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Emily GoneBy waiting in the crib and took her as her ownWhen Vicki came back to the car with a bundle under her coat her boyfriend Murph didn t uestion anything until he found out what she had doneBoth Murph and Vicki Had Plans For The Baby But had plans for the baby but plans were not the same Murph had plans to return the baby but Vicki had plans to keep the baby and took off without himWe follow the Dixon family and Vicki in this beautiful but heart wrenching story where one family s life is turned upside down and another supposedly becomes happyMs Crosby has outdone herself with EMILY GONE as she paired her amazing writing her amazing characters and her heartfelt story lines with a new twist a mysteryEMILY GONE has tender moments sad moments happy moments and many moments that need tissuesI didn t want to put this heartwarming book filled with Bette Lee Crosby s signature warmth down Her books feel like a huge hug 55This book was given to me as an ARC by the author in xchange for an honest review In 1971 when a music festival comes through to Hesterville Georgia many of the locals are not too happy given the noise and upheaval it would cause "But nothing prepares Rachel and George Dixon for the trauma it would bring to their "nothing prepares Rachel and George Dixon for the trauma it would bring to their Rachel tucked her baby into sleep as usual one night and when she woke the next morning baby Emily was gone Vicki Robart one of the festival attendees had a stillborn baby some months arlier Faced with the opportunity to fill the void left behind by the baby they named Lara Vicki s distraught mind convinces her she is meant to have this baby She kidnaps baby Emily Murph her partner wants no part of this but he loves Vicki Can he convince her they need to return the baby It is not just theses lives that are affected George s mother comes to alter her attitudes and her ways while Angela Vicki s stranged sister finds her life and her ways while Angela Vicki s Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, estranged sister finds her life in way she never imagined Meanwhile Rachel is convinced Emily is still alive but will shever know the truth of what happened that nightBette Lee Crosby has fast become one of my favourite authors With consummate ContamiNation ease she is able to draw me into a situation and involve me from the start of the story to thend Told from than one point of view it is Taxi ins Glück easy to understandach of the women in this story their motivations and their anguish There are moments that brought tears as well as some that brought smiles I never wanted to have to put this book down and kept snatching it back up whenever I got the chance This thought provoking book is one of grief and heartbreak but also of love and hope Highly recommended for anyone who likes family stories with complex characters I adored it Another gem from the talented Bette Lee Crosby The Dixon s live in rural Georgia where a music festival is being held in the summer of 1971 Over a three day period the family ndures blaring music with shrieking crowds leading to frayed nerves and sleep deprivation As the festival winds down Rachel Dixon forgets to lock her back door and wakes to find her baby missing from her cribVicki Robart is attending the festival with her boyfriend after arriving from Kentucky The last night of the vent is getting stormy so they decide to head home They are hungry after non stop partying but find all the local stores are already closed for the Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas evening Desperate for food they decide to loot one of the local houses Vicki spots baby bottles in the kitchen and sneaks a bit further to view the child In her weakenedcrazed mind she believes that this is the baby she lost seven months ago and takes the girl from her home Emily Gone by Bette Lee Crosby is themotional story of a family coping with loss The book is told with the differing point of views from Rachel and Vicki while showing how The Magic Rolling Pin each coped with. Ucks her baby into bed before falling into a deep sleep So deep she doesn’t hear the kitchen door opening When she and her husband wake up in the morning the crib ismpty Emily is goneVicki Robart is one of the thousands at the festival but she’s not feeling the music She’s feeling the mptiness over the loss of her own baby several months before Whe.

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Emily Gone had me captivated from its first pages until the last ones because of the superb storytelling of Bette Lee Crosby The book starts in the small town of Hesterville Georgia in 1971 The Dixon family lives close to Baker field where a music festival takes place Vicki and her boyfriend Murph are attendees at the festival A very stoned and hungry Vicki asks Murph to stop at the Dixons house so she can steal food What she nds up doing instead is kidnapping Emily the Dixons baby We follow what happens to the lives of the Dixons and Emily for the next 18 yearsGrief heartbreak compassion forgiveness and healing are some of the themes 18 yearsGrief heartbreak compassion forgiveness and healing are some of the themes are tackled so beautifully in this novel The book tugs at your heartstrings The characters are drawn Not Without a Fight expertly and I felt like I knew them I was songrossed in the story I kept visualizing myself sitting in the front porch with Rachel and mama Dixon and crocheting along with them and listening to Mama Dixon s advice and wisdomWhen you sit down with this book please know that you may not be able to put it down I was curled up on my couch with my Kindle glued to my hands for hoursMany thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for giving me an advanced copy in xchange for an honest review A crime of opportunity a grieving unhinged young woman breaks into a home looking for food and comes out with a 6 month old baby she s convinced is her own stillborn child While her boyfriend agonizes over how to get the baby girl back to her parents Vicki settles right in as a mom Meanwhile Rachel finds it impossible to get over the loss of her baby There are plenty of wonderful small "town characters and this story of grief resilience and healing is compelling and well written " characters and this story of grief resilience and healing is compelling and well written book should come with a warning label Don t start reading this unless you can commit to the whole novel immediatelynetgalley No wonder very reviewer I follow on social media is crazy about this book A page turner of a great Southern story by Bette Lee Crosby The tale of three women and one child compelling from beginning to nd I won an autographed copy of this novel through a Facebook contest and although a review was not reuired I wanted to honour the author and do one anyway In 1971 a music festival rolls through the usually uiet town of Hesterville Georgia In the middle of the night an infant is taken right from her crib while she sleeps Rachel and George are left with nothing but an mpty crib and the guilt that stays with them for years while Vicky and Murphy travel throughout the South with their new baby daughter one that will hopefully uell the pain they suffered after losing their own infant daughter months ago When the truth behind that night starts to come out three women are forever changed Are some secrets best left secret How do you start a life over again after it h If you re going to The Management Bible embarrass yourself by crying on a train at least make it over a good book This was the case when I finished Emily Gone Or to the point I started AND finished this book on my train ride The premise was gripping from the start and as it played out I thought of many different ways it couldnd Crosby has written an Zu schnell exceptional book that raises uestions about love family faith and forgiveness This one will stay with me for uite some time A music festival shook the uiet town of Hesterville Georgia with its loud music and with the kidnapping of Rachel and George Dixon s babyThe Dixons had beenxhausted from lack of sleep because of the music festival didn t "hear anyone nter the house through the unlocked door and awoke to "anyone nter the house through the unlocked door and awoke to their baby s crib mptyWe find out that Vicki one of the festival goers had just lost her baby chose a random house to nter to find food but instead found her lost ba. A missing child sets the lives of three women on a collision course in this powerful and compelling novel by USA Today bestselling author Bette Lee Crosby 1971When a music festival rolls through the sleepy town of Hesterville Georgia the Dixon family’s lives are forever changed On the final night a storm muffles the sound of the blaring music and Rachel
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This spur of the moment crime The raw sensitivity and courage shown leads reader to and courage shown leads the reader to with both women look forward to Bette s next novel Hesterville was a small town in Georgia and when a music festival was slated to happen one long a small town in Georgia and when a music festival was slated to happen one long on a property out of town the locals objected But the sheriff said there was nothing he could do about it as it was out of the town s and his jurisdiction Rachel and George Dixon lived in a house abutting the property and the constant loud thumping music kept them and their six month old baby Emily awake ach night On the final night a violent storm hit the area which muffled the music and all other noises Their xhaustion meant Rachel and George slept deeply but when morning arrived Emily s cot was Invisible (The Curse of Avalon empty Vicki and her partner Murph hadnjoyed the festival the marijuana Vicki used kept the Yummy Supper emptiness at bay most of the time But her grief was always there and Murph didn t know whatlse to do The night they left the festival the storm was rampant it was also the night that lives changed foreverGrief guilt and sadness sucked at Rachel and George but gradually with the help of George s mother Mama Dixon Rachel slowly picked up the pieces Would Emily ver be found Was she safe and loved Would Rachel ver know Poignant heartbreaking with lessons in compassion forgiveness and Deep Listening empathy Emily Gone by US author Bette Lee Crosby is up to her usual style probably one of her best in my opinion Incredibly well written and starting in 1971 with hippies marijuana and music being felt right across the country the story works its way through the years until the satisfying conclusion A wonderful contemporary novel which I highly recommendWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read inxchange for an honest review 1971 GeorgiaRachel Dixon is tired So very tired The last couple of days a music festival has been playing at a nearby farm The music has kept her small family awake for days Weary and ready to drop she puts her six month old daughter Emily down to sleep in her crib and finally sleeps herself Only to wake up to a nightmare Emily is gone No longer in her crib where could she beVicki Robart is at the music festival numbing herself from the grief of losing her infant daughter months arlier Leaving the festival the night of a terrible storm she nters a home hoping to find some food but instead finds the answers to her prayers A way to fill the void in her heart she makes a snap decision which will change lives forever Bette Lee Crosby does not shy away from tackling difficult subjects in her books She does so with grace and charm She does not lay blame in this book leaving that up to the reader and simply tells both women s familiesstories Her characters are likable and relate able She also writes about relationships touching on marital relationships sibling relationships friendships Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature etc and does so in this book as well She alsoxamines loss grief heartbreak the immediate and long term ffects of losing a child Often she has older female characters who are there to provide strength wisdom insight and love to the younger characters and I appreciated how this was true in this book as wellWhat makes a family How do love and faith help people heal What happens when the truth comes out Could one forgive someone for taking their childWell written thought provoking moving heartbreaking and hopeful Another solid book by this Author although I thought the nding was tied up a little too uickly and nicely Grab some tissues and dig inThank you to Bette Lee Crosby Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in Trajan exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinionsxpressed in this review are my ow. N she leaves the festival and is faced with an opportunity to fill that void she is driven to an act of desperation that will forever bind the lives of three womenWhen the truth of what actually happened that fateful night is finally Bunnys Book Club Goes to School exposed shattering the lives they’ve built will they be able to pick up the pieces to put their families back together agai.