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Mountains and Rivers Without EndE model is indeed near at handMy teacher Shih HSIANG CHENTRANSLATED THAT AND TAUGHT IT YEARS AGOAND I ChenTranslated that and taught it years agoAnd I Pound was an axeChen was an axe I am an axeAnd my son a handle soonTo be shaping again modelAnd tool craft of cultureHow we go onHugh KennerKnot and Vortex Of patterned energies and first Buckminster Fuller on knots He grasps and tenses an invisible rope on which we are to nderstand a common overhand knot two 360 rotations in intersecting planes each passed through the otherPull and whatever your effort each lobe of the knot makes it impossible that the other shall disappear It is a self interfering pattern Slacken and its structure hangs open for anlysis but suffers no topological impairment Slide the knot along the rope you are sliding the rope through the knot Slide through it if you have them spliced in seuence hemp rope cotton rope nylon rope The knot is indifferent to these transactions the knot is neither hemp nor cotton nor nylon is not the rope The knot is a patterned integrity The rope renders it visible No member of Fuller s audience has ever objected he remarks that throughout this exposition he has been holding no rope at all so accessible to the mind is a patterned integrity visible or no once the senses have taught s the contoursImagine next the metabolic flow that passes through a man and is not the man some hundreds of tons of solids liuids and gasses serving to render a sin. S Native American storytelling and Zen Buddhist philosophy and celebrates the disparate elements of the Earth sky rock water while exploring the human connection Zen Buddhist philosophy and celebrates the disparate elements of the Earth sky rock water while exploring the human connection nature with stunning wisdom Winner of the Bollin. ,

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The individual poems that comprise this epic didn t hold my interest or stick with me in the same way as the poems in Turtle Island Snyder is best read slowly and in the iet solitude of nature perhaps because the natural world he evokes and the eastern philosophical concepts and art that nderpin his verse are slightly interesting than the poetry itself I enjoy his work But I Don T Cherish It Even As I Acknowledge I don t cherish it even as I acknowledge deep passion he holds for his subject matter and the joy of living embodied in his poetics Mountains are mountains
are not mountains 
not mountains mountains are rivers are rivers are not rivers are rivers I relished this remarkable volume of poetry for months a taste here and a sampling there It was so varied in its style from long rugged list like accountings of road journeys to fleeting ethereal portraits of nature Mountains were at the heart of it although it s a challenging book to Fully Grasp The Connective Tissue Of Especially For Someone Like grasp the connective tissue of especially for someone like who d never read Gary Snyder before But as I read I felt at times like each word should be rolled Walking on walking nder foot earth turns Streams and mountains never stay the same Confucius In hewing an ax handle the pattern is not far offEzra Pound When making an axe handle the pattern is not far offSnyder It s in Lu Ji s Wen Fu fourth centuryAD Essay on Literature in thePreface In making the handleOf an axeBy cutting wood with an axeTh. In simple striking verse legendary poet Gary Snyder weaves an epic discourse on the topics of geology prehistory and mythology First published in 1996 this landmark work encompasses Asian artistic traditions as well Gle man corporeal during the seventy years he persists a patterned integrity A Knot Through Which knot through which the swift strands of simultaneous ecological cycles recycling transformations of solar energy At any given moment the knotted materials weigh perhaps 160 pounds And Things wrote Ernest Fenollosa about 1904 are cross sections cut through actions snapshots So far Buckminster Fuller 1967 Now Ezra Pound 1914 on the poetic image a radiant node or cluster what I can and must perforce call a VORTEX from which and through which and into which ideas are constantly rushing A patterned integrity accessible to the mind topologically stable subject to variations of intensity brought into the domain of the senses by a particular interaction of words In decency one can only call it a vortex Nomina sunt conseuentia rerum For the vortex is not the water but a patterned energy made visible by the water The Pound Era 1971 pp 145 46Snyder a web of waters streaming over rocksair misty but not raining Too cold and rainy to go out on the SoundSitting in Ferndale drinking coffeewaters streaming over rockdividing current On either sideswirls and eddies spinning offvortex streetsphysicists call thesewhile trout silentslaloming pstreamalong S shaped paths pushed by spinning waters A wu way of swimmingNonot swimming really SwumFor Snyder in Mountains Riversits not axe handlenot ropenot vortexIt s ancient Chinese scrollpat. Gen Poetry Prize the Robert Kirsch Lifetime Achievement Award and the Orion Society's John Hay Award among scrollpat. Gen Poetry Prize the Robert Kirsch Lifetime Achievement Award and the Orion Society's John Hay Award among Gary Snyder finds his iet brilliance celebrated in this new edition of one of his most treasured works.