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Three and a half starsThis Was My First Teresa Medeiros my first Teresa Medeiros but it "wont be my last I picked After Midnight out randomly at the library "be my last I picked After Midnight out randomly at the library heard of the author and while waiting for my dozens of orders to come in I thought the premise sounded interesting and hoped for a good read despite the fact I knew nothing at all about the novel I wasn t disappointedCaroline Cabot is the eldest of three sisters She had to assume the parental role for her sisters when both their parents were killed in an accidentCaroline and her sisters now find themselves at the uestionable mercy of a lecherous uncle who begrudgingly allows them meager accommodation in A Rundown Cabin On The Land He rundown cabin on the land he from Caroline s parents He doesn t intend to allow them this charity without some kind of rewardCaroline undertook the responsibility of raising her sisters willingly even though it meant foregoing her planned debut and now at the age of 24 relegating herself to likely spinsterhood The family s future rests on middle sister Vivienne the prettiest of the sisters marrying wellAnother aunt has sponsored Vivienne s debut despite having shown no interest or charity to the other Cabot sisters Vivienne is after all the most promising of the sisters Vivienne is using gowns that had been intended for Caroline s debut when she meets the mysterious Adrian Kane Viscount TrevelyanThis could be ust the answer to ensuring a future for all the Cabot sisters When youngest sister Portia known for her vivid imagination repeats the gossip that Lord Trevelyan is rud to be a vampire Caroline dismisses it as childish fantasyBut when Caroline and Portia are invited to meet Lord Trevalyan at a midnight dinner Caroline finds herself wondering if the rumors Dislocating China just might be true He is never seen in daylight and roams the night on mysterious excursions And surely this overwhelming attraction she has for her dear sister s paramour is unnatural Caroline must discover the truth before allowing her sister to marry After Midnight is a Regency romance with a twist Is he or isn t heI found the characters to be well drawn with the exception of Vivienne While we got to know Caroline and Portia well we never got the opportunity to understand Vivienne to the same extent While this was a fairly short read at 271 pages there was no other obvious sacrifice in plot development or executionCaroline would do anything for her sisters but recognizes that this has come at a personal cost When she finds herself attracted to Lord Trevalyan she wages an internal battle love for her sister vs love for Kane Were we given the opportunity to become as attached to Vivienne as Caroline this element could have been powerfulAdrian makes a wonderful hero and is worthy of causing Caroline s turmoil while his brother Julian and Portia also make interesting charactersI have already ordered the follow up book The Vampire Who Loved Me despite the cringe worthy title Historic RomanceParanormal The perfect feel good bookEvery once in a while a book will hit meust right sort of like Goldlilocks and this is it for me So romanticMs Medeiros knows how to write dialogue Adrian our hero knew Childerley just what to say to make me feelohI mean to make Caroline feeladored affirmed cherished and loved No silly bickering in this novel For those who love Paranormal Romance view spoilerThis feels like Historical Romance than PNR especially with the roles of the hero and heroine I think you ll like itust don t expect the usual PNR heroine killing every immortal she comes across hide spoiler Great paranormal historical romance intense and mysterious hero is wonderfulI am a huge historical romance fan but have never read any paranormal ones and didn t actually know I was until a ways into the book I have read two Teresa Medeiros books One Night of Scandal and Yours Until Dawn and they were both Cultural Excursions just regular historicals so I didn t realize she wrote anything else The book was a great historical romance and for anyone who is put off by the paranormalvampire aspect don t be After Midnight is a great introduction into the genre of paranormal romancesI really enjoyed this book The characters are well written and engaging the secondary romance is sweet the mystery subplot is an essential part of the plot and romance and so not an unnecessary addition thatust drags on and the chemistry and sexual tension between the hero and heroine are greatMAIN CHARACTERSCaroline Cabot 24 is the elder of three sisters and has been taking care of her two younger siblings since their parents died eight years ago or six years ago it changes note to editor She s a strong and intelligent heroine who is easy to like her love for her sisters is obvious and so of course she feels a great amount of guilt for the fact that she s unaccountably drawn to her sister s potential suitor all works out very nicely though with no resentment hard feelings or misunderstandings All three of the sisters are great characters very different but all of them are three dimensional and none of them flatly drawnAdrian Kane Viscount Trevelyan 27 is an absolutely wonderful he. Our sister is marrying a vampire When the ever practical Caroline Cabot first hears those words from the lips of her fanciful youngest sister she accuses Portia of having a wild imagination But when she. .

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Ro He s dark and mysterious and seductive but he s also kind sensitive has a sense of humor and feels great love and loyalty for his younger brother Julian Something I greatly appreciated was that Adrian is not one of those anti love heroes who won t admit he s in love when he is if a guy said to me the things that Adrian says to Caroline sighGREAT LINEI don t want to marry you I don t want to want you he added fiercely taking one measured step toward her then another And I sure as hell don t want to love you But God help me I Cruelty and Laughter just can t stop myselfSIMILAR BOOKSIf you enjoy the older sister finds her hero premise you might also like The Viscount Who Loved Me Bridgerton Series Book 2 by Julia uinn the whole Bridgerton series is great so I would recommend them all and Gayle Callen s His Scandal which is a very light and enjoyable read the second book in Callen s His SeriesBOTTOM LINEA great historical romance with a paranormal twist I m not normally a paranormal romance reader but I really enjoyed this book The hero and heroine are great and I can t wait to read the follow up book After Midnight is followed by The Vampire Who Loved Me DNF 30%This book was not for me The heroine totally rubbed me the wrong way and I can t stand her any Despite my constant refusal I ended up loving this story to death Sometime youust have to SHUT UP and go against what you think you may not like and try it out I didn t want to like this book I thought HR and Paranormal had no rights to go with each other And OTHER than this series I m still pretty firm on that I m reading that second book in this series though This is a great duology well I m sure it will beThe sister situation was handled perfectly It made you not feel as bad for rooting the heroine and the hero on OKAY let s start on these characters shall weThe heroine Caroline At first you feel bad for her because she has to live in her younger sister s limelight while she had to work but she proved to be a worthy heroine She didn t wait around for things to happen to her She got straight to the sources and surprisingly I liked that here I did think she was being stupid once but I could let it go because the news was bigThe hero sigh Adrian swoon the tough dark seductive hero Although I swooned at the features of his brother Julian who s likened to a golden boy I have a weakness for thin boys with golden blonde curls okay Is it a cupidGabriel fetish Who knows But it s hot Anyway he was smart understanding and I loved himI giggled through this book madly I was a ball of suish I def recc reading my updatesI don t know what it was about this book that made me love it so much But I ust do It s unexplainable You either love it or you don t It made me happy throughout the day "I was skipping and chirping around like a bird I didn t want this to end It "was skipping and chirping around like a bird I didn t want this to end It comfortable I felt like I knew the characters IdkOne complaint I do have though is I didn t like that in times of anger the sisters came at each other like rabid dogs What I mean is that Caroline took care of her younger sisters for a good chunk of their lives and at time they came off ungrateful when they were angry at her Saying things ruder than this but I didn t like this comment in particular you could have asked for help No You two are much younger and she s the head of the household It wasn t that easy But anyway it wasn t a big dealI did get secondhand embarrassment twice in this book But the mush makes it worth it lol I m smiling while typing thisuotes Would you like to be the one to explain to your Sister Why We Re why we re a rendezvous on the Lover s Walk Kane murmured his expression grim Or shall IGazing up at him with pleading eyes she urgently whispered Make love to mePardon me Kane muttered hoarsely fighting Caroline s frantic gripShe dug her fingernails into his coat IF they think we re lovers there s a chance they might rush past without recognizing us You have to make love to meHe shook his head his breath coming hard and fast Miss Cabot I really don t think this is the wisest Portia s skeptical snort was less than ladylike Then he must have a very vivd imagination indeed because he certainly going about it with a great deal of enthusiasm I realize that some may not like how neat this book is The ending isn t necessarily happy for all but its still tied up crispy enough to where you don t need to read the next book I d like to because I liked Julian Anyway It think this review said a bunch of nothing I don t actually know why I like this book so much I ust did It s ust one of those books for me Try it if you wantSPOILERview spoilerThis book IS paranormal I don t usually call it that But it s a vampire book There ARE vampires in this book Our main guy ISN T one but he s not normal either I didn t see anyone mention that or maybe no one needed the clarification But I was under the assumption this was like her other fairytale books Mentioning that the person was like a vampire but not one But it s really a vampire book hide spoiler 35 rounded to 4This is a little different from other books I read by Mrs Medeiros as it. Discovers their sister Vivienne is actually being courted by Adrian Kane the mysterious viscount rud to be a vampire she decides to accept his invitation to a midnight supper and do some sleuthing of After MidnightIs about vampires In spite of the theme that is not one of my favorites it was a pleasant readCaroline Cabot is skeptical when her younger sister Portia tells her their sister Viviane is being courted by a vampire The problem is the she looks into it the difficult it is to deny the mounting evidence against her sister s suitorTo make matters ust a little awkward it seems that Caroline is falling in love with him Adrian is mysterious intelligent and fun but obviously there is something very wrong with him And she could not possibly consider stealin A note about this book This is NOT a paranormal romance It s historical romance with paranormal elements I was kind of expecting that so I was DISAPPOINTED I KNEW WHAT I "disappointed I knew what I getting into I think that would be important for someone who might lean towards PNRsThat being said I thought this was a fantastic romance Caroline was a likeable female protagonist and Kane was totally hot It was a slow build romance with lots of flirting And did I mention that Kane was super hot Yep He s going in my man dungeon He wasn t an alpha asshole but he was definitely an alpha Caroline is the older sister who makes a lot of sacrifices for her two younger sisters She has basically given up the idea of marrying so that her sisters will be able to having proper gowns and going to parties can be an expensive business you know and manages the meager household since their parents died She ends up falling in love with the man her sister is dating Who is also rud to be a vampire I didn t notice a lot of tropes which is good There was some inevitable drama but it didn t drag on and was resolved uickly which I appreciateThe supporting characters were great too Portia and Julian and the Constable and Vivienne I did kind of guess the twist but it didn t take anything away from my enjoyment of the story There is a good set up for another book and I will definitely be reading itI ll still count this for vampire month even though the vampire aspect is not a main focus of the story until the last 30% or so It s of a is he or isn t he type of thing But it s fun and it worked better for me than some other books who tried a similar premiseMy first Teresa Medeiros book and I uite enjoyed it 45 stars review coming soon 25 stars I Class and Conformity just love the Cabot sisters series The series has romance suspense danger and a liberal amount of hilarious moments I gave this book 4 because it didn t uite have such wonderful chemistry between the HH as the second book The Vampire Who Loved MeFULL REVIEWAfter Midnight the first book in the Cabot series is a tongue in cheek mix of vampire story and historical romance It s a delightful blend of surprise plot twists charming characters sparkling dialogue and humourEnigmatic charming seductive and passionate Adrian is definitely a hero to make your heart beat faster I couldn t help adoring him for his unwavering love for his brother Julian It s wonderful to see how protective he is towards Caroline and the sacrifices he is willing to make to keep her safe I smiled at his obviousealousy when he finds Caroline and Constable Larkin chatting I must say Constable Larkin that you are in dire need of either a valet or a wife Which position are you applying for Miss Cabot At that resonant growl Caroline glanced over her shoulder to find Adrian Kane looming over the chaise He was glowering down at them with little evidence of his notorious charm Caroline is smart practical and outspoken and it s obvious she loves her sisters and would do anything to see them happy even forfeit her own happiness She feels guilty over her attraction to the man her sister loves but Ms Medeiros resolves this obstacle in a surprising but satisfying wayI did figure out the truth about Adrian before the big revelation If you read the dialogue between the characters carefully then as David Frost used to say on the TV series Through the Keyhole The clues are there What I did enjoy was watching the other characters reactions when the true situation is revealedIf I have one criticism it s that I found the sexual tension between Adrian and Caroline somewhat lacking but the love scenes are deliciously sensual particularly the mirror scene Ms Medeiros s books always have a rich array of secondary characters There s brooding Julian fond of spouting Byron spirited Portia with the overactive imagination beautiful serene Vivienne Constable Larkin with the abominable fashion sense and Duvalier the suitably menacing villain There is lots of humour in this story as well and here s one of my favourites She Caroline was unknotting the scarf fighting the urge to strangle her sister with it when a pungent aroma drifted to her nose She leaned forward sniffing at Portia s skin What on earth is that stench Is it garlic Portia stiffened I should say not It s simply my new perfume Sticking her nose in the air she swept past Caroline trailing the earthy scent behind herThis is another well written engaging and funny historical romance from one of my favourite authorsRATING SENSUALITY RATING HOT This review is also posted on my blog. Er own To both her delight and her dismay she soon finds herself falling under Kane's bewitching spell After all what's a proper young lady to do when her sister's suitor arouses than ust her suspicion.
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