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So everything goes to hell We still don t know what s up with Kao and everyone wanting her for something or otherThe thing is Kao is supposed to be a super fighter and blablabla but lately everyone as been kicking her ass I mean it s annoying when the good guys always win but in this book they mainly never but in this book they mainly never and when they do it only make things worseLook at what happened with Halston Seriously I m super surprised that none of the main characters have died et considering that they escape death in one way or another again and again I really hate Victor and all the angels I guess like what judgemental creature talk about being perfect with that mindset I don t think soAnd YARN Essentials yet again another cliffhanger KN Lee is an author to follow that is for sure She certainly knows how to write a good book but be warned I think she has great plans on causing widespread addiction in the need to read of her books Koa sure seems to have a lot going on and it is not all good Not only is Koa battling feelings for two men Halston Jax she and her allies have to battle the vampire king Greggan who has come up from the Netherworld to reek havoc among the humans and non humans alike I found this to be fast paced and was not able to put it down The return of the hidden memories totally adds to the storyThe characters are all superbly created they each have their own uniue ualities that just ooze out of every pageou will be swooning and gasping and probably cursing lol Its Soo Good The soo good The that has been put into each of the scenes leaves no doubt as to what the author was seeing on writing themI received a complimentary copy of the book and chose to leave an honest review because everyone should know when there are great books to be read Don t forget to read Netherworld first This book was awesome You feel like Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, you re right in the actionou laugh with the characters Black on Blonde you cry for themou get anxious as our turn the pages By far one of my favorite vampire series I have read Cannot wait for the next book Dark Prophet Book Two of the Chronicles of Koa by KN Lee is an excellent and original vampire story with romance action and a while new netherworld thrown in Koa is a great lead character who meets her multitude of tasks and her enemies head on I read th. A curse threatens her mother's lifeA demon seeks to claim her as his slaveA fallen angel risks redemption to save herKoa and her boss Halston formed a crew of supernatural agents to stop the demon Bund But with the odds stacked against them even a team of angels vampires and War Breeders isn't enough to stop what is coming when ,

Dark Prophet The Chronicles of Koa #2

Characters Dark Prophet The Chronicles of Koa #2

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Is book out of seuence but enjoyed it all the same a read book two the same A great read Book two this series is another winner It s a thrill ride that doesn t let up I was totally vested in the characters and the uniue supernatural plot The story starts where book one left off Koa must escape an army of Netherworld enemies and she needs to reconcile her feelings for two loves The adventure vampires and romance were a great escape for me Dark Prophet Book Two of The Chronicles of Koa Series by KN Lee is an excellent dark fantasy readHaving received this copy for an honest review by excellent dark fantasy readHaving received this copy for an honest review by author I have to say this is a real page turner and very originalFrom the very first page to all the twists and turns throughout the book the creative style of KN Lee has mastered the art of keeping the story line flowing and excitingSetting a pace that keeps a reader interested and intrigued is a gift this reader appreciates well done KN Lee 5 stars Koa and her non human allies are all that stand in the way of vampiric King Greggan who is ready to unleash the Netherworld demons to enslave the human world This is deliciously dark with graphic violence throughoutDark Prophet picks up right where that frustrating cliff hanger in the first book left off In the middle of a battle in the Netherworld with Koa awakening memories that she didn t know she had lostThat first realisation wow The first book leads ou to believe that Koa is the Princess to vampire royalty Jax A American Nietzsche young handsome Netherworld vampire and one of the good guys relatively speaking view spoilerBut to find out that Koa was actually the 12ear old bride forced to marry Jax s sadistic father King Greggan in a political move orchestrated by none other than Halston Good move Ms Lee very good move hide spoiler Seuels can be tricky things but this one rocks It hits all the right notes of continuing the story developing the characters and exceeding expectations Starting where the first book leaves off ou are immediately thrust into the action Struggling with the memories of her past Koa not only has to escape an army of Netherworld enemies but also has to find a way to reconcile her feelings for her new and past love When that army succeeds in breaking through to the human world how far Koa will have to go to. Vampire king builds a new empire in EnglandIn the midst of a war between the humans of the mortal world and the creatures of the Netherworld Koa discovers the truth of her mysterious past and finds herself torn between two men while in the center of everything Faced with the reality of all her returned memories Koa is becoming .
Protect the world from the evil Vampire king and his demonIf only Koa Could Focus On focus on one at a But nothing goes easy for her Instead of just being able to focusing to save the world and free her mother from her curse she must first come to grips wi I can t even begin to express how much I loved this book I started it this morning and t even begin to express how much I loved this book I started it this morning and not put it down until I d devoured every single page It was just so brilliantly written and paced perfectly that I was just so enthralled in the story that I just had to know what happened Halston was a favourite of mine in the first book and et again KN Lee just had me swooning at his every word action and look sigh I am so in love with him I felt my heart leaping in my chest when Koa s past was revealed a past that includes a long lost love that has been returned to her and I really hoped that Koa wouldn t forget the new life she had made for herself and the connection that she shared with Halston now that memories of her past had been returned to herThe action and drama in this book was paced perfectly and I was on the edge of my seat throughout biting my lip and glaring at anyone who dared interrupt me when I was reading I loved seeing how the allegiances changed throughout this story and those who we thought we could trust turned to other sides and what we thought was the truth is far from it This really brought the suspense to a whole new level and I felt giddy with nerves and excitement as everything that Koa was fighting for began to changeA brilliant continuation of the Chronicles of Koa series and I CAN T WAIT to see what happens next I am addicted5 Stars Naturally I have Berlioz and His Century yet to read book one and now I really must Dark Prophet is an excellent seuel actually from my perspective just an excellent book I also watched the Godfather Part 2 first so thereou go that has Aristotles Rhetoric you turning pages faster than a very uick page turning thing Koa is a like a day walker a half vampire that can exist under sunlight and can fly too Together with Halston they have to try and stop Bund Will they be able to do it Are they strong enough The ending willou have shocked and clamouring for I m also clamouring for though perhaps I should start with book one first Excellent characters excellent story A must rea. Owerful than ever Being a half blood is hard enough but what exactly is Koa's other half Will the Netherworld Division stand behind Koa once they learn her secretThe Chronicles of Koa SeriesPublication orderNetherworld The Chronicles of Koa Book 1Dark Prophet The Chronicles of Koa Book 2Lyrinian Blade The Chronicles of Koa Book ,