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I ve been hearing about this book for years from Various Folks Who Said They Really Enjoyed It So When folks who said they really enjoyed it So when popped up in my audiobooks read by the same narrator who performed the Iron Druid chronicles I figured I d ive it a tryIt s fun Which might seem like I m damming it with faint praise But personally I don t often read books that take a fairly silly premise and just charge ahead being kinda silly with itIt s nice lighthearted funny and easy to listen to Plus the author has a nice turn of phrase that actually made me chuckle Out Loud A Couple Of TimesPerfect If loud a couple of timesPerfect if re looking for some fun popcorn reading Fair warning You might want to avoid this if you have a problem with plot holes Or if you have a tendency to say But they could have solved all of these problems if they just XXX And then Bringing the Empire Home get irretrievably irritated By XXX here what I mean if you d fill in some solution to a problem Like calling the police Or using the Timeturner to do something useful like stop Voldemort or save someone s life I don t mean XXX like you think all problems should be solved with like porno 45 stars rounded up due to its creativity A delightfully charming story that is a uniue blend of science fiction and fantasy Off to Be the Wizard will satisfyeeks who secretly or not so secretly wish they can be a wizard I personally found the novel brilliant in its simplicity and originality The story is about a modern day computer eek Martin Banks who came across a discovery that changed his life forever that life on earth is a computer programme that allows anyone with access to the file to alter almost any aspect of reality by simply modifying said file So what does a dorkish dude with the ability to perform seemingly magical tasks do He proceeded to land himself in trouble with the authorities and had to escape back into a time and a place where magic could be viewed as probable ie Medieval England Told from a third person perspective of Martin the story was simple fairly predictable and not one to be taken too seriously as it will not stand up to critical analysis and scrutiny Nonetheless it has a lot of charm in the manner it was told so one should just kick back and enjoy the ride I was lukewarm towards Martin initially as he appeared to be uite foolish and immature The progression of his character as the story unfolded was however ingenuously fun arising from a myriad of interesting situations that he found himself in Martin s friendship with Philip my favourite character so far formed the best part of his character development I did sometimes et strong vibes of Back to Future especially when Philip started to call Martin as Marty There was also a fair amount of pop and Building the Cold War geek culture references scattered across the narrative which made it all the enjoyable There isn t much I can mention about the plot without revealing minor spoilers Even though it was simple the tale was not devoid of meaningful commentary The overriding message was about the responsibility of people who found themselves with power and being a wizard meant having to adhere to the basic rules of not abusing said powerranted by having access and the ability to change the file and hence reality This managed to come across the narrative uite seamlessly without rubbing it in too hard or being too repetitiveThe unembellished prose fit the style of the story really well Like I ve mentioned earlier this is not a book to be taken too seriously it is supposed to be comedic and fun Seriously just look at the 8 bit Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) graphics cover The first few chapters did have a slightly drier tone with technical jargons being employed to set the scene for our main protagonist s eventual escape to Medieval England Once Martin landed himself somewhere in an English countryside sometime during the mid 12th century tried to bluff his way into being recognised as a wizard and especially after he met Philip the story started to hit its stride It definitely made me laugh out loud numerous times and I found the whole experience highly entertaining and refreshingly so Last but not least the audiobook narration was fantastic I probably might not have enjoyed it as much as I did without Luke Daniel s ability to add personality to the characters as well as incorporate timely and appropriate inflections in the dialogueIf all therimdark of late have left you feeling like you ve been hit by a deluge of sandstorms Off to Be the Wizard will be like a breath of dewy fresh air after a morning shower This review can also be found at Booknest A weird Kafkaesue post modern re telling and re visioning of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s CourtBut funI m not sure what I was expecting when I picked up this 2013 publication but it was not what I expected Essentially protagonist discovers that all of creation including himself and his bank account are a part of a computer file After some early tomfoolery he Counter-Amores ge. Martin Banks is just a normaluy who has made an abnormal discovery he can manipulate reality thanks to reality being nothing than a computer program With every use of this ability though Marti. Off to Be the WizardL largely depend on if you the humor funny and your to not only suspend your disbelief but throw it the humor funny and your willingness to not only suspend your disbelief but throw it out the window Things Dancing at Armageddon get silly Really sillyThere is a lot of computereek humor as well as some pop culture humor from the 80s and 90s that reminded me a bit of Ready Player One a book I absolutely love I think fans of that book may find similar things to like here Scott Meyer does for fantasy Double Jeopardy geeks what Ernest Cline did foraming Composition and Literature geeksThe only real complaint I have apart from the slow start is theeneral lack of women That s a pretty common complaint in fantasy

as this is a fantasy based in current time and involves using computers to manipulate the world to pretend to be a wizard this seems like a big flaw for meMr Meyer has a plausible reason to explain away his lack of female characters but he could have just as easily had a plausible reason for their inclusion insteadOverall though I really enjoyed listening to this book and I ll be on the lookout for his next book as well as planning to check out his webcomic in the near future Full review now postedRating 455 starsI can t remember the last time a book made me laugh this muchImagine if you stumbled across a computer program that is basically running the entire planet and that you can manipulate that program Imagine that you re able to dramatically increase your bank account without stealing a cent from another person You can teleport Heck you can even travel back in time though you re admittedly unable to visit the future Now imagine that the Cezanne and Provence government found out and your only reasonable method of escaping capture is to travel back to medieval England in hopes of passing yourself off as a wizard All of this happens to Martin our protagonist in the first few chapters of the book Unfortunately upon arriving in medieval England Martin discovers that he s not the only wizard around because he s not the first person to discover the File as it s been deemed And anyone who discovers the File eventually ends up in trouble and on the run Since most of the people who stumble across the File are of a type most of them have the same idea for their escape plan leading to a Europe littered with wizards from the modern era I absolutely loved Martin even though I almost sprained my eye muscles from freuently rolling them at his decisions Martin felt uintessentially part of myeneration as he survived off of eual parts intelligence luck both Dark Voices good and bad entitlement and laziness He s also super awkward was makes for a lot of added entertainment value But my favorite character in the book was undoubtedly Philip Martin s wizard trainer The sass levels pulsating out of that man were almost toxic and were one of the biggest contributors to my enjoyment of the bookThis book was a perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy of parody and original plot What made this book even enjoyable for me was that I listened to the audio version voiced by the incomparable Luke Daniels This was my first experience with Daniels as a narrator but it definitely won t be my last His different voices for each character were all fantastic but his voice for Philip completely made the story for me I m sure the book is very entertaining when read in physical format but I don t know that I would ve enjoyed the book at the same level had I not listened to the audio version I literally laughed out loud on multiple occasionsI highly recommend this book when you need something lighter that will make you laugh And I can t recommend the audiobook highly enough Original review can be found at Booknest I m torn on how to rate this one It was a fun premise and it was decently written well but it definitely didn t blow me out of the water I read this bc it was one of the books Aldo challenged me to read this year but I honestly never would have picked it up otherwise If the premise interests you READ THIS If not eh Actual Rating 45 StarsThis was definitely a refreshing readOur main character Martin accidentally discovers that reality is actually an elaborately written computer code and proceeds to do what any average looking twenty something tech savvy fellow would heoes back to the Middle Ages to pretend to be a wizard This story was fast paced very straight forward Cleverly crafted situations and hilarious interactions had me literally laughing out loud Meyer knows exactly how to capture his audience through dialogue Most of the story is comprised of a very uncomplicated language but it turns out to be pretty complimentary to this style of storytelling Despite minimalistic descriptions it s easy to feel like you re watching a movie Characters engage in uick paced witty banter without coming off as pretentious or losing the audience The plot of this one was somewhat predictable but if you enjoy nerd culture and intelligent writing I would absolutely recommend this novel. An American hacker in King Arthur’s court Martin must now train to become a full fledged master of his powers discover the truth behind the ancient wizard Merlin and not y’know die or anythi.

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Ts himself into trouble then we have some time travel and lots of wild adventures Off To Be The Wizard is entertaining I smiled several times travel and lots of wild adventures Off To Be The Wizard is entertaining I smiled several times the journey and was coaxed into at least two laugh out loud scenesLike much of today s fiction though it could have benefited from some robust editing knocking a few dozen pages out would have made it a stronger tighter woven story This would actually have been a really Contested Reproduction good short work And of course we are invited back for seuelsI did enjoy the visit but no thank you Off to Be the Wizard has an interesting concept that I really liked The world is a huge computer program no one knows it and Martin discovers a file that controls the world that he can hack andive himself all kinds of money and powers That was really cool He does start out making a fool of himself over it at first but I liked it a lot once Martin met a few other people and started training on how to manipulate reality properly There are a couple of side characters that I really liked and eventually there s a bad Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) gu I enjoyed this a lot the premise isreat and there were a lot of Creating Country Music genuinely funny moments The main reason I m notiving this book a higher rating is the lack of female characters and how the solitary female character is treated I just found it really Blacklands grating It seemed like Scott Meyer said to himself crap I don t know how to write women I know I ll just write in a lame excuse for why there are no women in this world and then I don t have to think about it And then there s Gwenshe s barely even a character of a plot point alongside being a love interest for every single male character really Scott Her and Philip seem to have a pretty strong bond but that s neveriven any background or explanation other than Philip s never asked her out which is setting the bar pretty low in terms of foundations for a strong friendship One part which made me scoff so hard I nearly choked was at the end when view spoilerMartin asks to kiss her and she agrees because he saved the day so kissing her is his just reward right It s not like she s an autonomous character with preferences and desires of her own Throughout the whole book she expresses no interest whatsoever in Martin seems Evolutionary Patterns genuinely put off by his attempts to pursue her andenerally acts like she thinks he s a huge doofus I know he doesn t actually Evolution As Entropy get to kiss her but the fact that she agreed to it in the first place is just ridiculous Speaking of ridiculous the idea of her using No as a trigger word is just beyond the pale in terms of idiocy obviously that s a word she uses all the time there s no way it would work as a trigger for a spell especially since she s trying to hide the fact that she can do magic hide spoiler Being a programmer by trade and a fan of fantasy I had high hopes for this book Unfortunately it did not deliver The premise is interesting enough so it could have beenreat but the book falls apart on two points First the main character is completely unlikable So at no point was I emotionally invested in him If he succeeded or failed or died I couldn t care less Second the book is written is a very odd straightforward manner that runs through every scene as fast as possible without pausing for any realistic emotions like awe shock terror ect For example if the main character had just discovered that he was in fact an alien that his parents had discovered in a field it would be written like this I m an alien And you discovered me in a field and told me I was human Well "that sure is neat Guess I ll check to see if I have any alien powers now "sure is neat Guess I ll check to see if I have any alien powers now yep seems like I can fly and shoot lasers out of my eyes Bet I can have some fun with that Ok see you latter Forging Gay Identities guys I moing to o try out my new powers now Executive Summary A really funny sci fantasy story that will largely depend on your enjoyment of the humorAudio book Everyone seems to love the Iron Druid books I just didn t The one thing I did really love was Luke Daniels narration of those books howeverI ll Admit That Probably Than that probably than of the reason I chose to review this book for SFFAudio was because Luke Daniels was the reader He did not disappoint Another excellent performance Full Review This book started really slow despite a cool concept A computer eek discovers a file that somehow lets him manipulate not only the world and everything in it but time itself So of course he decides to Fiche Blian ag Fás go back to medieval times and become a wizard As a computereek who not so secretly would love to be a wizard I was intriguedUnfortunately the main character Martin isn t very likable at the start Despite being Esteem Enlivened by Desire good with computers he doesn t seem very smart For me the story finally started toet Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith good when he meets Phillip I will say Martin didrow on me as the book went on I don t plan to say anything else about the plot because I don t want to ruin the jokesI think your enjoyment of the book wil. N finds his little “tweaks” have not escaped notice Rather than face prosecution he decides instead to travel back in time to the Middle Ages and pose as a wizardWhat could possibly o wrong.
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