in love with the other Lord Nathan Harcourt broke it off when a rumor reaches his ars that Amethyst Dalby is not all she appears to be From that sudden drop Amethyst pain and hurt becomes full blown man hate which was nurtured by her wealthy aunt who passed verything to her upon her death Amethyst on a trip to Paris is surprised to run into Nathan who is making Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue ends meet with his art When they meet again old feelings rise and perhaps it s time to put old ghosts to restuntil truth and love catch up to the couple Injoyed the development of The Man Without a Face each character as they both turned out okay Enough draw to keep me reading anyhow Amethyst was a complete shrew at times her hate of men and Nathan was really always in front for most of the major part of the story And while love conuerors all it was Amethyst who had to humble herself to see what her hat has done to close her off toverything lse life has to offer Nathan was alright he did surprise me a time or two with being so upfront with his faults and for believing the worse without proof and not going to the person and asking upfront On the other hand he knew what he was doing deep down and only truly wanted to gain his father s approval dumping Amethyst and broking "her heart and trust in the progress To marry the woman "heart and trust in the progress To marry the woman father choose I think I would have njoyed Nathan s character if he get off the guilt trip when he s shown in bright lights that it was all a lie It s understandable to feel guilt but it would have made him appear stronger if he try to Gone (Gone, earn forgiveness instead of trying to make up for the wrong he s done and pretty much have sex with Amethyst often instead of showing of his caring side it only proved he was good in bed and a rake He did seem to be on the right track until a sudden last second misunderstanding ruined it for me This was what truly knocked the rating down another star but it showed who grew the most in the book The booknded up being an okay read While you knew what track the book was going there s always room for a nice time waster and some brain candy on an sunny afternoon ARC courtesy of Netgalle. Gentleman has been brought low by scandal and he is determined to show Amethyst that life is much fun if you walk on the dark side A beautiful poignant sensual story RT Book Reviews on A Countess by Christma.

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My blog review of Portrait of a Scandal Slow beginning great middle but the tacked on conflict at the Threads Of The Shroud end was disappointing Loved the Paris setting the heroine with a head for business and that the hero was a lowly fourth son I think Portrait of a Scandal may have been my first Harleuin Historical and I very muchnjoyed it I selected this book because it takes place in Paris and it selected this book because it takes place in Paris and it about an artist Amethyst travels to Paris to make some business connections She s a wealthy independent single businesswoman thanks to an aunt who trained her then left her business to her Amethyst was a disappointment to her family because she didn t marry well She fell in love with a man who rejected her and then lost interest in the debutant scene So her aunt took her in showed her that she could do just fine without a manBut while she s in Paris she runs into the man who broke her heart He s sitting in a restaurant drawing portraits for the customers She assumes he s living in poverty and he thinks she s a kept woman This is just the beginning of some of their misunderstandings past and "present The attraction is still there But they re both angry and out for revenge And "The attraction is still there But they re both angry and out for revenge And attempts to get back at All Seated on the Ground each other makes for a veryntertaining romantic sexy story I liked this book a lot I Untitled. especially liked that the heroine was so smart and independent She was in complete control of her life She didn t need a man but realized it was okay to want one Will definitely be looking to read by this author and Harleuin Historicals I received a copy of this book via NetGalley If the length of the book was cut off in half it would benjoyable "As Half Of The Book Amethyst Was Only Berating Herself "half of the book Amethyst was only berating herself her past and fed her curiosity towards Nathan blaming her parents and aunt for making her the woman herself now It is tiring I was hoping that we could be Wiring enlightened about the details of the past or about the This one provided by the publisher through netgalley was a complete surprise to me I m not a huge fan of the lovers from the past who get back together trope I always find it a bit uninspiring and a bit too angsty Why don t they just walk away and get on with their lives for heaven s sake So really for this trope to work for me it s got to have somethinglse going for it uite franklyThis one had two fabulous characters combined with lovely writing which made me almost forget that it was one of my least favorite tropesThe hero and heroine are probably too of the least perfect characters you could think of They are both selfish proud vengeful and hot tempered And they stay that way No no impossibly perfect character developments here They change just Against All Odds enough to accommodateach other but the heroine is still horribly prickly and the hero too Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage easy to give up To me they represent a really credible pair of people and I loved it It did make me uestion why romances always have torr on the side of perfect characters Really why should difficult people not find love and happinessSo a wonderful surprise 4 stars I really liked it Burrows newest a tale of lovers meeting again a decade after their scandalous affair hits the right notes RT Book Reviews This review also appears on Reading with AnalysisAfter I read this book I just didn t know what to say about it I loved the first half it had all these fantastic lements including a wealthy businesswoman heroine who is in control of her own life and a disapproving Frenchman and a comedy of rrors plot but it felt as though the second half abruptly returned to typical historical romance novel form There were uite a few things that I HE HAS TAKEN HER TO HEAVEN HELL AND BACK AGAIN Her heart and hope long since shattered Amethyst Dalby is content with her life as an independent woman With wealth of her own and no one to answer to she is free. .
Iked about the book particularly that the heroine sort of recovers from a difficult family situation and achieves a sort o Amethyst Dalby and Nathan Harcourt had met and fallen in love 10 years previously Through a series of misunderstandings and some deliberate meddling on the part of Nathan s Father they had parted acrimoniously Their lives in the ten years following had not been happy Against All Odds each blaming the other for their misfortunes As a result they had both becomembittered particularly Amethyst who had turned into a prickly shrewish man hating womanI Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism enjoy Annie Burrows beautifully written romantic novels but to start with I wasn t sure this one was for me Once Amethyst reached Paris however where she had travelled tonlarge her business Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils empire Ms Burrows witty and humorous prose shone through and I couldn t put this novel downMs Burrowsither knows Paris Payment Due extensively or researched it thoroughly for she certainly took me there Her story flew from then on and the first meeting after 10 years between Amethyst and Nathanby now an apparently impoverished artistwaslectric and I was hooked Under the auspice of Nathan painting Amethyst s portrait they mbarked on a passionate affair Nathan s realisation of past mistakes and the crumbling of his bitterness without giving a big part of the story away was captivating and sensitively writtenI did sometimes get a bit frustrated with Amethyst s feistiness as Nathan really was a sweetie and didn t always deserve Amethyst s sharp tongue Although I knew that ultimately Ms Burrows would find a way for them to be together I sometimes wondered how she would achieve thisIntrigued and interested as to how the author had crafted their happy nding and how all would be resolved I kept reading avidly and was not disappointed The rekindled love and passion for ach other was obvious although Amethyst s fear of being hurt again did threaten their merging happiness on a few occasionsI award 4 stars the dropping of the 5th star mainly due to the slow start a less well loved author and I would have put it down after the first chapter but as it was Annie Burrows I kept reading and was pleased I did A lovely read A lovely historical romance Portrait of Scandal was an The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, enjoyable read I had my issues with it but I still liked itAmethyst and Nathan were sweethearts years ago and they had intended to get married Until Nathan s father decided that he didn t approve of the marriage and crafted a series of lies sent through the perfect vessel one of Nathans closest and most trusted friends to ruin the relationship Nathan believed them left Amethyst andnded up marrying someone lse Amethyst was left alone and bitter and stayed by herself She took over her aunt s business where her also scorned aunt fostered her
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of Nathan and in general Eventually they meet again in Paris and all the secrets motions and lies come flooding back And so the drama beganAmethyst was an okay heroine She was independent and strong But she was my main issue with the book I understood where her bitterness came from but she let it turn her into a downright mean person She was shrewish and unfair determined to see bad in Tropical Bioproductivity every manven the ones that were good people She let it take over Her Life And It Really Annoyed Me Especially When She life and it really annoyed me Especially when she her bitterness blind her and almost lose her last chance at true happiness Over the course of the book she softened and realized what she had let herself become She was able to turn herself around and become a nicer person But it was too late to save the book ntirely I was okay with her character but To live as she pleases Until a trip to Paris throws her into contact with the one man who still has a hold over her the bitter but still devastatingly sensual Nathan Harcourt Living as an artist this highborn. Portrait of a Scandal