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Afford it he goes off to Thailand or a spot of sex tourism As he wistfully tells us Thai prostitutes are the best in the WORLD I RECENTLY READ THE SAME I recently read the same tourism As he wistfully tells us Thai prostitutes are the best in the world I recently read the same thing another French novel and or all I know it s true We get to see a couple of Michel s encounters with Thai massage girls these scenes were nicely done and came across as c Julian Barnes informs us that Mario Vargas Llosa once described Houellebec s Platform as insolent He meant it as a praise and I totally agree There s nothing optimistic here No silver lining in reality s dense smog but no degradation either Only raw misery and a smog but no degradation either Only raw misery and a pace through modern age s thick shit Platform is a good example of Steps Through the Mist formollowing The Missing Brides (Missing, function We watch everything through the eyes of a 40 year old man who seems to be alienatedrom everything and everyone Can t stand the masturbatory writing of Houellebec Can t stand it An 18 rated review of an 18 rated book If you don t want to read about the gory details of Jan, Jans en de kinderen 11 fleshy entangulations and of bodilyluid by the bucketful then you need to steer well clear of M Houellebec He s all about that The sex is like the worst kind of bad cartoon porn and we can t possibly be meant to take it seriously I don t really know what it s doing in here He s trying to make a serious or black comedy ironic point about the state of Dudo of St Quentin first worldthird world relationships and how everyone could be made happier if we only just lightened up about sex tourism And he scuppers his own novel because he includes this stuff Michel that s the protagonist yes same name as the novelist and his brilliant girlfriend Valerie are out on the town in Paris Now read on It was a Saturday night the place was uiteull We met a really nice black couple s Senryu ReviewWhen sex tourism meets Islamic terrorisma white man is sad Graphic sex Racism Misogyny Sex tourism Are you offended yetI don t think I can say anything about the misogyny that hasn t already been said Yes it s misogynistic Boringly predictably so We get it women are stupid worthless whores Is it wrong of me to wish Drittes Reich und Zweiter Weltkrieg for a little innovation in my morning dose of bigotryBut look at Val rie some say Val rie is perfect which is a problem in itself She has it all youth outstanding looks superior skills in bed a lot of money a very successful self made career which she s than happy to abandon in order to live in a third world sex tourism resort sucking some middle aged boring loser s cock and sexually exploiting the locals with himor all eternity But wait view spoilerShe dies in an Islamic terrorist attack hide spoiler i m really into this guy right now he seems to hate everything which i can appreciate this had a surprising tenderness to it in comparison to The Elementary Particles even though there s plenty of bitter social critiue what i like most is Houellebec s realization that the we in the West are like the declining Roman Empire he s able to articulate this thesis through his characters but as well as through interjections on social theorythis book is not without Locas flaws in particular its strange pehaps simply lazy changing of narrative perspective but the central themes are uniuely provocative and not in a leftist or right wing way Houellebec belongs to no party except the Misanthrope Party which is why he s been able to enrage all elements of the political spectrum myeeling is when you re able to do that you re doing something right. Consuming nor dangerous of passions From a suburbanized West crippled by hate crime to an East subsumed by materialism Michel Houellebec explores with characteristic provocativeness but also with surprising tenderness the emotions that seem most resilient to any influence love and hate Platform is as Anita Brookner has written a brilliant novel casting a prescient eye on the abuses and ineualities that lead to wider troubl. .
Have commented on the poor uality of the English translation That might be the case but I still can t see how a better translation will salvage the novel Smoking Lovely from the aforementioned criticismsOctober 18 This book is aascinating
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Houellebec attacks day capitalism and the atomization of society dissects the tourism industry ponders Islamic terrorism oh yes and there s uite a lot of pornographic writing in this text Our protagonist is Michel yup like the author a guy in his early orties who works or the French Ministry of Culture where he mostly does calculations and sometimes gets confronted with ridiculous artistic projects My third Houellebec novel and it sits right smack bang in between the other two with it s dick hanging out The Elementary Particles or Atomised as I knew it then I really liked It was rude and crude yes but the story had me hooked and it very well written whereas Lanzarote I really didn t like It was cheap and tacky and lazy and Forbidden Mate (Holland Brothers, featured a narrator I wanted to kick in the balls and push into a live volcano Regardless what people mostly women make of him and his themes there is no doubt he can write a decent novel or at least when it suits him I get the impression had I gobbled up all his novels it would be a case of only liking some of them It s widely been said he is theirst French novelist since Camus to Often Go Awry find a biggerollowing outside of France Maybe But I can "certainly think of a ew countries that he wouldn t get such a warm welcome namely the Muslim ones You "think of a ew countries that he wouldn t get such a warm welcome namely the Muslim ones You DIRTY - 47 verruchte TABU Erotik Geschichten from page one with the wordsat cock and cunt just what sort of book it s going to be He likes profanity so Im Squirrely! (The Nut Family, for those easily offended he isn t the writeror youWhile in Thailand Michel the narrator alls in love with Val rie an employee of the tour company which is in business difficulties Back in Paris they embark on a steamy love affair With the narrative sometimes in the doldrums the sex becomes soggy various and rantic Michel persuades Val rie and her boss to convert the company s hotels in Thailand and the Caribbean to sex tourism The new package holidays are a success with the Germans a stupid race apparently notoriously without culture The story somehow works albeit in a preposterous way as we are not really in the How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America face of reality Houellebec is at pains to exclude any sentiment unless it is banal ignorant and touristic and unfortunately he becomes hopelessly distracted by his incontinent love of sexual descriptionMichel is prone tolashes of pointless rage but his biggest characteristic is a Wicked City (Wicked City, fear of MuslimsPlatformor some will seem nothing than a degrading lewd anti liberal anti semitic novel but there were other aspects to story like loneliness and The Celestial Selenite Scry (The Moon God Trilogy, frustration that just about kept me interested Plateforme contains a remarkable amount of sex and is inordinately depressing but it s well written engaging and uite oftenunny Houellebec evidently believes that he s watching the last days of Western civilization if not of humanity as a whole and he s interested in exploring what went wrong He thinks that it s something very MUCH TO DO WITH HOW WE EXPERIENCE SEX AND to do with how we experience sex and the desire or sex acts on us So here we have dull inert 40 ish Michel who hates his job has no partner or other meaningful relationship and in act no interests at all in life The only thing that he actually enjoys is patronizing the occasional prostitute When he s able to. Fair that strays into SM public sex and partner swapping even as they devise a scheme to save Valérie's ailing travel company by capitalizing on the only trade Michel has seen Americas sewing book flourish in the Third World Before long he uits his job and their business modelor 'sex tourism' is gradually implemented But when they return to Thailand where Michel's philosophy will be put into practice he discovers that sex is neither the most. He s not stupid but I don t like him He goes out of his way to shock people to make himself unpleasantI enjoy a juicy controversy I support writers who show courage to take on controversial ideas and contentious issues and put them to a test of literature to examine its ins and outs with an honesty and skill reuired of an artist without a care or what the easily offended might say eg I m incensed when some self righteous people denounce Lolita solely The Workshop for the nature of its topicNow that out of the way it seems that Michel Houellebec modus operandi is to think up cardboard characters largely indistinguishablerom one another and have them utter the most outrageous things to trigger as many people as possible and see how much of a stir he can make and while he s at it spice it up with a repetition of crass tasteless pornographic sex scenes to lure those readers who d Otherwise Might Not Have An Interest In Reading His Books might not have an interest in reading his books outrageous things amid the orgasmic din of double penetration books outrageous things amid the orgasmic din of double penetration lood of semenic spurts And let s repeat that again or the next 50 pagesIn a nutshell it is a brutal satire of the West a bitter social critiue which often than not turns into crude and toneless social commentary of the continent s self image and its institutions The underlying premise is interesting the West is on the path to irreversible decline society and culture are on the edge if haven t already become a caricature of themselves social breakdown has led to the loss of love and intimacy and the people have lost the most precious thing in life true sexual ulfillment and the honesty to seek it These are Insectissimo! fascinating parameters and no doubt would ruffle manyeathers The game s onI was sufficiently engaged Fields of Fire (Frontlines, for one third of the novel when the protagonist and his group had been travelling in Thailand Iound their reactions to the new experience of Asia their preconceived notions about culture and people being subjected to satire So Redeemed (The MacKays far sounny but he lost me soon and it became an ordeal to read through the rest of the storyI might be guilty of over interpreting if I entertain the view that the writer might have created his namesake protagonist as an inelegant unpleasant alienated dead aced mirthless interesting in nothing whatever but passably handsome and sex obsessed middle aged French male of middling career as a symbol of the decaying West itself out there to ind sexual spiritual nirvana by exoticising the nimble undemanding submissive uncomplaining bodies of Asian prostitutes It is again the exotic East where the West The Wedding (Lux, finds its own self If that is so it makes a lot of sense why he and his lover Valerie are the way they are But this still doesn t solve the problem of himailing to get things off the ground The dry plotless American Blues flat stretches of text bereft of colour sudden and unjustifiable shifts of perspective and locations and an oversupply of porn makes it a cumbersome read So much so that when I turned over the last page the whole experience of reading it compared with having been come at in theaceI don t even need to touch on the so called controversies he so loves to start up There is little of the intelligent treatment of any ideas and views his characters have Whether it s naked misogyny borderline racism and bigotry nouveau Orientalism thinly disguised Islamophobia everything is thrown in into the mix uncooked Some who have read it in French. Michel Renault is a human void Following the death of the ather he barely knew he endures his civil service job while eking out an existence of prepackaged pleasure hollow riendships TV dinners and pornography On a group holiday in Thailand however he meets the shyly compelling Valérie who soon pursues an agenda that Michel himself could never have thought possible his own humanizationBack in Paris they plunge into an af.