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Hot TargetThe supposed hero and heroine of the story I liked Cosmo

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I wanted have his story Anyway I m gonna give this one only 3 of 4 for being annoying 35 starsHoly crap I actually mostly liked this oneRight away of 4 for being annoying 35 starsHoly crap I actually mostly liked this oneRight away book had four things in it s favor 1 New to me characters I don t recall Cosmo from the first four books but I liked him Jane was great too Patty came around big time from her starry eyed beginnings of a na ve intern and Robin was a drunken lush with massive issues but I could see his good alities attempting to shine through Wayne was interesting and I liked how expectations were twisted with him and Patty Hell even Adam had a couple of good moments near the end there He s still a douche though 2 No Sam and Alyssa I hated their toxic attraction to each other and that s all it was The only good thing they could ever say about each other was how sexy the other looked Their courtship was drunk sex and insults Not a strong foundation for the HEA they apparently got in the previous books but it got them out of this book so I wish them well If this were RL I d give them a year if I were feeling generous3 No WWII flashbacks I was right getting rid of those allowed everything else to flow much better There was still WWII stuff since the film being produced was based on the WWII Ghost Army specifically two gay men who found love for a few days during the war And we still have one of the WWII survivors in the story as with the first four books but here he actually contributes to the current story and doesn t detract It was all much better sed and seamlessly integrated into the main plot4 More Jules He s no longer just the gay sidekick and finally gets his own time in the spotlight He s smart competent and tough He s a little stupid about love but he learns to value himself by the endOf course this wouldn t be Troubleshooters if stupid still didn t happen There s instalove they knew each other barely a week and were already planning nuptials and saying they couldn t live without the other person oh geez drunk sex ridiculous plot holes you can drive a tank through military personnel aren t supposed to moonlight while on leave but here our boy is moonlighting on national TV no less oh and he s on leave national TV no less oh and he s on leave help his mom who he barely even spends time with but hey all in the name of true love right oh and he s not a civilian he s Special Ops military how do you even make a mistake like that the incredibly contrived TSTL ending that took p the last 20% for a climax that I couldn t even be bothered to care about because it was so predictable I was insulted that I was expected. Richter takes on is anything but The Executors Roadmap under the radarHigh profile maverick movie producer Jane Mercedes Chadwick hasn'tite completed her newest film but she's already courting controversy The World War II epic frankly portrays the homosexuality of a real life hero and the storm of advance media buzz surrounding it has drawn the fury of extremist groups But despite a relentless campaign of angry E mails phone calls and smear tactics Chadwick won't be pressured into abandoning the project Then the harassment turns to death threatsWhile the FBI appears on the scene nervous Hollywood associates call in Troubleshooters and now Chadwick has an army of round the clock bodyguards whether she likes it or not And she definitely doesn't But. ,

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AudioJules and Robin Hot Target is the book that introduced me to gay romance Before this book I didn t know it was a genre and I had no idea how big my obsession would become Now I own possibly thousands of
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romance and no hope of ever reading them all I have read all the books in this series multiple times and I have my favorite characters Robin and Jules are definitely one of them No they do not get an HEA here but they do get one so don t give p The MF characters aside from Alyssa and Sam Max and Gina I don t really care about The stories are good but I don t get excited for themI highly recommend this story The audio was good The male narrator did a fine job His voice didn t match the male characters for me but that s not his fault He is very talented and while I wish his voice was better suited I did still enjoy the audio I am so excited for next book 45 Stars Another outstanding book in the Troubleshooters series Navy Seal Chief Cosmos Richter is a man of few words but when he speaks everyone listens His reputationlegend proceeds him It s said many men fear him A speaks everyone listens His reputationlegend proceeds him It s said many men fear him A of a man Cosmos is strong protective gorgeous and real a safe harbor in stormy seas He meets Jane Chadwick movie producer when he hires on with the Troubleshooters as one of her bodyguards after her life is threatened Cosmos Jane appear to be total opposites her public appearance screams bimbo and yet the windows fog p when they re in the same room I loved watching these two characters dance around one another both battling the emotional eruption that threatens to tear down their emotional walls Great steamy story Butas always there are multiple plot lines playing out in Hot Target and I have to say that FBI agent Jules Cassidy waltzed in and came close to stealing the show in this one I fell in love with him A love triangle plays out between Jules Robin Jane s brother an actor and Adam Jules cheating ex fiancelover Some of the most emotional heart touching scenes occur between these three characters I can not wait to read Jules story it has to be a good oneHot Target is a sizzling intense emotional blockbuster with Brockmann s signature multiple story lines playing out on sizzling intense emotional blockbuster with Brockmann s signature multiple story lines playing out on screen Grap the popcorn drink tissues before getting comfortable with this one you ll need them A Page Burner A Must Read I had been reading Brockmann s Seals Series from the beginning and always enjoyed them This one Eh Too much Jules not enough of the supposed hero and heroine In Hot Target it just ticked me off that she spent so much time on the Jules Robin Adam triangle that she wasn t able to develop Cosmo and Jane. Bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann knows exactly what makes hearts race and pulses pound peril and passion No one succeeds brilliantly at blending these exhilarating elements in breathtaking novels of men and women forced to grapple with the deepest emotions and the highest risks And there's no better proof than Hot Target Like most men of action Navy SEAL Chief Cosmo Richter never learned how to take a vacation So when he finds himself facing a month's leave he offers his services to Troubleshooters Incorporated Founded by a former SEAL the private sector security firm is a major player in the ongoing war against terrorism known for carrying out covert missions too volatile for official US military action But the first case. To se brain cells to read it and most importantly Cosmo s mom doesn t appear on page ONCE She s a Broadway musical jamming mama she s supposedly the reason Cosmo s even in this story and we don t even get to meet her The hellCosmoJane Ok I might have eye rolled at the things I mentioned above but I really liked them together and separately They re great characters they have flaws that make them relatable I really liked them together and separately They re great characters they have flaws that make them relatable their strengths complement each otherJulesRobin and JulesAdam WHAT A HOT HOLY MESS THIS STARTED OUT AS a hot holy mess this started out as m glad Jules stuck p for himself and made it clear he deserved better to both Robin and Adam But geez the first prominent gay storyline in this series Praznina unless something else happened in the three books I skipped over and both the potential love interests were both self involved douches True both Robin and Adam were given reasons for being that way but seriously It s at least somewhat balanced out with the Jack character and his story but that s not a big part of the book though it does inspire all three guys to do better in their own ways Also you can tell this is an early 00s romance aimed at het audiences because the het couples get on page sex times but the gay couples don t I wonder how many people missed the irony of Jane fighting to make sure the gay and straight couples in her movie got eual screen time because I sure noticed it I could feel Brockmann talking to her publishers with those lines I wonder if that s why the sexy times were kept to a minimum here Not that I can really complain about a minimum of sex scenes since that s always a plus for meAnyway I finally got through one of these without skimming or skipping or straining my eyes from constant eye rolling so this is a definite win in my book 4 stars Romantic SuspenseTwo main reasons to read this book 1 Navy SEAL Cosmo Richter He s strong tender protective intelligent caring brave emotionally honest fierce sweet and just flat out too yummy for words 2 FBI Agent Jules Cassidy The openly gay agent one of the best characters in the series has been a trusted devoted fearless and loyal teammate and confidant to SEAL Team 16 and Troubleshooters Inc and is looking for his own well deserved moment in the sunlight and HEA I can t wait to read his story in All Through the Night A Troubleshooter ChristmasI crackedp when Jane asked Cosmo how SEALs distinguish between a mission goatfck and a clusterfck Like is there really a difference and how can they tell That part was just too funnyI also loved Brockmann s touching heartfelt opening book dedication to her gay son whom she notes as an inspiration for her work. Her stubbornness doesn't make FBI agent Jules Cassidy's job any easier The fiercely independent filmmaker presents yet another emotional obstacle that Cassidy doesn't need he's already in the midst of a personal tug of war with his ex lover while fighting a growing attraction to Chadwick's brotherDetermined to succeed and survive on her own terms Chadwick will face off with enemies and allies alike But she doesn't count on the bond she forms with the Mining Geology: Exploration and Management uiet capable Cosmo Richter Yet even as their feelings bring them closer the noose of deadly terror all around them draws tighter And when all hell erupts desire and desperate choices will collide on a killing ground that may trap them both in the crossfire From the Hardcover editio.