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Allies Simply the most selfless patriot of modern IndiaYet Netaji s Life Was Largely A Mystery was largely a mystery mystery that began with his escaping from British custody n 1941 and compounded by his disappearance during the final days of the Japanese surrender during WWII The government of India led by Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru bought the Japanese version of NETAJI S DEATH IN A TAIWAN AIR CRASH AND s death n a Taiwan air crash and that as the establishment s version Successive governments and two commissions of enuiry toed the Nehru line Anuj Dhar n this brilliantly pieced together masterpiece of Naked Choke investigative journalism convincingly blasts the air crash theory to smithereensn the first 20 pages and goes on to strengthen his case by following other credible leads on Netaji s escape via Manchuria to Stanlinist Soviet Russia his possible return to India and life as Bhagwanji Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good in Faizabad UP until his deathn September 1985 the Government s confiscation and sealing of Bhagwanji s personal effects their reluctance to release at least 33 classified Netaji files and their collusion with Netaji s aides gone rogue Shah Nawaz Khan Munga Ramamurthy SA Iyer et al to perpetuate the death of a man who cheated Murder at the Mansion it Anuj backs up all his statements and conclusions withmages of de classified documents obtained via the Right to Information RTI Act of India the Freedom of Information Act FOIA of USA and UK and documents obtained from other countries such as Japan and RussiaFor lovers of our history and Netaji this obtained from other countries such as Japan and RussiaFor lovers of our history and Netaji this s a must read and an eye opener Buy t read Seductive Surrender it speak aboutt to others That s the best respect we can pay to India s greatest patriot Flabbergasting and exasperating Extensively well researched fact bound book and Anuj Dhar deserves a thousand accolades for this work This book Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, is far better written than his previous one Back from The Dead In a few chapters the author actually jots down the most obvious uestionsn a common reader s mind and answers them categoricallyWe all grew up listening to the tales this rrepressible stalwart as one of the greatest heroes of this country It really becomes ncomprehensible to anybody as to how can our own Govt take a stand as has been taken n case of Netaji History has been privatized by a group of peopleAll said and done not only he but his entire family stands taller than ever Netaji remained steps ahead of his contemporaries and world allied forces he remained unconuerable and left an enigma for generations to come More than 70yrs and the mystery continues Goosebumps Thats what we Indians get when the topic of discussion s Netaji The author has made t a point to write t n a systematic way presenting many Top Secret and classified records The extensive work that s gone nto writing of this book s visible right from the start Hats off to the author for presenting this book n an unbiased mannerINDIA DESERVES AN ANSWER ON NETAJI This book circulated very mportant nformation for past Cong leader Mahatma Gandhi JLNehru They are knows all things for Netaji but they know f Netaji come out then they could not took Priministership All Cong. Th the excerpts and mages of still secret records Archival material and nformation obtained under the freedom of nformation acts of India the US and the UK has also been made use of.

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Indias Biggest Cover upHow s the bookMind blowing and head spinning the best non fictitious political historical thriller there were nstances1 where your eyes get moist thinking about Bharat Mata s favourite son and his fate 2 where your blood boils when u know that a lot of behind the curtain activities were done to hide the truth under the carpet3 where your hair raises coming to know about Certain RevelationsSome Incidents Will Shatter revelationsSome Le valeureux guerrier incidents will shatter earth beneath your legsI don t knowf we can process all the Info At A Time But at a time but Snowflakes on the Sea it very slow as THE CONTENTS IN THIS BOOK ARE INJURIOUS TO YOUR BELIEFS How to read this bookAlways have a pen with you Underline all the dates persons and their designationsmportant revelations Put the references on the top of every page so that once you read Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy it u can understand what sn that page write the most mportant people s names at the back of group and how they are connected with the national hero All this home work helps because n the middle of the book you may need to refresh your memory as there are mentions of some hundred mportant people n the bookWhy to read this bookMr Anuj Dhar dedicated most of his life to bring out the facts and differentiated those from fiction to present a wonderful trilogy on the person who could have been the most Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival important and powerful person postndependence era Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, if history was a bit generous towards himThe following are the three books1 Back from death2 India s biggest cover up3 What happened to Netaji A big thanks to Dhar I am eagerly waiting to start the third book of the series Its a matter of gross shame to the whole republic for those citizens who at least have a minute sense of nationalism and awareness of their rightful duties towards their motherland that their Liberator the Head of 1st Government His Excellency the true Son of this nation lived rest of his life as a Gumnaam personPost Transfer of Power this country still remains the slave of divide and rule policy by which they w a few wordsHOLY F The Fix is what this book reveals This books what a mystery thriller s supposed to feel like except this book s non fiction which makes t scary If we had Titans like New York Times or Washington Post n India this would have come out long long agoand shattered the stories we have been fed Desire in Seven Voices in the name of Indian History This book and honestly the Netaji mysterys a Pandora s box open t and everything abt India changes forever Its a great ndication The Casa Mono Cookbook in favor of the book s contentswhich look unbelievable that the writer who was a former journalist has now dedicated his life to this causeands pursuing t even today when UP s ruled by BJP n 2018 If the rabbit hole as s hinted at n the book s pursued then who know what dark secrets about our past will be revealed I feel now after reading this that the Congress party Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) is way smartercunningalmost Illuminati levels than previously we gavet credit for In a bid to glorify THE family and Gandhi Indian Historians have mostly gnored other leaders and freedom fighters Subhash Chandra Bose or Netaji s one of them Mystery shrouds his last days and officially Th. India's biggest cover up s an nvestigative nsight nto the Netaji mystery and ts stranger than fiction subplots Relying heavily on official records bulk of them still security clas. E Govt Of India has tried to feed us the story of his death by air the story of his death by air That the theory s not correct was proven by Mukherjee Commission Anuj Dhar deserves great applause for further throwing light on the mystery of the Taihoku crash and how the establishment tried to put an end to Netaji saga A must read for every Indian Netaji Subas Chandra Bose s probably the tallest and the greatest among the freedom fighters of India Sadly India s distorted written history and what s taught The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant in schools does not give adeuate credit to the real heroes of freedom movement Netaji and INA led by him have anmportant role Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) in India attaining her freedom Its really the greatest tragedy that we do not know the true fate of NetajiAs someone who admires Bose and have always tried to learn about him through Internet and booksthere Logic, Labels, And Flesh is not much to go with If we read something alsot Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design is hard to ascertain any credibility to the material In this regard eternally thankful to Anuj Dhar for giving us such a factualcomprehensive and honest account about NetajiEvery claims backed by supporting proof and documents Anuj Dhar gives us his well researched The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths information and lets the reader weigh the evidence and formulate their opinion Anncredible book Kudos to Anuj Dhar for all the efforts he has put Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems in pursuing the Netaji mystery researching and writing this book along with so many RTIs TL DRIf you want to read an objective account of Netaji s suspicious disappearance after 1945 then this books not for you If you are okay to read with a pair of saffron tinted glasses proceed belowReviewI have mixed feelings about this book When I started out I was very optimistic about the way the author started unraveling the mystery with actual citations from Government declassified records about Bose And that Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice is the best thing I liked about this book I am fully convinced by the findings of the Mukherjee commission that Netaji never diedn the air crash The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth in TaihokuThe thing I absolutely hated about this books THE AUTHOR S CONSTANT ATTEMPT TO PUSH HIS POLITICAL author s constant attempt to push his political wherever possible Before a plot s set he starts out portraying the characters either black or white For eg Nehru and co are undermined at every possible chance sometimes without any valid reason The way the author tries to manipulate the reader nto thinking about the plot In Deeper irritates the reader to no extent who wants a neutral account of the whole mystery A profilemage two Personlighetspsykiatri inches by twon a school textbook Round face Round rimmed spectacles Khakhi garrison cap Looking Audiology into the far distance Thats the mage our minds nvoke on hearing the name Subhas Chandra Bose An ICS officer Financial Modeling and Valuation: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity in the His Majesty s British Empire turned revolutionary Twice the president of the grand old party of India the Indian National Congress The founder of the Forward Bloc The civilian who became a general The first leader of the Azad Hind Governmentn exile The man who promised us freedom and asked us to pledge our blood for the cause The man who raised an army to march against the British Indian Empire Axis partner and war criminal for the victorious WWII. Sified n violation of democratic norms the book uncovers a systematic obstruction of justice by the Government of India First for any book n India the narrative has been augmented wi. .