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Her keep while looking for those the police cannot findAngeliue Badeau a Haitian teenager has gone missing from Mattapan a Boston neighborhood She is a studious teen with ambitions of being a doctor She disappears after school one day and the Boston PD have been unable to locate her Armed with tenacity and uestions she begins her own search one that many are not happy with A search which will upset some a search that will bring up uestions answers and rattle some feathers Sometimes a fresh set of eyes and the ability to think like a teenager are all that is needed to uncover new clues Often these skills will also land you in hot water place you in danger and make others uncomfortableThis was an enjoyable read which kept me engaged although there were times I wanted the book to hurry up a little bit There were parts that dragged a little for me Frankie is a woman with a past that haunts her and we learn about it as the book goes on I found this to be both interesting and frustrating at the same time but it does work to show how she moved from one addiction alcohol to another searching for missing people and what may be her motivating factor She also had me wanting to shake her from time to time I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own I ve been reading Lisa Gardner s books for years enjoying both her series stand alone and options eually Sadly this latest release fell short for me Maybe I ve ust come to expect from this author Frankie Elkin has devoted her every waking moment to finding missing children Her focus is on those who may not have a voice heard through media with no resources necessary to keep an investigation moving forwardHer latest challenge brings her to a Boston suburb where a young Haitian girl Angeliue has vanished Can Frankie work her magic and piece together the mystery of her disappearance in time to bring her home safely I had a hard time warming up to Frankie I ust didn t find herauthentic Her reasons for devoting her passion to this cause ust didn t add up for me And her glimpses into her past Davids Sling just didn t bring much to the tableStill Lisa Gardner remains one of my favorite authors This wasust a step back for me There are some great five star reviews out there so take a look at those as well before making a decision on this book A buddy read with Susanne that left both of us a little bit perplexed and underwhelmed Thank you to Edelweiss and Penguin Publishing Group for an ARC to read and review Lisa Gardner was inspired by the wide range of people who commit themselves to helping find the missing in our world for no reward for this crime thriller Here our hunter of the missing is haunted alcoholic bartender Frankie Elkin raised in Northern California a white middle aged woman driven and determined owning only what she can carry staying only for as long as it takes to succeed in her mission and moving on to the next missing person She is not a private investigator she takes no payment she is an ordinary woman taking on an extraordinary task coming in when the police have failed and the public have forgotten the missing She has never failed so far she has located 14 people the only problem is that they were dead when she discovers them Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields just like her latest Lani Whitehorseust for once she would like to find someone alive She travels to Boston for her next case 15 year old schoolgirl Angeliue Angel Badeau missing for 11 months living with her Aunt Guerline and younger brother Emmanuel A clever girl she has dreams of becoming a doctor coming from Haiti after the earthuake disaster Angel is no dreamer but a planner intent on staying in the US with her beloved aunt and brother loyal and protective towards those she loves She left her school one day and disappeared her bag and phone found in bushes later since then she has not been seen leaving her family devastated and desperate Frankie becomes bartender at Stoney s living in a tiny flat above it sharing her accommodation with a deranged and aggressive cat Piper Initially made to feel unwelcome by Angel s family and Detective Dan Lotham Frankie begins to make headway in a case that had looked dead but will she find Angel aliveOnce again Lisa Gardner delivers as one of my favourite crime thriller authors she creates a complex and magnetic character in Frankie a woman wanting to atone having to live with grief tragedy and the ever present threat of succumbing to the demon drink needing to attend AA meetings in whatever town she finds herself in Whilst Frankie wants to connect with Lotham at no point does she have romantic delusions she knows herself better than that as soon as she is finished she will be off to look for the next missing person The conclusion of the novel suggests there might be a possibility of Gardner returning to Frankie in the future which I really hope she does This is a entertaining and engaging thriller with a great central protagonist that I think many of Gardner s fans and other crime and thriller readers will love Many thanks to Random House Cornerstone for an ARC Before She Disappeared by Lisa GardnerFrankie Elgin is a recovering alcoholic with such guilt and heartbreaking memories that she lives her life like a death wish in action For the last ten years she has "Been On A One Woman "on a one woman to find the missing She has succeeded in finding sixteen missing persons all the cases that she has taken on and she has no plans to stop looking for missing people as long as she is alive Frankie has no home no friends no possessions other than what she can carry in a bag and she has No Plans To Ever Change That Fact Nothing Is Going plans to ever change that fact Nothing is going hold her down and no one is going to tell her what to do Frankie s latest case brings her to Mattapan a Haitian Boston neighborhood where she stands out in every way possible including the fact that she goes walking around at night a middle aged white woman drawing attention to "herself by her very existence in this neighborhood who doesn t want her there But often people will "by her very existence in this neighborhood who doesn t want her there But often people will to Frankie when they won t talk to law enforcement and Frankie makes uick inroads on the case of missing sixteen year old Angeliue Badeau Frankie is going to find out what happened to Angeliue or die trying I became fond of many of the side characters in this story and would love for there to be another one featuring Frankie and this neighborhood but Frankie isn t likely to allow such a thing because any attempt to grow roots or attachments to people are snuffed out as soon as Frankie finds what she is looking for This was my first story by Lisa Gardner and now I plan to go way back to her early writing to start her series that features Detective DD Warren Thanks to my friend DeAnn for suggesting that I do so We have a lot of fun reading ahead of us Publication date January 19 2021Thank you to PENGUIN GROUPDutton and NetGalley for this ARC. Eenager who vanished from her high school months earlier Resistance from the Boston PD and the victim's wary family tells Frankie she's on her own and she soon learns she's asking uestions someone doesn't want answered But Frankie will stop at nothing to discover the truth even if it means the next person to go missing could be her. ,
The high population of Haitians Angeliue Angel Badeau is a teenager who vanished from high school almost a year ago Frankie gets word of this Since nobody else seems to be tackling the case at this stage she decides to give it a go First she finds a homejob at a bar called Stoney s The owner Stoney rents her the room above the bar in exchange for working there 5 days a weekand sharing the space with a possibly homicidal cat named Piper Then it s time to dig into the missing teenager which leads to a suspenseful mystery with many possible scenarios and culprits Frankie uickly learns that she is not welcome with open arms while searching for the truth It might even lead to physical danger I know I started this review with amusing uotes and mentioned Piper killer cat but this is not a cozy story It s a riveting mystery that goes from 0 to 60 in the course of seconds I found it unputdownable as I was engrossed in everything going on and learning the secrets that spilled out at timely moments Lisa Gardner is a fantastic author who gives her characters so much depth and background Frankie has a reason for doing this selfless act and we learn about it as each layer of her is peeled back throughout the novel When I first saw that this was a standalone I was sad that I wouldn t be reading the latest adventures of DD Warrenor even Rainie and uincy remember them However Frankie is awesome She holds her own and I found the character riveting As amazing as the mysterythriller aspect is my favorite thing about this book is the charactersand their interactions with Frankie We have Stoney her landlord and boss Val the bar cook Detective Lotham Through frustration and admiration they have some SERIOUS chemistry and Angeliue s family Oh and of course Frankie s feline roommate Piper Piper has glowing eyesand likes to leave her with dead mice vomit on the floor and bodily injuries Each piece of the puzzle is handled so expertly The buildup to the conclusion as well as the denouement is brilliantly plotted This could remain a standalone but I really hope it continues into a new series The ending really left me yearning for Thank you to Dutton Lisa Gardner and Edelweiss for an ARC in exchange for an honest review HAPPY PUBLICATION DAYWhat a completely enjoyable read this was I learned that this is Ms Gardner s first standalone novel in 20 years and what a treat it wasOur heroine for she truly is Frankie is a recovering alcoholic with lots of regret and trauma in her past life For the past decade she has been traveling from city to city working cold cases of missing young women She looks for those that are sometimes neglected by the regular police or left to languish without much new information or evidence to track So far she has closed 14 cases but has yet to find a survivor She is hoping this new case will be the oneFrankie is headed to Boston this time a largely Haitian somewhat run down neighborhood Mattapan This is where Angeliue Angle Bandeau lived with her aunt and brother She has been missing for eleven months She was last seen leaving her high school and no new information or evidence has arisen to cause the police to keep working the caseFrankie a white woman stands out in this largely Haitian and African American area She uickly finds a Learner Strategies in Language Learning job at a local pub and talks the owner into renting the above apartment to her in exchange for working 5 days a week She will have to share the tiny apartment with a feisty feline who adds some humor to the novel and even some comfort to Frankie with her loud purring in the morningsShe has a way with people and while trying to find information on Angel befriends some women at a local donut shop who help her find her way around the confusing maze which is Boston s commuter train and bus system They also are a source of local knowledge gossip and background informationShe manages to gain some trust with Angel s aunt and brother and slowly slowly she begins to try to understand Angel s life As with all teenagers Angel age 15 has secrets that even her best friends and family don t know They do know that she was extremely intelligent and had hoped to head to college Frankie contacts the detective who worked on the case Detective Lotham and he tells her that they have covered all of the angles already and that she should go home Eventually she gains some of his trust and help and maybe a lot than that There are layers and layers to this mystery and Frankie ends up looking for not one but two missing young girls What is their connection What could they possibly have gotten themselves into that would lead to their kidnapping There are chase scenes and gunshots fired Frankie s life seems to be at stake if she continues her hunt There are some big players here that don t want her intrusionThe ending is outstanding and left me wanting I don t usually enjoy series but if this is the beginning of a new one with Frankie at the lead count me in I d recommend this one to anyone who enjoys a well written character driven mystery with a bit of Boston history and charm thrown inI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss Frankie Elkins is a troubled middle aged woman who is on the run from her life She is a recovering alcoholic who finds missing persons It sust something she has been doing for the last ten years of her life "In Before She Disappeared Frankie finds herself in Boston searching for teenager Angeliue Badeau who went missing "Before She Disappeared Frankie finds herself in Boston searching for teenager Angeliue Badeau who went missing her High School eleven months prior Though she has no experience or training somehow Frankie has a way about her an ability to make people trust her and get information that the police do not In addition she thinks of avenues to explore that the police don t even consider Frankie is a complex character whose backstory is somewhat compelling She is kind and strong yet tormented by her past While this book starts out as suspenseful and intriguing it reuired this reader to suspend disbelief at Frankie s ability to solve crimes given her lack of training I also "found the romance that was brewing between Frankie and the Detective to be "the romance that was brewing between Frankie and the Detective to be bit rushed Further I didn t buy into Frankie s background as the reasons for her needing to make things right and thought the novel felt forced What makes this story "enjoyable however is the writing It is extremely solid and the character "however is the writing It is extremely solid and the character as always is very well done As a huge fan of Lisa Gardner the DD Warren and Flora Dane series unfortunately this standalone novel didn t uite live up to my expectations I therefore hope that the author returns to her tried and true for her next go roundThank you to Edelweiss Penguin Publishing Group Dutton and Lisa Gardner for the arcPublished on Goodreads on 112220 I am my demons and my demons are me 354 starsFrankie Elkin is a recovering alcoholic and amateur sleuth She spends her time and her life moving from place to place searching for missing people She works as a bartender to earn. One else will searching for missing people the world has stopped looking for When the police have given up when the public no longer remembers when the media has never paid attention Frankie starts lookingA new case brings her to Mattapan a Boston neighborhood with a rough reputation She is searching for Angeliue Badeau a Haitian Many thanks to NetGalley Penguin Dutton and Lisa Gardner for an ARC of this book Now available as of 119This was my very first Lisa Gardner book and my first uestion ishow could I have waited so longFrankie Elkin knows the meaning of heartbreak several years sober her past has compelled her to pick up where the police leave off an ordinary civilian armed with nothing but her razor sharp instincts and a yearning for the truth Specifically she deals in missing persons cold cases that have stumped the authorities and have run their course in the eyes of the law She may not always find the subjects alive but her irascible nature won t let her give up until she finds answers This Dangerously Placed journey leads her to the town of Mattapan where the Hait Frankie Elkin is an alcoholic who moves across the country searching for missing people chiefly from minority groups She s a restless soul driven to help those perhaps to save herself from her inner demons She makes her way to Mattapan an overcrowded and run down area of Boston where she helps the Haitian family of Angeliue Badeau an excellent student who disappeared eleven months ago What unfolds is an intriguing case that places Frankie in danger The book starts really well and the character of Frankie really intrigues me She s resourceful tough but also vulnerable with battling her addiction to alcohol In my opinion one of the biggest strengths of the novel is the characterisation and especially likeable are Stoney and Viv at the bar where Frankie works and lives to keep body and soul together Detective Dan Lothan is another good character and the undercurrent between him and Frankie adds another dimension There s some smart dialogue it s a well written story and the setting in Mattapan is good as it s a scary place to be especially at night The case is interesting and the plot gets deeper and deeper with some good twists along the way particularly in the clues that smart cookie Ang liue provides for her eually smart brother Emmanuel I have no trouble believing the storyline or outcome However for the first half the read is compelling but the pace stays the same pretty much throughout It s aog and I begin to want a sprint speed and an injection of excitement although the end is good I can honestly say I like the book but I don t love it it s a solidly enjoyable read rather than a completely memorable one I like Lisa Gardner and I will always want to read what she writes and I d like Frankie to reappear in another novel because I think she s fascinating With thanks to NetGalley and Penguin for the arc for an honest review I m shaken slowly crying barely gathering right words to tell how I wholeheartedly loved this book and how deeply affected me with its resonating realistic deeply layered character portraits That s why Ms Gardner is one of the most brilliantly talented authors who creates broken but willful fighter characters with tragic pasts We re introduced to brand new character Frankie Elkin a recovering alcoholic a loner survivor of tragic past having no proper place to call her home no people to call friends family acuaintances carrying her limited belongings including a phone a few clothes a whistle at her backpack Her mission is finding missing people who are given up by police and who are no longer remembered by public or never cared by media She keeps looking for them as her redemption of tragic event she d faced ten years ago She keeps searching them to keep her sanity intact controlling to urge to start drinking She wants to save lives because of the guilt feeling has been eating her alive and slowly killing her for years But when it gets dark and when she is alone by herself her nightmares start chasing her again At those darker times she calls her survivor which saved her from herself 10 years ago That s how she spends her days and nights finding girls running away from her inner demons She found all the missing 14 people she d be looking for but none of them were found alive She s definitely old school she never carries smartphones trying to find her way out in big cities complex transportation system by using her maps But she s good listener and she really knows how to ask right uestions which may be her secret weapon to make the people talk and get the right clues out of their mouths to be on the right track of her cases Now her last case dragged her to Mattapan Boston a very rough and dangerous neighborhood with its mostly Haitian population Some of them moved to the states after losing their homes at the big earthuake for security reasons Frankie came here to find 15 years old Haitian girl Angeliue Badeau who goes missing after school 11 months ago and
nobody hears from 
hears from She connects with her aunt and her little tech genius brother Emmanuel to offer her free investigation service getting a ob at local bar and a room sharing with one of the wildest cats reminds you of "baby panther Of course locals get suspicious about a skinny white woman prying around their neighborhood and they "panther Of course locals get suspicious about a skinny white woman prying around their neighborhood and they to know her real agenda 15 minutes fame bribery money insanity etc but she slowly finds her way to make them trust her and give the crucial information she needs She also gains trust of Detective Lotham who conducts the investigation Their sizzling chemistry between them may put the entire neighborhood on fire They find out Angeliue s disappearance may be connected with another case another smart student 15 years old Livia who is sister of drug dealer As they dig deeper they start to realize the case they re working on so much complex dangerous than simple case of two girls disappearances Overall Well balanced paced action packed smart hooking up addictive writing style mind blowing characterization made me fall in love with this book over and over again so my final words about this excellent reading experience are please take my five gazillion stars and give me at least 10 Frankie Elkin books Millions of thanks to NetGalley and PENGUIN Dutton for sharing this amazing digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest thoughts I cannot wait to read the next adventure of Frankie Elkin HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY I m growing on you I can tell Forget Detective Lotham Maybe I m growing on the entire population of Mattapan What I lack in discipline I make up for in my personality That is ust SOME of the praise Frankie Elkin gives herself while talking to other characters in Lisa Gardner s first standalone novel in 20 yearsand her dialogue is a HOOT Frankie is an alcoholic who has been dry for years What does she do in her free time Investigate cold cases of missing people with the intention of solving them She s not a detective police officer or PI She does this in part to absolve herself of her past and also because she s damn good at it She searches for cases where police have given up and public outcry has diminished Her current case takes her to a rough part of BostonMattapan It s an area known for. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner a propulsive thriller featuring an ordinary woman who will stop at nothing to find the missing people that the rest of the world has forgottenFrankie Elkin is an average middle aged woman a recovering alcoholic with regrets than belongings But she spends her life doing what no.