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Jack Bruce Composing Himself The Authorized BiographyI ve long since loved Glasgow born Jack Bruce s music most especially his musical contribution to 60 s rock supergroup Cream and it was my love of this music that made me buy this book on impulse I got 40% off too This book is excellent in ContamiNation parts especially the days justrior to and after his days with Cream

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is some in some of the anecdotes we get to learn that Ginger Baker s name is in fact Peter and that in 1979 a fire at the Polydor record Taxi ins Glück pressinglant BURNT all of the Cream album multitrack masters tragic We hear fleeting accounts of Jacks rivate life I attended the Odd Orgy I Bought An orgy I bought an in Scotland my mentor taught me about music and far too much about heroin but all too fleeting I m sorry to say Whether its shapiros writing style or whether Jack Bruce wanted to keep a lot of things rivate is unclear but I did find myself at certain Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas points getting a little bored Jack forms a band with 5 other name musicians band doesnt work for reason A B C etc Unlike Barry Miles Many Years From Now The Authorised Paul Mccartney bio which had similararts to it I felt that by contrast Barry Miles never felt like he was repeating himself I found in this book Shapiro s tone was a little The Magic Rolling Pin perfunctory inlaces and occasionally lacked any real grab in what should have been an insightful and fascinating read There are shocking and exciting Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, points too discussing Jack Bruce surviving an organ transplant and how he was awake during therocedure a rare and frightening occurence that happens in few save a handful of cases every year there is also some information about his early childhood in Glasgow and several other interesting Not Without a Fight parts the recent reunion gigs with Cream his love of Jazz rock fusion etc Possibly I may have already knew too much about Mr Bruce and so much of this was wasted on me but I would like to read at least one other book by Harry Shapiro just in case the authors hands have been tied slightly by the books name sake I feel another 400ages could have been filled Garden Bouquets and Beyond perhaps with intimate andersonal information I would recommend this book seeing as I did like. When Cream broke up in 1968 it was by no means a foregone conclusion that it would be Eric Clapton who would enjoy continued commercial success After all it was Jack Bruce who had the looks and who co wrote and sang all the band's major hits But he was a singular talent who wanted to be a The Unseen Wonder pioneer not just aop star His background is in classical music and jazz; at 10 he was winning classical song contests at 12 composing string uartets and improvising on iano Then he fell in love wi. It and enjoyed a lot of it If you would like to Know About One Of about one of legends you robably will too but I feel that Shapiro s book wont be seen as the definitive Bio for Jack Bruce that I think is yet to come Pt II anyone Shapiro gives us a thoroughly researched well written biography with full cooperation from Jack Bruce and a foreword by Eric Clapton Although Bruce s addiction to heroin is not overlooked Shapiro holds true to the focus on Bruce s musical accomplishments He fills in the details of a long career allowing us to fully appreciate the mostly unacknowledged genius of Jack BruceMy favorite section is the final 2 12 ages titled Bass ic Instincts Appendix I where Bruce describes the different basses he has used and talks about how he lays he uses his index and middle fingers and rests his thumb on the string to dampen it Dull academic look at the life of the great Cream bassist Shapiro s thoroughness is sadly not matched by an engaging rose leaving the reader suffering through age after age of facts and figures yet no heart Although most Invisible (The Curse of Avalon people only know Jack Bruce as the basslayer for the super group ower trio Cream and the co writer of classic rock songs like White Room and Sunshine Of Your Love his career as a composer and musician is so vast that those moments are literally the tip of the iceberg Bruce s career as a erforming musician began early with classical cello and encompass jazz blues rock Latin jazz and all sorts of hybrids thereof Harry Shapiro chronicles his varied career achievements in detail in this readable biography that will have the reader researching and seeking out the many and varied recordings of his oeuvre that make up the bulk of his legacy A great document of an often over looked master BH I m Jack Bruce s biggest fan Many others have said that about themselves Harry Shapiro s "Book Does Him And His Music JusticeI Said After Reading " does him and his music justiceI said after reading Clapton s autobiography that it s a wonder any music ever got made between the drugs drink and other shenanigans I knew all about Eric s and Ginger s heroin addictions but I had never heard about Jack Th Thelonious Monk and Charlie Mingus and left home at 18 to find his fortune as a jazz bass layer He found his way into the London blues scene and layed with luminaries such as John Mayall and Graham Bond before first tasting chart success with Manfred Mann Then there was Cream one of the most influential rock bands of their time who sold 35 million albums during their two year existence Cream split in their rime but their influence endured and when they reformed in 2005 tickets
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yearsBut the got made an Astonishing Amount Of Some Of amount of some of best music around Much of it even I had never heard of but thanks to this book s excellent discography now I can track it downNot sure I ll be reading Ginger Baker s autobiography any time soon Way too many heroin stories I m sure My full and detailed review is on my website at bookJack is the most musically talented of the former Cream members and this book shows just how and why His candor when dealing with some of the low oints in an otherwise excellent career is refreshing One of my top 5 musos of all time This is a masterful book worthy of Jack s enormous talent It Reveals His Heartbreakingly Sad Demons And Is his heartbreakingly sad demons and is well written for a op icon bio Jack was always the key figure in Cream and his solo albums remain some of the finest works ever recorded He brought music to new levels and like actor James Cagney made everyone who worked with him better It helps to be able to remember his music to appreciate many assages I loved learning that he wrote a number of songs from hi Special insight into one of rock s better musicians The inside story anecdotes about record company contracts wasteful spending and touring was insightful Shed light on why some of Jack s albums were better than others A nicely written account of this great musicians life from his time growing up with his family a socialist Father who had difficulty finding work due to his Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature political beliefs Playing in jazz combos while still a teenager fun hijinks as basslayer in one of the worlds best sychedelicpopblues groups Cream A great read for everyone interested in the music scene The book documents his other musicians drug useand also includes a fully comprehensive discographyThis is one of the best music biographies I ve had the leasure to read Although I am not a Trajan particular fan of Jack Bruce I saw this in the library yesterday and thought I would give it a try I found it a good read and found it hard tout down It even motivated me to dig out one of Jack s albums and also Ere selling for nearly 3000 on e bay In the 40 years since Cream split Bruce has continued his musical adventures with the likes of John McLaughlin Billy Cobham Carla Bley and Mick Taylor never uite achieving the success and recognition he deserves It has been an often troubled life heroin addiction management rip offs family tragedy and a failed liver transplant all of which he speaks about frankly in this book telling a story that is sometimes funny sometimes bleak and always honest. ,