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N including what appear to be insurmountable obstacles Both characters are endearing and memorable and I found myself rooting for the unlikely duo to overcome their odds for their HEA There were visits from Tracy and Jude and uite interesting revelations about Sully s background mothers and family of origin Nothing definite from Levi though I guess I have to wait for the next book Speaking of which It That It Will appears that it will named Blindsided it s not in the list of books in the series on the Goodreads page Very confusing But whatever it is I ll be first in line Thank you to my friend Alison who loaned this one to me I have sticky fingers and don t want to give it back Good thing is going to make me do it LOL Seriously if you follow the series get this immediately If you don t why not Get started with Six Ways from Sunday right now In the beginning the sex between AngelRaphael and SullyDemon was hot because it was stranger sex first and angry sex second There s a lot of sex in this book including watersports aka golden showers and not much plot When the I love yous came I never believed them for one second I was thinking this might be a three star read until we get almost to the end and now we have history being rewritten I ust read Bootleg Diva Confessions of a uarterback Princess by Levi Brody and nowhere in that book did they mention view spoilerCoach Shannon blackmailing Levi Brody to sleep with Bowen Murphy and using his drag persona to blackmail him as well I call bullshit on that hide spoiler 45 stars from me Really liked this one and the two protagonists Damien Sully Sullivan or Demon as he was nicknamed and Rafael Acosta also known as Angel The Aha moment for me came at 2% in when I had a Eureka moment and knew without any shadow of a doubt who Sully s father was and if you ve paid attention in the other stories you ll recognise the signs tooHave to say Raf s dad well known ex baseball star LA Acosta was a complete arse and deserves to be banished from his son s life but the same cannot be said for one of Sully s mums Sheila to be precise who although she kept interfering in Sully s life did everything out of love and not malice The two young uarterbacks were definitely in love and
Having To Put Up 
to put up some nasty stuff from their teammates because of it but we ve been there before folks haven t weDid the amazing Levi make an appearance No is the straight answer to that uestion but practically everyone else didDylan Bo Jude Slayer and even Tracy and the little cameo at the end with the house for sale and a certain ARC to be read was uite touchingSooo looking forward to Blindsided the last in the series 25 starsI m sorry I didn t like this at all I liked the beginning but the rest was not good In true Mercy Celeste fashion there is family drama and fucked uptwisted family relationships that resemble a soap opera but I knew that going in This is NOT why I didn t like the bookThe writingI ust couldn t The dialogue is weird the editing bad and the word fucking was repeated 500 times throughout the book I m not exaggerating I countedAs for the characters I don t know what to tell you I got tired with Angel s back and forth about his sexuality I m bisexual or I m gay or I m gay than bisexual or I don t know if I have always been bisexual I think I have always been gay I don t believe for one second the I love yousThe sex is super hot but beware view spoilerWATERSPORTS hide spoiler. Name and now there’s this hot shot kid lauded as the second coming of the great Levi Brody The last thing Raf needs is an insufferable rival for his position The problem is he can’t seem to keep his hands off the man in private When new rules and old prejudices converge only one could be the Last Man Standing 58000 wor. .

Roblem After the reveal of Bo and Levi s relationship there is a new no fraternization policy in the league and there is still some clear and open hostility in the locker room towards the team s gay players Angel and Sully are in for a rough time If that s not complicated enough Angel s personal life is a big mess that needs to be resolved before he can move forward with Sully and Sully is ready to get away from his overprotective mother and the agent she s hired to keep tabs on him When Angel offers him a week away at his island house he umps at the chance for this uarterback island house he New Cutting Edge Elementary Students' Book jumps at the chance for this uarterback and is hoping for a repeat performance of their prior hook ups Things there get even complicated when both teammates and feelings also show upThere s not a lot of plot I can get into other than those basics but there is plenty going on including daddy issues like so many of the characters in the other books seem to have as well I predict you will dislike Angel s father from the start I will say Mercy Celeste managed to have myaw drop than once in this story one of those was also followed by me cursing and smacking myself in the forehead you ll know what I m talking about when you get to itAlthough Sully off as uite prickly to begin with he soon wormed his way into my heart along with Angel Angel on the other hand is one of the big hearted and straightforward characters in the series The two clicked so well together even early on when it seemed they would be at each other s throats they were still protective of each other and formed a uick bond As the lust and ust sex uickly morph into love along comes a little bit of ealousy and hurt feelings but neither outweigh the desire to protect each other even if it s at the cost of their position Outside of the raunchy hot sex they can be very sweetSpeaking of the sex there is a lot of sex and a little kink as you will see from the author s warning The kink is one that might not appeal to all It s not one I m generally a fan of but I didn t mind it here It was spontaneous and brief and shouldn t deter anyone from reading the story It s easy enough to ust skip that scene and keep reading view spoiler Since I ve been asked it s a water sports scene hide spoiler Not my personal favorite of the series so far I really found that I couldn t warm to either of the MC s I am not sure of the timeline of the book but they seem to go from uickie in a Sears store to talking marriage in a matter of weeksAgain both are uarterbacks for the New Orleans Saints but there really is no rivalry on the field I guess as most of the story takes place during the training campsWe do see one resolution from the previous book but I am looking forward to the final book in the series to see how it all wraps upI think my unhappiness wasn t helped that I disliked both the cover models35 stars rounded up Holy moly This one is smoking hot I borrowed my copy but may have to buy it because it s definitely on my must reread list already And I think my Kindle exploded during that shower scene Best kinky scene ever The Angel meets the Devil on the playing kinky scene ever The Angel meets the Devil on the playing in New Orleans when Raphael Acosta the uarterback who got Levi Brody s spot on the team meets newly drafted uarterback Damien Sullivan And surprise surprise Demon is the guy Angel ust had anonymous sex with earlier that week Instead of being protagonists however the author gives us a love story one with plenty of angst and oppositio. A set of rigid fraternization rules work seek to slow his roll A chance hook up before camp leads to a showdown with the very young very attractive starting uarterback Starting uarterback for the disgraced New Orleans team Raphael Acosta has his work cut out for him His team doesn’t respect him his coaches barely know his. I wish there had been something to like about Raf and Sully before the last few chapters Their unpleasant personalities made for a long read that I came close to giving up on once or twice I am being really generous with 3 starsThis book was so poorly written It was not thought out at all It was ust thrown together with no book was so poorly written It was not thought out at all It was ust thrown together with no whatsoeverThis is a series that revolved around football and was the only one that no games were in play This story is about Angel Levi s replacement uarter back and Damien The usual cast is Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals just cameos with no involvement to our MCs While I did like Damien and Angel together half of what transpired between the two was very confusing It wasn t clear in what was happening They would say one thing and in every scene did the opposite which made it confusing Golden showers are horrible and a total turn off Please don t do that ever again Now why was Tracy getting mad at Damien when Damien uestioned him about Levi He thought his father died without ever meeting him Everyone one that knows Levi know or can tell Damien Sullivan Sully is his son We don t even get to see him meet his father There should have been a deep bonding with our original group who ban together and stand by Damien s side The only interaction that was worth anything was with Dylan Sunday There was so much of a story here with the Brody family and Iust hope that Blindsided covers what Wes are missing here sigh I m not really sure what to think First and foremost the errors were irritating To too and two are different words folks As for the story itself Eh Since we were told that Bootleg Diva was a memoir and doesn t affect the timeline and since I didn t have the money I did not read it It s the only book in this series that I haven t read sigh I was confused in this book Though I think that the author intended us to be confused And that non ending WTF SMH All those things aside I ust don t buy that these two fell in love I didn t feel it Didn t see it SMH Very disappointed 45 StarsReally enjoyed this but I wish there had been less sex And Relationship Building Review relationship building Review posted at Sinfully Last Man Standing focuses on Raphael Angel Acosta the backup B who stepped in after Levi was injured and incoming hot shot rookie Damien Demon Sullivan who s been compared to Levi Brody since he stepped onto the field at the same college Angel is the only man standing in Sully s way to the uarterback ob When Angel unexpectedly shows up at rookie camp Sully is even determined to take the B ob away from him when he turns out to be the hot blond Sully hooked up with a few days before What started as a uick and dirty hook up at the mall turns into a complication neither man wanted nor expected and one that can tank both their careersThe timeline of the story picks up after the last chapter of Bootleg Diva Confessions of a uarterback Princess by Levi Brody and leads up to what will be the next and final book of the series Blindsided With only a brief mention of Angel in Offside Chance both MCs are new to the series and are outsiders to the group of teammates readers have come to know Both are coming up in the shadow of Levi Brody there s a lot of pressure both on the field and in the locker roomThe sexual attraction between Angel and Sully is intense Their first anonymous hookup left them both reeling Now that they are thrown together they can t keep their minds and hands off each other and that s a huge There’s no dating in football After living his entire football career in Levi Brody’s shadow Damien Sullivan is set to take the NFL by storm Angry at the world he lands in New Orleans with a chip on his shoulder and a need for some action He wants nothing than to experience life to the hilt but a controlling parent and. ,