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Eir life is simply to pray and memorize a few choice Bible uotes Lusko has provided a few of these in an appendix at the back of the book That s where I cross myself and say that I Declare War of the book That s where I cross myself and say that I Declare War its blind spots and may be harmful than good in certain instancesRead the rest here This was a really powerful book and such a great choice to start the year off with I really njoy Levi s brutally honest and such a great choice to start the year off with I really Black on Blonde enjoy Levi s brutally honest style and his personal stories of facing his demons in all the same ways hencourages the reader to adds a level of authenticity to this book that is lacking in some other popular titles on the same subject I also really just njoyed the formatting and layout of this book with the whole card theme playing off the idea of the game of War I m a sucker for well put together physical books and this one was definitely a winner there But far important than that the message he shares is important and timely and he does it in a way that leaves you feeling convicted and challenged to step up your walk with "God To The Next "to the next Absolutely recommended to anyone and veryone Favorite uote I hear your objections I can t show that kind of zeal if it isn t how I feel because that wouldn t be real Let me warn you that this kind of thinking is why so many marriages fall apart and why so many people never American Nietzsche experience the breakthroughs God has for them People who do the right things only when they feel them nevernter into the victorious life Worship is not a feeling Art, Culture, and Cuisine expressed through actions it s an act of obedience that oncexpressed often leads to feelings Simply put you do it because it is right And in God s grace many times the motions follow suit Read this book Please No matter who you are how far or how close you are to Jesus whether you hate God or love Him whether you re broken or doing well please read this bookI wish I could shake Levi s hand personally and thank him for this book I am dearly grateful for my bestie this is the bestest Christmas gift I could ve gotten this yearThis book sheds light on topics many Christians do not want to hear I could go into my own book of my thoughts on this book ha one day but for now wow Eye opening Moving Useful I loved it. Is his transparency and search for truth He doesn’t shy away from the hard or ugly stuff Through his own story he strives to help others get out of their own way and into the truth of who they are in God This book will help you do just that” Tim Tebow Heisman Trophy winner; New York Times bestselling author“Levi personally understands that the hardest battle is the one we’re fighting against ourselves That’s why I’m so thankful he’s poured out the biblical wisdom he’s gained along the way into the pages of this book The practical tools scriptural teaching and trusted guidance found in I Declare War are invaluable to anyone who wants to mbrace victory in their own life” Lysa TerKeurst New York Times bestselling author; president of Proverbs 31 Ministries . I Declare War

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Lusko is vulnerable and honest On top of citing applicable historical and current Aristotles Rhetoric events he uses his life as anxample in many of the ways I certainly appreciated his Blood Runs Green encouragement to move towardmotional intelligence something I think some Christians write off as New Age and the practical advice that is attainable He specifically says without God this would be a self help book and the practical advice that is attainable He specifically says without God this would be a self help book self help isn t what he was going for And I m grateful for a Christian author who is conscious of that Stop letting life happen to you and start happening to your lifeSo many amazing uotes from this book that I highlightedtoo many to Charting an Empire even scroll through as I was looking back over it For me having read a lot of books like this one it was fundamental but also had deep While the points he made weren t new to me the illustrations he used were interesting It didn t detour me from finishing the book just because I ve so much of this before No studies have shown that it takes 7 times for something to get grounded in your memory Andven after that reminders are so important We don t just read the Bible once and we re done We continue reading and growing This is just another growth step The book is split up into four uadrants thus the playing cards metaphor of things we must declare war on spiritually to overcome the battles we are up against Thoughts Words Actions Strongholds Is it a Christian self help style book I suppose so But what wouldn t be God wants us to continue growing and always striving to become and Christ like If that s not what the world calls self help then I don t know what is Lusko s style is Colored Property easy breezy and conversational much like his teaching style I will definitely pick up another of his books Thank you to the publisher for a copy of this book My opinions are my own Excellent We received this as a blessing through our church and I am grateful to have been introduced to this author His humor and ability to be real and current added such flavor to his suggestions for personal improvement I am looking forward to reading Swipe Right next This book is perfect for those who tend to get stuck in their own anxious thoughts Levi lays out some practical tips to help you. Get out of your own wayWhether you recognize it or not you're at war with yourself There's anxiety Selfishness Self sabotaging tendencies Narcissism The black dog of depression The inability to do the great things you long to do because you spend so many hours mindlessly drifting through the internetIt is war but all is not lost You can win if you choose tongageIn I Declare War Levi Lusko candidly shares about his struggles with moodiness bullying suicidal thoughts night terrors and difficulty managing himself He identifies four weapons you have at your disposal thoughts words behaviors and power and illustrates how to use them to achieve ongoing victory These practical tools from God’s Word will help you learn toretaliate against your anxiety by filling your heart with. Overcome being your own worst nemy His biblical perspective is sound and i found myself highlighting a LOT of this book Definitely i found myself highlighting a LOT of this book Definitely I will try to pull out a few times a year to help me fight through those anxious times of the year Good book WITH A SLOW START BUT STRONG FINISH 447 SHOUT a slow start but strong finish 447 shout Peak City ChurchIf you re looking for a good church I gotchu Excellent book I love how Levi Lusko thinks and writes Using fascinating factsstories to teach life changing Biblical Truth all the while being incredibly authentic In the age of Donald Trump as US President I came to this book with the xpectation that something called I Declare War would somehow be political if not problematic See I review bad books so you don t have to read them I don t know if I m thankful and relieved to know that the title is culled from a much innocent source a children s card game I m not much of a card player so you can forgive and The Exiles Gallery excuse me for not catching that reference off the top This is a book about laying down four cards at your disposal toradicate bad habits bad thoughts bad things you say and so on to become a better human being Self improvement this Book Is But Seeing is but seeing though it comes from a Christian publisher you know there s a God angle in here somewhere That angle is that the fourth card is something of a lifeline to God Feeling suicidal as Lusko the author admits to sometimes feeling Make a point of talking to God It s that Dislocating China easy Presto majickoThe truth of it is while Injoyed certain aspects of this book which I ll go into a little later this is a dangerous book in some ways Make no mistake laying your problems with God is a good thing and may be a little helpful Waking up at 2 am in cold sweats thinking you re going to die which the author admits to doing is probably best dealt with through therapy andor medications I suppose that makes me a proponent of science over God though Lusko does uote science y things at length in the first two thirds of the book but there it is I honestly feel that suicidal thoughts are a big problem Maybe not bigger than God can handle but surely the last thing one would want to advise someone to do who is thinking of Childerley ending th. Truth and making it inhospitable to terrorstop being victimized by your bad behaviors and become the victor you were born to be overcome self imposed isolation by learning to think right so you can live rightspare your family unnecessary heartache by confronting your dysfunction so they don’t have toIt’s time to stop being your own worstnemy Declare war and become the person the spouse the parent and the leader God intended you to be Praise for I Declare War“We are all created in the image of God We don’t have be chained by our feelings We don’t have to do the things we don’t want to do We don’t have to be defined by our failures mistakes or sin This is powerful Yet how often do we not live based on this truth One of the reasons I admire and respect Levi.