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L'enfant penchée (Les Cités Obscures, #6)


H as we soon see no one Medium Or Story Is Truly Isolated From or story is truly isolated from of the othersThis particular tale began life as a children s book Mary la pench e which is now included as an appendix to modern editions of volume five La Route d Armilia et autres l gendes du monde obscur It s ite fascinating to see how much deeper and richer that initial idea has become as the authors have fleshed it out into a full sized album This is the sort of book they could not have produced earlier it shows a total confidence in their storytelling and in their Blacklands universe which allows them to getnexpectedly ambitious And for the first time reviewing these incredible books I can have some hope that plenty of readers will be able to track it down since this one exists in an English translation courtesy of publisher Alaxis Press who are pledging to translate the whole lot and for some reason decided to start with volume eightCertainly it makes an appealing entry point exploring as it does most of the main themes of the series although the primary one architecture is notably absent here For longer term readers this volume has all the sual sly references to earlier books and hints of things to come and a metaphysics of how the Obscure world is related to our own now seems tantalisingly within re From the pages of Mobius from the 1970 s a story about an alternative potentially earthlike world Great graphics I think something was lost in translation here or I didn t have enough context to fully appreciate this book I thought the initial concept was great But the third act Bleh Artist draws spheres on a wall and slips through to another time Leaning Girl and Scientist travel through some time space gap Leaning Girl leaves Scientist to go exploring and runs into the artist who created the spheres The artist is some middle aged very self indulgent whiner Leaning Girl a teenager and this guy bang and she s suddenly entranced by him and claims she has been thinking of him the whole time Maybe that happened in earlier books or something Was totally a surprise in this one Then freaking Jules Verne shows p to explain the situation and tie Evolution As Entropy up loose ends Then they get transported back to reality Overallnot my fave My first visit to the French series The Obscure Cities but hopefully not my last The story of Mary the mysteriously leaning girl mixes architectural wonders steampunk tech Jules Verne adventure andnexpected metaphysics The art alternates between gorgeous color paintings etched seuences worthy of Durer and the most seamless Forging Gay Identities use of photography in comics I ve seen Not coincidentally those photo seuences feature Martin Vaughn James author of the Nouveau Roman graphic novel The Cage I suspect most of my Goodreads friends would enjoy this smart Victorian sci fi story Conceptual and affecting it s that rarest thing genuinely charming I mpping the rating because the production of this volume is remarkable oversize immaculately printed and ravishing if remarkable oversize immaculately printed and ravishing If does well volumes from the Obscure Cities series now at 16 volumes will be translated and published in the US So it s a fine thing to support with yr hard earned lucre I am actually the publisher and translator of this book I am looking forward to hearing readers thoughts Steve Believe me Axel what we experienced there nothing can take it away from s Yes Mary it might be the best experience I ever had besides meeting you The same for me Axel It s what inspires me to go on livingLes Cit s obscuresLes Cit s obscures literally The Obscure Cities but initially published in English as Cities of the Fantastic is a graphic novel series set on a Counter Earth st. King on a rocket to reach a planet that could hold the secret to Mary's trouble Meanwhile an artist Augustin Desombres has run away from the busy world and buys an empty building on the High Plains of Aubrac in the French countryside He begins painting murals of strange globes Now as a young woman Mary decides to join Wappendorf in the rocket On the alien planet they discover an area with many globes where she has a chance meet. ,
Abstract precise and wonderful in so many ways The Leaning Girl graphic novel is an Absolute Necessity For Artists Writers necessity for artists writers fans of original thoughtful graphic novel storytelling Structured as multiple stories that converge as a dream Schuiten and Peeters take the reader on a journey RIP Jules Verne whichever planet you are on Beautiful classic line work that really sells you on the strange historical sci fi taleAnd probably the only time I ve seen photography work when sed in a comic book I honestly can t think of a single time where I ve seen photography comics look nice After a freak accident thirteen year old Mary Von Rathen begins to lean at a 45 degree angle After nothing fixes her affliction her selfish mother and hen pecked father send her away to a private school Shortly after Mary runs away and Fiche Blian ag Fás uite literally joins the circus where she remains for several years performing her amazing leaning girl act A newspaper editor tells her of a scientist Axel Wappendorf who is planning on a journey to a planet that mightnlock the secret behind Mary s trouble Interspersed within Mary s tale is the story of fine artist Augustin Desombres who escapes from his busy world and buys an empty building on the French countryside He begins painting murals of strange globes and worries about his sanity Mary s and Wappendorf s explorations bring them into a collision course with Desombres and hopefully the answers that Mary s seeksPart of the legendary Obscure Cities seuence this extraordinary French graphic novel serves as an ideal introduction to the long running series produced by writer Peeters and artist Schuiten Expertly employing the tropes of 19th century science fiction the duo s creation achieves the Esteem Enlivened by Desire uniue duality of both very familiar and very different Schuiten s exuisite line work pairs perfectly with Peeters prose in creating the mythical worlds outlandish ideas and commonplace people Further enhancing the work sniueness is the Fumetti style of Desombres story as envisioned by the black white photography of Plissart The riveting beautiful Leaning Girl fascinates while providing one of the best reading experiences of the year Fran ois Schuiten returns to gloriously moody black and white hatchwork for this magnificent eighth volume of the Cit s obscures series depending on how you count them which fleshes out some old characters and further explores the links between the Obscure world and our own It s a real treat with at its heart a beautiful poetic exploration of being different here exemplified by our young hero Mary von Rathen who is tilted forty five degrees into the diagonalMary s story hits many of the familiar tropes of SUCH NARRATIVES SHE IS SHUNNED BY HER FAMILY TYRANNISED narratives she is shunned by her family tyrannised boarding school exploited by a travelling circus prodded at by scientists but in the skilful hands of Schuiten and Peeters nothing feels formulaic and once again they seem to keep finding new metaphorical ways to tell Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith us old truths Mary s story is interwoven with two others the efforts of famous Obscure scientist Axel Wappendorf who has featured tangentially in several previous books to establish the presence of a nearby butndiscovered dark planet and most intriguingly a subplot set in our own world about a painter working in France s Aubrac plateau at the end of the nineteenth centuryWorking out how these stories come together is a lot of fun especially given the different ways Schuiten chooses to illustrate them The real world sections are presented in a sort of noirish photocomic style which makes se of black and white photography from collaborator Marie Fran oise Plissart thoug. After a freak accident on the Star Express roller coaster 13 year old Mary Von Rathen begins to lean Doctors can not help her so she is sent by her selfish mother and hen pecked father to a private school in Sodrovni Mary escapes and joins the Robertson Circus where she remains for several years ntil she hears from newspaper editor Stanislas Sainclair that a scientist Axel Wappendorf might be able to help her Wappendorf is wor. .
Arted by the Belgian comics artist Fran ois Schuiten and his friend writer Beno t Peeters in the early 1980s In this fictional World Humans Live In Independent humans live in independent states each of which has developed a distinct civilization Each Characterized By A Distinctive Architectural StyleThe characterized by a distinctive architectural styleThe seriesThe stories of the cit s obscures appear in a series of graphic novels and related books published by Casterman Most of them remain npublished in English The books published in French so far are1 Les murailles de Samaris 1983 published 1987 in English as The Great Walls of Samaris Stories of the Fantastic2 La fi vre d Urbicande 1985 published 1990 in English as Fever in Urbicand Cities of the Fantastic translated by Jean Marc Lofficier Randy Lofficier3 La Tour 1987 published 1993 In English As The Tower Stories in English as The Tower Stories the Fantastic translated by Jean Marc Lofficier Randy Lofficier4 La route d Armilia 1988 available in English as The Road to Armilia nofficial edition5 Br sel 1992 published 2001 in English as Br sel Cities of the Fantastic6 L enfant pench e 1996 published 2014 in English as The Leaning Girl7 L ombre d n homme 19998 La fronti re invisible Volume 1 2002 published in English as The Invisible Frontier Cities of the Fantastic9 La fronti re invisible Volume 2 2004 published in English as The Invisible Frontier Cities of the Fantastic10 La Th orie du grain de sable Volume 1 2007 11 La Th orie du grain de sable Volume 2 2008 The Creators of Les Cit s obscuresFrancois Schuiten and Benoit Peeters met in 1968 as 12 year old classmates Peeters parents having moved to Belgium when he was two During their pre college days they worked together on the school newspaper After graduating from secondary school Peeters enrolled in the Sorbonne and Schuiten entered the Saint Luc Institute in Brussels They must have begun collaborating in their mid twenties on the first volume of Obscure Cities which was published in 1983 when they would have been 26 or 27view spoilerFran ois Schuiten the artistSchuiten is a Belgian comic book artist born in 1956 in Brussels His father and mother were both architects Schuiten published his first comic at the age of sixteen consisting of 5 black and white pages in the Franco Belgian comics magazine Pilote four years later he was published in the experimental magazine M tal HurlantSchuiten is best known for his illustrations of the Obscure Cities graphic novels His love of architecture is apparent in these novels and has been instrumental in forming one of the key creative elements of the fantasy world Every story focuses on one city or building and further explores a world where architects rbanists and Hereward (Hereward, ultimatelyrbatects are the leading powers and architecture is the driving force behind society Styles explored in the series include stalinistic and fascist architecture in La Fi vre d Urbicande skyscrapers in Br sel but also the gothic cathedrals in La Tour This fascination with architecture and the possible and impossible cities it can generate is further explored in The Gates of the Possible a weekly series Schuiten created for the newspapers Le Soir and De Morgen in 2005 Beno t Peeters the writerBeno t Peeters is a comics writer novelist and critic After a degree in Philosophy at the Sorbonne he prepared his Master s at the cole des Hautes tudes en Sciences Sociales Under One Sky under the direction of Roland Barthes He has published over sixty works on a wide variety of subjects However like Schuiten he is best known for the stories in the Obscure Cities series Several of his books are listed on Goodreads including his 2010 biography of Jacues Derrida See hide spoiler. Ing with the artistWinner of the coveted Gaiman Award as the No 1 translated foreign comic book series published in Japan in 2013 this story of perseverance and a young girl s search for love has been translated from it's original French into ten languages Author and publisher Stephen D Smith has now translated The Leaning Girl into English It features an introduction by Karen Green Graphic Novel Librarian at Columbia Universit.