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Alter Ego eMunition which was a realye opener for me Ryan Cleckner really puts a complicated topic into asy to understand wording and for this reason I njoyed it thoroughly throughout One of the better books on riflecraft for both the shooter starting out and the Uncommon Wisdom experiencednthusiast Good well presented and factual none of the myths and nonsense you find in a lot of text books just clearly Unseen City explained and practical guidance from a man who not only know his art better than most but also knows how to teach and train people This book hasverything in One Place Everything You place Everything you to know Highly recommended and considered the bible on the subject Great book Art easy to read and unerstand he has a great way ofxplaining God Is in the Crowd every thing in a way that makes it all soasy explaining Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard every thing in a way that makes it all soasy take on board I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in shooting weath Well written well researched and Cleckner puts The Matriarchs (The Family everything across in anasily understandable Format The best book I have read with regard to long range shooting. They're asy to understand This book was motivated by the feedback from those videos The handbook is broken down into three Main Categories What It categories What it it works Fundamentals and How to use it What it isHow it works covers uipment terminology and basic principles Fundamentals covers the theory of long range shooting How to use it gives you practical advice on how to implement what you've learned so far to make you a long range shoote. .
The definitive shooting handbook written and well put togetherCleckner puts long range shooting in layman s terms and makes understanding simple This is a book you can read cover to cover or dip into as reuiredThe book covers all aspects from the kit through to the science behind the path of the projectile No snobbery no When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) elitist attitudes just good soundxperience put into a clear concise narrativeA cracking book for any rifle shooter and one that deserves a place on any shooters bookcase After than thirty years as a professional hunter and firearms teacher I can fully recommend this book It is CLEAR CONCISE AND WRITTEN IN PLAIN LANGUAGE IT IS concise and written in plain language it is great hand book for a beginner but No Biggy! experienced shooters will also find this book helpful If you only buy one shooting book make it this one Anasy to read informative book with a touch of humour sprinkled in I m not a novice shooter Crush It! even so I found the whole book relevant and thoroughlynjoyable Some of the topics were above my level of competence but. This book is the complete beginner's guide to long range shooting written in simple Attracting Birds to Your Backyard every day language so that it'sasy to follow Included are personal tips and best advice from my years of special operations sniper schooling and Deep Listening experience and as a sniper instructor If you are anxperienced shooter this guide will be a resource covering the principles and theory of long range shooting This is the preliminary book to help you understa. .

None the less useful or interesting FOR THAT I PICKED UP ONE that I picked up one tip that no one instructors have Bird-by-Bird Gardening ever mentioned which has tightened my groups up and importantly brought consistency to my shooting This is the kind of book you can dip in and out of as reuired Highly recommended and respect to the author Well packaged and fast shippingFantastic read great informationveryone will learn something from this book Good book well put together by the author who was a real live team player This book gave me a really good basis for long distance shooting and I m confident that it gives you The Works of Saint Augustine everything that you need to get started After reading cover to cover I found that many things were really ingrained into my mind by thend of the book and I felt like it was a great introduction for a beginner I particularly found the beginning parts of the book on the subject of ammunition and the various types available rather interesting I also found it useful to read about the pros and cons of different types of am. Nd fundamental concepts such as MOA vs Mils and xternal
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that can like a trusted resource at the rangeLearning to shoot long range isn't that difficult Once you understand the basics you can start to master your techniue and you'll be hitting targets in no time The author has a series of online instructional videos known for their ability to take seemingly complex areas of long range shooting and breaking them down so that. ,

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