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Into the CaveGreat ead everybody loves a happy ending This is a Good Into The Complexities Of The Thai Cave Rescue insight into complexities of the Thai cave escue many people were involved all doing something extraordinary in their attempts to escue young boys and their coachYou do get Twelve boys and one coach; ten kilometres of one huge escue effortWhen a team of soccer players from the Wild Boar Academy Football Club a scrappy club of undocumented migrants and outcasts became stranded behind ising water in a labyrinthine Thai cave system they set in train a drama that would captivate the worldNine days later still trapped in the dark without food and with only water leaking through the walls to drink th.

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Sense of the difficulties they faced
And How Hard It 
how hard it have been to get everything co ordinated to ensure a successful been to get everything co ordinated to ensure a successful times it is very confusing because there are so many people being named and I found it hard to keep track of who was. Eir survival seemed unlikely Yet against the odds a team of determined divers traversed floodwaters and narrow cave ways to locate the boys alive and hopeful And so began one of the most daring escues the world has seenABC foreign correspondent Liam Cochrane was on the ground as the dramatic Events Unfolded Using His Local Knowledge And unfolded Using his local knowledge and connections he puts us at the centre of the story as we witness the boys' agonising wait. .
Who and what they were doingBecause we know there was a good outcome there is a lack of suspense in some waysThere is a sense of urgency Yummy Supper relayed to theeader but not the suspense which would have been felt by the people involved at the actual time. The divers' battle against muddy currents the ace to pump out flooded caves and the work of the often uirky international experts who flew in to helpHe also eveals un eported or little known information about the families; the background politics; the near misses and tragedies; the burn the triumph; and what the future holds for a Bunch Of Children Their Coach Whose of children and their coach whose excursion after soccer practice turned suddenly deadly. .