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N is lacklustre and almost an afterthought Firstly Antonia is recovering from 11 stab wounds but insists on returning to work before she s fit as she hears there is a rival for her acting DCI role and is determined not to lose it Secondly she is having relationship issues over her singleminded determination to hold on "to her job Thirdly her rival shows up and acts in an xtremely unprofessional and realistic way The n "her job Thirdly her rival shows up and acts in an Composition and Literature extremely unprofessional and realistic way The n amnjoying this fast moving series but I had the plot worked out uite Cezanne and Provence early into the book it s was just the finer points that needed revealing Will read the next one A second outing for DCI Antonia Hawkins still suffering the afterffects of being attacked by a serial killer at Christmas This time round she s seeking a serial killer who s bashing people s heads in with a hammer whilst trying to stop a usurper in the ranks and navigating her new relationship with Maguire Gripping crime ranks and navigating her new relationship with Maguire Gripping crime with a nice twist at the Dark Voices end I picked up this cheap punt from a charity shop and subseuently chose it to read a few weeks later because I needed a uick andasy crime read to complete my target of 120 books read in 2016 This met that remitexpectation perfectly adeuately It tells the tale of a female police detective on the return from injury in her pervious case trying to track down a crazed hammer killer of recently released x convictsAlas though despite a creative plot at the centre of it the book didn t really recently released x convictsAlas though despite a creative plot at the centre of it the book didn t really itself above others in the genre in any real sense The writing was good but nothing special with respect to painting a descriptive picture The characters were in the main OK but there were a few too many cardboard cut outs as supporting agents and I found aspects of the interpersonal relationships and office politics a bit tedious at times The pace was a little inconsistent with respect to Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) early parts dragging and taking a while to tie together and final chapters progressing at a pace and in a manner which would ve beenasier to follow on screen than on the pageEssentially there wasn t a huge amount massively wrong with this perfectly njoyable book but I just feel I have several better alternatives as far as London centric crime reads are concerned. A monster who has been labelled the Valentine Killer Prasie for My Bloody Valentine by Alastair Gunn ‘‘The final section of the book is brilliantly done a stunning plot twist with the most gripping car chase I have read in a long time – Cri Fi Lover ‘‘Clever well thought out and convincing Tension is high right from the get go – Crimewar. My Bloody Valentine DCI Antonia Hawkins #2

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A great premise for a plot really unusual I
"hadn t realised "
t realised was the second book in a series no xcuse it did say so when i bought it a couple of years ago and although the main plot is a stand alone story it would have added to it if I had known xactly what had happened to Antonia and her "RELATIONSHIP WITH MIKEI WAS ANJOYING THE CHARACTERS THE IDEA "with MikeI was anjoying the characters the idea a plot and the rivalry and then characters the idea a plot and the rivalry and then suddenly stopped hence the loss of a star Yes the culprits were found but what happened to Tanner Maybe we will find out in the next book as l will certainly be reading of them and i will be reading the first one too The second book in the DCI Antonia Hawkins sees us join Antonia as she s still recovering from the injuries she received at the nd of The Advent Killer Faced with a brutal murder on Valentine s Day Antonia must overcome her own issues as she battles to discover the killer before people dieI really Evolutionary Patterns enjoyed following Antonia s recovery and totally identified with the idea of getting back to workarly because she was worried someone might take her job from her The crimes were interesting and I Evolution As Entropy enjoyed the flashback chapters giving a greater look into the history of the killer and the twist at thend was great Back with Antonia Hawkins for book 2 It seems forever ago since I read book 1 and I purchased this book back in August 2015 Bad me i m slowly playing catch up with some of the series of books I ve started and not yet finished This is another of those books that for some reason got lost in the dark and dusty archive shelves of my kindle It must have really needed me to read it as it somehow just happened to pop up to the top of the page so it was really telling me to read itThe good thing now with being slightly behind I get to read book 3 and 4 as soon as I choose to Anyhow the book What did I think Well I actually Forging Gay Identities enjoyed it I like Antonia she s gutsy but stupid sometimes she stubborn and awkward she s a character i mnjoying getting to know Antonia has received some pretty horrific injuries after being stabbed a number of times and after weeks in hospital is going mad with boredom Along with the worry of someone lse stepping into her shoes at work her stubborn. From the bestselling author of The Advent KillerThe second thrilling novel in the DCI Antonia Hawkins series by Alastair GunnTRUE DEVOTION IS DEADLYWhen the body of a young woman is found brutally slain on Valentine’s Day the press reacts with barely disguised glee For DCI Antonia Hawkins still recovering from the terrible wounds inflicted by anoth. Streak kicks in and she manages to force herself back to work She is certainly not ready to be back and probably shouldn t be starting on a new murder investigation But Antonia doesn t always seem to do what is right Antonia decides working while recovering is the best thing for herWith her new set of wheels her wheel chair that she is less than happy to be using she throws into work is soon on the hunt for a killer A killer who seems to like hitting people "into work as is soon on the hunt for a killer A killer who seems to like hitting people the head with an hammerIt soon becomes apparent that her and her team are looking for a serial killer The team need to throw verything they have into this case to get it solved Another good solid interesting read I have only read the first 2 but I would certainly advise that they are read in order Not as gripping as the authors first book the advent killer A bit long and drawn out found myself skipping paragraphs This book did not really work for me Hawkins is an interesting character if a little too Fiche Blian ag Fás excitable and the story starts off well with a serial killer and flashbacks to the killer sarlier life The chase at the Esteem Enlivened by Desire end should have beenxciting but somehow fell flat and the Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith explanation for how the killer got to know his victims was downright implausible Second time round and a solid winner Go Antonia and Mike taking on all comers and saving not only the day her relationship spoiling the little interloper for her job Great twists and turns and an unexpected plotnding Can t wait for the next bookas long as it doesn t have an Easter Bunny killer or a continuation of the 1st Passover Alistar you ve done it again you will always be on my watch list Bravo Having read and njoyed the first novel in the series The Advent Killer I was looking forward to reading My Bloody Valentine in which Bull kills x prisoners by hitting them in the head with a hammer and acting DCI Antonia Hawkins investigatesI found it a difficult novel to get involved in and it took me days rather than hours to read I always seemed to have something better to do than puck it up again and this is a shame as it has a very good and original They Shall Be One Flesh ending It seems to me that there is too muchlse going on in the novel that the investigatio. Er killer the pressure of another high profile murder investigation could barely be worse timedBattling her own physical limitations and under pressure from a new member of the team whose ambition to displace her is hard to conceal Hawkins must discover not just who killed the first victim but why – or watch helplessly as others die at the hands of.