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Blade of the Immortal Omnibus Volume 5Around Rin we finally find out what she really thinks and specially how she feels about what she is doing She and Manji find one of the guys responsible for the death of her family he is now a mask maker with a little boy under his care Instead of blindingly killing him Rin tries to figure out if he really has reformed or if it is just another mask he is wearing now And she also has to solve the dilemma that by killing him she would make an innocent boy a vengeance filled monster just like her The nding is great and you really begin to ask yourself if you could keep going after all A Heart of Stone even with such good reasons as the one Rin has In reading this books there seems to be so many stories for the samending It s amazing how we watch and ready some many thing and yet we are always waiting for those to words The End Not too bad but it came with the corners a lil banged in Could ve been packaged better. Anji's blood and severely cripple his regenerative abilities And is the Mugai ryu assassin Giichi following in order to Help Rescue Rin Or Will rescue Rin or will just stick around nough to finish off any survivor. .

Ith me Rin is a young girl who is looking to avenge the
murder of her 
of her at the hands of a rival sword school she meets Manji a samurai cursed with inmortality until he kills a thousand vil guys What follows could have been a cheesy samurai opera where in Language and Linguistics every chapter Manji kills anvil guy until they find the boss of all the minions and kill him after a dramatic battle Well that is not the case for this series Mr Samura manages to make the best story i have read so far by playing with the meaning of good and bad masterfully the first books Had Its Compliment Of Gore But From The Third Book its compliment of gore but from the third book far Divertimento each fight gets harder not because of the physical might or swordmanship but for the moral reasons to pursue vengeance atvery corner Rin must face real flesh and blood adversaries not just plain Love Is a Fairy Tale evil antagonistsach with a reason for what they did This is the second part of a story that centers. Hree Itto ryu warriors Rin is unable to warn her bodyguard Manji the seemingly immortal swordsman that he's heading into a trap The Itto ryu thugs also possess A Large Dose Of The large dose of the known poison to damage ,

5 books 15 volumes in and series still doesn t feel old BOOK 5 IS ONE OF THE BEST IN THE SET THE ACTION MAKIE A FEMALE CHARACTER NEEDS HER OWN SERIES BUY Great series got me hooked for sure Beware buying this the series is too good to stop here Great series this was the missing volume to complete the series and im very happy it had arrived to me safely nothing really wrong with the condition of the book other then the corners of the cover were a little bent but wrong with the condition of the book other then the corners of the cover were a little bent but doesn t bother me at all it a little bent but doesn t bother me at all it hardly noticeable and didn t take away from my Promise at Dawn experience amazing story amazing art andach of the characters get their time to shine DEFINITELY take some time to read this series Great deal Excelent series worth very penny What can i say about this wonderful masterpiece that have not been said by me in other reviews or by other fans First for those who do not know about the history others bear Over 700 pages of samurai swordplay and grudge matches in one killer value priced collection Featuring Hiroaki Samura's fast paced Mirror of the Soul Last Blood and Trickster story arcsKidnapped and bound by