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35 starsI was really enjoying this one but I thought it petered out in the last third I think I would have preferred focus on the sisters lives and less about the whole family tree thing The characters were at interesting points in the lives and the mystery of how they were related wasn t all that important to me I did like this one enough though to check out other books by the authorSerenity Alston submitted her DNA to one of those ancestry sites and to her astonishment she found out she has two half sisters she never Knew About She Isn about She isn uite ready to ask her parents about the details but she is ready to meet Reagan and Lorelei her half sisters She invites them to spend a week at her family s Lake Tahoe home Each woman is at a crossroads in *her life and it will be interesting to *life and it will be interesting to if digging into the past and uncovering the truth about their family tree will bring them together or tear them apartI did like the three female characters and thought It would be great if there was to the story You cannot help but love these characters I ve been struggling to read this book for days This is the second Novak book for me and I ust can t read her work Serenity Alston is a true crime writer and also manages a blog She decides to submit her DNA to an ancestry site so she can write authentically about the process in her next feature However she got much than she anticipated when she discovered two half sisters It s a complete mystery to her as she had no reason to believe she was adopted or that her father had strayed Reagan Sands is a high powered marketing executive working in New York and is aware that she was adopted but has no idea of the identity of her biological parents Lorelei Cipriano is married with a 5 year old daughter living in Orlando She has no knowledge of her ancestry as she was found abandoned when she was 2 years old The three women connect online and after a time decide to meet and spend a week together at Serenity s family s cabin in Lake Tahoe I was drawn immediately to this story having had a similar experience when I oined Ancestrycom a little over a year ago My outcome has been a happy one but they don t always have good or satisfactory endings and can unleash long held family secrets that were intended to stay that way This story was particularly interesting as all three women were at important unctures in their lives I won t detail them here as I enjoyed finding that out on my own and think that s preferable for most readers I liked all three women and they were definitely flawed but had hidden strengths It was admirable how they made the effort to get to know one another and form some kind of familial bond as they also worked "To Determine Their Paternity There Were Lots Of False Starts "determine their paternity There were lots of false starts wrong paths taken but what I enjoyed the most were how they tackled individual challenges they were facing in their personal lives that served to help create and deepen their bond as sisters These are three very different women who decided to commit in essence to being in relationship with strangers The timing of their discovery of one another felt serendipitous to some degree but because of my own experience it felt realistic I also liked the narrator who found subtle ways to distinguish the voices of each sister Her pacing was on target and she managed the storytelling very well There s a definitive end here but I would be pleased if there was further exploration of their stories as this was a really good entertaining reading experience Posted on Blue Mood Caf Thanks to Harleuin Audio for my complimentary copy All opinions are my own One Perfect Summer by Brenda NovakChick lit Sisters who found each other by DNA two that didn t know they were adopted. From New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak comes a novel about finding family in unexpected places and the lifelong bonds that don't need a lifetime to forgeWhen Serenity Alston swabbed her cheek for 23andMe she oked about uncovering some dark ancestral scandal The last thing she expected was to discover two half sisters she didn't know existed Suddenly every.

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They spend the summer together learning and sharing their lives and loves Emotional and moving the three sisters get to know each other while going through huge changes They are able to connect and support each other and become true family It s a enchanting story of family love and support An easy and engaging readI would have liked a bit at the endI m glad it wasn t a tear erker 3 Stars One Perfect Summer by Brenda Novak Is A 2020 Mira Publication Novak is a 2020 Mira publication good sudsy summer beach read Serenity made a shocking discovery after submitting her DNA to 23AndMe She has two half sisters she didn t know about Unsure of how they came to be related Serenity invites her sisters to visit her in Lake Tahoe where her family owns a cabin Enter Reagan who works at an advertising firm and Lorelei a stay at home mom All three women are at a crossroads in their lives which is centered around their poor choices in men Things get off to a bumpy start when Reagan and Lorelei clash Why Well it would seem Reagan is riddled with guilt over a heated sexual encounter with her married colleague while Lorelei has ust discovered her husband has been unfaithful Awkward However it doesn t take long before the familial bonds of sisterhood "take hold as the three women work to uncover the secrets that will reveal their true "hold as the three women work to uncover the secrets that will reveal their true I am finally coming out of my exclusive crime fiction phase and am ready to get into some summer reading The Beach Read label is different for everyone but for me it s contemporary fiction or what we once referred to as women s fiction I love losing myself in the lives of others especially when focused on women as they navigate their family issues marriages divorce kids friendships and the various challenges and trials of life This book was the perfect book to kick off my summer of beach reading I was instantly drawn into the catty drama between Reagan and Lorelei but was soon feeling drawn towards Serenity as she seemed to have the most to lose by learning the truth and her backstory was truly awful which made me hope her story would be the most rewarding Of the three women Lorelei s story is the saddest yet her character grew than anyone else s in my opinion She was a little annoying at times but I was happy to see her gain confidence and realize her self worth I d love to see Reagan and Lorelei get a story of their own someday but for now I was very pleased with the progress each woman made not ust in their individual lives but as sisters At last they will know the entire truth about their parentage and will now have one another to lean on through life s ups and downs The only minor uibble I had was that mystery into the DNA match was often placed in the background entirely forgotten at times and the side story involving a neighbor visiting for the summer ust kind of fizzled out Other than that the ending was exceptionally well done and so that I don t give anything away I ll ust say it was very satisfying Certain revelations were especially poignant for one of the sisters and I was so happy that she finally got the peace she deserved Overall another winner for Brenda Novak This is immersive drama at its finest4 stars One Perfect Summer by Brenda Novak is a contemporary novel that was not only infused with a bit of romance which one would expect but also a bit of mystery as to how the characters came to be related The story changes the point of view among the main characters to tell their stories all throughout the readSerenity Alston is a writer who has been going through a bit of a slump since she had learned of her husband s guilt in a crime and he had gone to ail Trying to get back into her work and on with her life she had sent her DNA off to a testing site on. Thing about her loving family is drawn into uestion And meeting these newfound sisters might be the only way to get answersSerenity has always found solace at her family's Lake Tahoe cabin so what better place for the three women to dig into the mystery that has shaken the foundation each of them was raised on With Reagan navigating romantic politics at her New York Ci. One Perfect SummerA whim to see how the process worked for a possible novel and much to her astonishment she learned she had half sisters out in the worldComing from a wealthy and loving family Serenity had clue what to think of her results so she invited Lorelei and Reagan to her family s cabin to think of her results so she invited Lorelei and Reagan to her family s cabin Lake Tahoe in order for all three to get answers Just as with Serenity and her problems with her husband Lorelei and Reagan each have their own issues they bring in with them so the three sisters decide to spend the summer together looking to unravel the mystery of their relationship with each other and their livesBrenda Novak is another author that I have come to rely on enjoying when I pick up another new read from her I know with over at least fifty books on the market that she is one well established author that I can count on wonderful writing and a fun story and One Perfect Summer was no exception I found the family ties angle uite fascinating and enjoyed getting to know each of the ladies and their widely different personalities and lives Definitely recommend checking this one outI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit Imagine swabbing your cheek for 23andme and discovering that you have two half sisters that you never knew existed That is what happened to Serenity when she took a DNA test for research for book she was writing One sister had grown up in foster care one was the only daughter of a single mother and Serenity was part of an intact family with both parents and siblings The sisters aren t sure how they fit together but decide to spend a few weeks together getting to know one another hoping that during that time they "will also discover something in their past that they have in common Little did the sisters know that "also discover something in their past that they have in common Little did the sisters know that weeks would turn into a summer that would change their lives forever I ve never read a book by Brenda Novak and the pace and style took time for me to get used to I wasn t sure if it was meant to be chick lit or light romance or exactly which genre I was reading until finally I stopped worrying about it and ust enjoyed the story The sisters were similar enough despite their upbringing to become good friends and an encouragement to one another through a very difficult series of revelations There were hints of romance throughout which kept the story interesting and light There also was the underlying mystery of how the three girls had the same father by such totally different mothers There were times I felt the book had some believability issues such as a hospital sending home an amputee without follow up rehab therapy or the ability to use cutlery in his good hand but despite these moments the over arcing storyline was enjoyable and would make for a nice summer read One Perfect Summer was my first read by Brenda Novak and am so glad I read a book by herI absolutely loved the dynamic duo of the half sisters of Lorelei Reagan and Serenity Each of these women are dealing with life challenges and trying to respect the new found relationships they have as sisters I thought the relationships between the sisters were beautiful and the acceptancelove of understanding and acceptance through the secrets behind them all being half sistersI do have to say that last bit of the book was packed with information that was a bit of an overload I think maybe if the author would have spread this out and didn t give so much at the end the story could have flowed a little betterOverall I enjoyed this one and can definitely see why Novak has so many fans I definitely will be reading from this author4 starsThank you so much to Netgalley and HarleuinMira for the arc in exchange for an honest reviewPub day 4720Published to GR 2220. Ty advertising firm and Lorelei staring down the collapse of her marriage all three women are converging at a crossroads in their lives Before the summer is over they'll have to confront the paths they walked to get there and determine how to move forward when everything they previously thought to be true was a lieBut any future is easier to face with family by your si.