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35 stars Author warned readers about the small cliffhanger ending in the synopsis I m treating Bash as the author testing her In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, pool of readers on how we d react to serials I m not a fan myself but the release dates are relatively short she did a decent job making this volume almost all inclusive it s also the full length of a book so you don t feel gypped Yes I recommend the book but wait till all three volumes are out to theublic if
have the willpower lol Review Jaycee for BOOKS N COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS wwwTalon Bark pscomwillost to BCS Blog Oct 15ARC copy On Such a Full Sea provided for honest reviewCan the wolf you love to hate become the wolf you love Yep Can a Bad Boy for Real have a heart of gold underneath it all Well a heart at least anderhaps of tarnished silver but fans of the Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! previous installation Brain in the Rolling Thunder MC series will beleased to know that Bash does have some redeeming ualities And a seriously fine set of skillsbut I digressThis time our heroine Angelica is wolf herself born and raised the over Cannibal protected daughter of an RTMC chapter Presidentwhoserotector during a formative spell just happened to be Bash Good Girl wolves grow up and Bad Boy wolves makeamends Occasionally they only do so when their hand is forcedEnter the complication Well one of the many complications and Mastered (The Enforcers, potential complications taking the forms oferson Man, Son of Man place and thing It is easy to see why this story will reuire three volumes to tell The beauty is as always the reader has no sweet clue as to exactly how or why or when these complications will hit the fan or how they will resolve themselves except that it will be intense and it won t beretty I will say I has a sad from this story Well a little sad that I know will resolve itself but my Alter Ego personal hero HE of Book One the incomparable Duke isin a spot Not one he is used to being in and not one I enjoy seeing him in I have angst I don t do well with angst But if what I suspect comes to bear this is going to combine with some other events to blow this story off the charts for fans of the seriesThis reader also feared the dread Volume I cliffy one of the things I generally dislike most about a book with installations For those in the same boat fear not This time at least the story is left at a relatively comfortableoint buoyed by "The Fact That Ms "fact that Ms ensured Volumes II and III would follow in short order You know that the tale is on the brink of somethings big and I suspect I may be singing a different tune in High C at the end of Volume II but that skill of hers as a storytellershe s got it worked out very well and the hook is firmly lanted And while I might think I have an idea where this is going I have never outguessed Ms Blevins yet and its now become a challengeMeantime I let go my compunction to direct the flow and bestow TPE to her writing it her way because damned if she doesn t know what we readers needand oh okay want as well oh lease that is not a cliffhanger it s just the segue way to the next Uncommon Wisdom phase of their relationship So I gotta say I love Angelica and she is one tough cookie I m glad her and Bash got together but considering there is a volume 2 and a volume 3 me thinks all is not smooth sailing from here and I can t wait to find out what happens nexts don t like the DA and I hope he s gone WHERE IS THE REST OF THIS STORY Fist shakes at Candace This is a bloody cock teaser of a book When Ms Blevins shared the third character featured in the Rolling Thunder series would be Bash I was confusedWho wants to read about Bash After his completely disgusting stunts in Brain I wanted to bash Bash s brains in Even at the end of Brain Bash didn t impress me I still wanted to kick his ass from here to Timbuktu Then the arc comes and it is not one book but THREE books Seriously how much can be written about this asshat Apparently a lotWe kick off the book 8 years in the Unseen City past when Bash was a wet behind the ears littlerospect His introduction to the motorc. What do you get when you mix a bad ass werewolf biker with a beautiful she wolf who grew up as the MC President’s daughter Sparks Book one of the Bash trilogyAngelica was raised not only as a biker’s daughter but as Bud’s daughter the resident of the Atlanta RTMC which meant she also had dozens of ‘uncles’ who made sure she was safe happy loved secureNeedless to say her virginity wa. ,
Ycle club is a bit rough with Atlanta President Bud but it s okay He gets to be Bud s daughter Angelica s bitch boy bodyguard His relationship with Angel is uickly reset and they slowly become friends Fast forward to current times Angel is no longer the slightly spoiled sixteen year old Master degree in hand and a MIT graduate she is ready to start her first job Angel returns to the South but this time in Tennessee Bash is an anti hero and I really enjoyed learning about him His interactions with Angel are funny erotic and endearing This book made me change my mind about Bash I m also getting to know Angel who is another kick ass female She shares many traits with Ms Blevins other female characters I liked her I like her independence I like her slightly Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard princess attitude I like how she can separate her relationship from her family of motorcycle men What I really liked was her learning about kink and finding out she enjoys it I thought I d only read 1 chapter then in the wee hours of the morning I finished the book This is aage turner and when it gets to the end I m shocked Shocked not because of what is going on or that it is a cliff hanger Shocked because I can t believe the book is done and I have to wait another month before the second The Matriarchs (The Family part is available The BDSM in this book is very light for Ms Blevins It s a nice little erotic element to help enhance the book I wonder where this will go and look forward to seeing Angel s journey into kink Will she be into SM or into Ds Based on herersonality and Ms Blevins kink Notes for the Everlost preference I m thinking SM with a smidgen of Ds due to the wolf tie in Speaking of wolfmmm nicerimal sex Wow when "That Happened My Jaw "happened my jaw and my hand ventured down southThis book is appallingly short I can t wait to read the next Whilst I wait I will be re reading this again which is why it is a 5 star for me Recommended for kinky readers who like an anti hero falling for a greasy monkey rincess I received an advanced copy No review reuested I gave one anyway Not at all sure why I copy No review reuested I gave one anyway Not at all sure why I this author and this series so much but I every time I think I can walk away from not buying the next bookI race off to buy the next book in the series I thought Bash and Angelica were a really intriguing couple I like them best so far and I m surprised anyone surpassed Brain and Harmony in my list of strong couples from this series This trilogy is kinky than some of the others but that totally works for me Communication though imperfect between Bash and Angelica is really solid because they work really really hard at it and adding Dawg just made it all the oignant to me I like the mix of strong women brutal men and situations that just have to be dealt with that makes everyone stronger in different ways just makes this a great series After reading Duke and Brain I did not like Bash at all Thought he was awful and No Biggy! pretty much evilAfter reading Bash vol 1 my opinion has certainly changed lolDeep down I think that Bash whilst he has very rough edges is a loving and caring man Especially for the one he l Candance Blevins starts us off with a nice look down memory lane Told in dual POV s We see Bash starting off as a young and upcoming MC member He srospecting for the Atlanta RTMC and given the task of being the bodyguard to the Prez s daughter Angelica Taking on the job of babysitting Angel is no easy task She s sassy and a big bully I find Angel and Bash butt heads continuously and soon enough we see them both engaging in an easy going friendship that s laced with sexual tension However being a Crush It! prospect Bash can t take the chance to screw up Otherwise he s out of the MC As youngsters they both have this undeniable draw to the other But each are looking to make their ownlace in the world Bash as a member of the MC and Angel is looking to head to college Since we re being so honest I ll admit I ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw you even before my dad assigned you to me I kept a lid on it because S still solidly intact when she left for collegeShe goes to school up north where no one knows she’s a biker’s daughter at heart and thoroughly enjoys her time as a civilian She gets rid of her esky virginity right away but is mostly a good girl while she buckles down to get her degree staying at school even during the summers to take as many classes as she can fit inShe’s a different er.
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E took guys away from me if he thought I had the hots for them too badFast forward some years and we re brought into the resent Angel has returned home with her academia under her belt and a new "job on the horizon she needs to settle and focus on the ositive s in her life "on the horizon she needs to settle and focus on the ositive s in her life loved th My Thoughts 4 out of 5 Unicorns I really liked it I choose what I Read And Review read and review on what intrigues me Yes I got a copy of this book from either a giveaway or through the newsletter but no one tells me what to think feel or write about any book After reading I did buy the first 2 books in the series and the vol 2 and 3 of this trilogy so I can read themThe cover looks dangerous and intriguing all at onceThis is my first time reading Candace Blevins and this is the first book in Bash s trilogy but is the 3rd book in this series This book is for adults only because of the steamy content and violence Wow this book took me by surprise The characters in this book that are a gang basically and I shouldn t like them but I do This book was a rollercoaster of action drama and I can t figure out how to ut words together to describe this book because I just won t get it right I like Bash but he is definitely trouble This book is like driving by an accident and being unable to look away because it has your attention riveted It does end in a cliff hangery sort of way so you should be aware of that but all of the books are already outI recommend to werewolf fans who want something out of the norm that is dangerous and risu with things that are described I definitely want to check out of Candace s stories Received an ARC from the Author in Exchange for my Honest ReviewI can never get enough of Candace s stories what an amazing writer she is My introduction to Candace was through her Safeword series loved it and just wanted to read from her Oh and I have smiles this latest book 3 of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club is just a great addition to the series I love the fact that she includes characters from The Works of Saint Augustine previous books Gives us than ample reason never to forget a character I think that is my favoriteart of her books This is Bash s story One would think they calm with age not Bash he always had a roblem keeping his temper in check as he has got Older It Maybe In Check But Very Close To The it maybe in check but very close to the The story starts when he was younger and just a rospect The Club Pres Gave him babysitting duties of Angel Oh yeah Angel the Club Pres baby girl A little to sassy for her own good if she can manage to bully you into doing what she wants you re screwed Bash needs to tread careful gain the respect of the brassy young female and still stay within the guidelines of his job at My Teacher Is a Robot protecting her The story moves on into years as both get a bit older the Princess comes home from college all grown up and still way off limits Angelic even though its her family she wants to keep the MC at arms length and go on about her new job in a normal life Bash is Bash all about the brotherhood and doing his thing he had barely survived the heartache years ago and isn t trying to feel any of that anytime soon He avoided emotional tangles well All up until his Princess moved back home All kinds of emotions willop off and this is just the beginning This introduction to Bash as well as Angelica how it all started Full of fun sass loyalty and Supper Club passion A few hot hot scenes with some heavy tamping down onassion What s a boy and girl to do when they both are all grown up now Loved it awesome first Volume a bit of a cliff at the end With Candace Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) promising the second book is not too far away I think its a stand alone this first Volume but if you haven t read Duke or Brain you should smiles Get ready for Bash cuz he sure is ready for you Enjoy I love Ms Blevins books She has such a realistic characters and stories lines They are so likeeople in real life Bash and Angelica remind me of Professional Capital people that I know I can t wait for Bash 2 I am so ready for it I just can t get enough. Son when she comes home with her Master’s degree and in spite of her intention to remain a civilian some of the bikers don’t seem so much like uncles any Warning Lots of hot sex a touch of BDSM and an abundance of bad ass werewolf bikers who are used to getting their wayThis is book one of a three book story There’s a tiny cliffhanger at the end but only three weeks until book two releases.