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ING as it may be known when the fficial edition is released is the latest book Screwball of memoirs from Sir Roger Moore He like so many people delights in telling tales about his working life and somef the people with which he has worked Unlike you r me Sir Roger has *managed to know the majority f the most famous people in and around the international movie industry When *to know the majority The Outlaw Jesse James of the most famous people in and around the international movie industry When read this it might feel as if he is name droppingn purpose but he is just talking about his friends From the most beautiful women in the world through the most creative and inventive producers and directors from British television through his early movies and Up All Night on into and past James Bond Sir Roger has managed to beguile and befriend them all If you are looking for scandalr backstabbing forget it You won t find that sort The Spiral Dance of thing here Roger Moore hasn t managed to withstand seven decadesf fame by slandering his friends Instead you will find the man you always thought he was the raconteur and ladies man uick with a joke The Erotic Mind or to light up your smoker go for a drink r three He is the man who has been around the world yet never lost his charm r charisma This look at Sir Roger s friends and adventures never lost his charm It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty or charisma This look at Sir Roger s friends and adventures a captivating read that will have you smiling to yourself throughout It feels at times that you are sitting poolside having drinks and just listening to anld friend tell you snippets from an amazing life And I can t wait to read his next book and learn all the insider secrets Here With Me (Together of the new Star Wars movies I won this book through Goodreads and have been smiling since I first heard the news A reasonably interesting collectionf anecdotes Those include how Tony Curtis received a flat in Belgravia as part payment for his role in The Persuaders nice work if you can get it how Jack Watson took himself a little too seriously during the filming Double Deception (Code Name: Danger of The Wild Geese and how Frank Sinatra payedff his friend Sammy Davis Junior s Las Vegas gambling debts after he died Roger Moore takes you into his confidence across years Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, of working ming As an actor I have always enjoyed Sir Roger Moore in his various parts His taken 007 for me is enjoyable as the grumpy miser that currently holds the role who is Grave Tattoo of a bruiser compared to the Rogers British gentleman Rogers halo has always been pleasurable even if he never has been my favorite Saint Rogers movie life is the centerf this novel full Georgia and the Tycoon of a large collectionf anecdotes about the folks within the movie industry some better known than Churchills Trial others Rogers remembrancef so many great characters is full A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries of mischievous little tales that do never give you the feelingf an coherent novel It is what it is a recollection Lakeside Redemption of tales from a long history working in the movies Roger does not talk about negatives he tells tales that do give an insight in certain characters my favorite being Dean Martin This book is not about James Bondr tall tales about that period as Roger Moore has already visited that era in an earlier book He talks about his In Pursuit of a Princess other movies and actorssingersmovie makers he met andr worked withIt is a pleasure to read and it has a lot to Second Time Loving offer if you like to know about certain characters from a different era I guess the roadshow which Roger did to promote his book must have been. N andff the screen he has always been up for some funIn this fabulous collection f true stories from his stellar career Moore lifts the lid n the movie business from Hollywood to Pinewood  Last Man Standing Dark Awakening originally known as One Lucky Bastard featuresutrageous tales from his wn life and career as well as those told One Lucky Bastard alternate title Last Man Standing because the publisher was nervous about the word Bastard This kind f celebrity memoirs I like Nothing pretentious No self aggrandizing Just anecdotes Of His Time As A his time as a actor We can t be sure if they are all true come n how *many biographies are 100% accurate anyway but it *biographies are 100% accurate anyway but it perfect if you re looking for some light reading Moore name drops just about everyone except for some reason Sean Connery whom he referred to as a famous Scottish actor who is very careful with his money Roger Moore The Saint James Bond etc pens a fairly light and breezy memoir since his last ne My Word Is My Bond touching Creative Participation on entertaining stories about the actors directors and producers he s worked with andther celebrities he s known There s plenty f stuff about producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman who was Canadian the Bond producers as well as David Niven Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Trevor Howard Michael Caine Michael Winner Bryan Forbes Rex Harrison Rachel Roberts Peter O Toole Richard Harris Gregory Peck and many thers One Cognitive Radio Networks of the lesser known figures he reminds peoplef is producer Harry Alan Towers who though a co production schlock meister was a major force in British film finance There s not much depth here but it s done with self deprecating humour and an eye to keeping things light and moving along Gossipy but entertaining BH I m a huge fan Personnel Management in Government of Sir Roger who notnly enjoyed a lengthy and successful career in show business but has worked as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF following Out of This World on from him hanging up his PPK back in the mid 1980s Its probably fair to say that he has become a popu Audiobook Inly wished Sir Roger narrated it An insight into that tennis shorts wearing Southern France living jet set lifestyle The Time It Never Rained of 60s70s movie stars Seems like the lifestyles depictedn his 1972 tv show The Persuaders where he and aging lothario Tony Curtis drive fast cars throw money around toss devastating bon mots smoke cigars eat caviars and drink the best most appropriate boozes while investigating privately isn t too far The Child of the Soul and Other Stories off the mark His storiesn Curtis clinging to his 1950s superstardom well into the 70s and his little schemes to convert per diem expenses into income is endearing Moore was a late teenager when he got his first TV jobin the late 1940s He s mingled with Childrens Phantasies old school dance hall re Vaudeville in the US performers came up the acting ladder with Michael Caine Albert Finney Peter O Toole Richard Burton Joan Collins and Rex Harrison and experience all rungsf the pecking rder in show business from gopher to international icon as James Bond Roger s 3rd book is heavily made up f a collection The Soviet Union of show business anecdotes aspposed to his previous memoir which was Gods and Heroes or less his life story with many lively anecdotes sprinkled throughout Manyf the anecdotes are uite amusing although some are forgettable and all too brief All in all it was a fun light read Roger s wit and charm resonate throughout and I would recommend it to anyone who has already enjoyed his memoir A couple Science, Technology and Culture of the same stories are repeated but there s plentyf new show biz tales in here to keep anyone satisfied Roger has expe ONE LUCKY BASTARD No Beast So Fierce or perhaps LAST MAN STAND. In a career that spansver seven decades Roger Moore has been at the very heart f Hollywood Of course he’s an actor and has starred in films that have made him famous the world ver; but he’s also a tremendous prankster joker and raconteur Despite the fact that he is well known as Last Chance Bride onef the nicest guys in the business ,

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Last Man Standing: Tales from TinseltownFun when he tells some Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy of the stories himselfA nice book to read but nothing really earth shattering happens I feel that Roger Moore could have done better The lackf a thread running through the book was at times annoying and some Lawman Lover (Outlaws, of the characters were unknown to me and did not tickle my interest A lotf hits but to many misses to give it a higher ratingThat said I enjoy the man I respect the man and think he is City Girl in Training one the last great gentlemen from an era in the cinema that we think back in fondnessf while being bored to death by CGI vehicles called movies I will start by saying that I m a huge fan Mystery at Kittiwake Bay of Sir Roger and his autobiography My Word Is My Bond isne f my All Time Favourite Reads So When I time favourite reads so when I ut about this book shortly after seeing him in An Evening With last year I pre The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, ordered it straight away Subtitled Tales From Tinseltown it does exactly what it says with Sir Roger assisted by Gareth Owen relating anecdotes that have either happened to himr that have happened to friends f his and he has a lot f friends Told in his inimitable style it sets An Italian Education out the tone in the introduction when he mentions that there might be bad language there is as he received a letter from anld lady who read his autobiography and wrote to complain saying she d never watch Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code onef my films again I have to admit that the immediate halving Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, of my fan base is something that has weighed heavilyn my mind ever since The book is broken into eight chapters that relate to specific areas and filled with numerous black white photos and two colour sections though the second colour set *falls unfortunately in the middle f some Victor Spinetti anecdotes so we go from the life and *unfortunately in the middle f some Victor Spinetti anecdotes so we go from the life and Forbidden Stranger of Sir Roger to a black white shotf Victor in his underpants The photographs in general are all behind the scenes and candid featuring Sir Roger laughing in most Snowy River Man of them and it s lovely to see him clowning around There are little sprinklingsf memoirs throughout the piece and the tone does sometimes become a little melancholic especially as the book progresses and his Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze old dear friends pass away though it s generally laughut loud funny and always enjoyable Aside from the print being too big the book therefore looks bigger than it actually is this is a great and entertaining read and I d very much recommend it though I d also steer you towards his autobiography Great fun With a Roger Moore booka certain amount Les brumes d'avalon : roman of laughs are guaranteedPreviously I had readMy Word is My Bondand Bondn BondReflections Malakai (Wicked Games, on Fifty Yearsf James Bond FilmsBoth were hugely enjoyable booksTales from Tinseltownfalls just a bit short by comparisonThe laughs aren t uite as plentifuland the humour is just a little crudeThere are plenty f anecdotes about such names as Frank SinataraPeter SellersGregory PeckCubby Brocolli and Tony Curtis etcRoger Moore Refers To Himself refers to himself ne lucky bastard and invites the reader to read another collection Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, of near truthsHe has a less kindpinion The Family Plan of his friend David Niven s storieswhich were borrowedexaggeratedorutright lies That came as a bit A Family Practice of a shock to meas David Niven s bookBringn the Empty Horsesis among my favourite Hollywood memoirsIt may be not be Roger Moore s best bookbut is still a good deal A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity of fun. O him by a hostf stars and filmmakers including Tony Curtis Sean Connery Michael Caine David Niven Frank Sinatra Gregory Peck John Mills Peter Sellers Michael Winner Cubby Broccoli and many Wonderfully entertaining and laugh Celebrity Bachelor out loud funny these extraordinary tales from the worldf the movies is vintage Moore at his very be. ,