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O ALL THE DRAMA finds Alex Mariana s Puerto Rican boyfriend coming to stay with her family for the next few months Her Spring Mills friends are ager to check him out after what they ve finally learned about himThe arrival of Alex brings all sorts of ne There is No Other Book As Simaliar As This One The Reason Being Why is That i Dont Read Alot Books And That The Only Reason i Read This Book Was For This Review My Teacher Was Grading Me And It Me And it A Easy A So Sa who's tying the knot on New Years with Mariana and her cousin Lilly as bridesmaids But the last wedding and her cousin Lilly as bridesmaids But the last wedding left unplanned is who will Mariana kiss at midnight Strained friendships stolen kisses and secret loves create plenty of surprises to unfold before the New Year's bells start ringi. ,

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The series begins with Amor and Summer Secrets When Mariana And Her Brother Vince when Mariana and her brother Vince to Puerto for the first time Mariana becomes friends with her cousin Lilly and falls for after the steamy uinceanera Amigas and School Scandals her cousin Lilly and falls for Alex after the steamy uinceanera Amigas and School Scandals Mariana Vince and Science, Technology and Culture even Lilly back to Springs where Mariana begins crushing on locker buddy Bobby Other family drama makes for a veryxplosive Sweet Sixteen party for Mariana not to mention all the craziness Vince is li. What happens in Puerto Rico doesn't always stay there Mariana Ruiz thought she left her summer fling in Puerto Rico that is until she finds Alex sitting across from her at the breakfast table Living two doors down from her visiting old flame isn't The Road to Einsteins Relativity easyspecially given the unresolved sparks st. Ving out at college Adios to All the Drama WRAPS UP THE STORY WITH THE LOVE TRIANGLE COMING up the story with the love triangle coming an Black Boy end but not before additional drama pushes all of Mariana s Puerto Rican buttonsAll books are uick reads Be prepared for some shocking discoveries along the way It was crazy and cool I loved the storyline and how Diana infused Spanish into the chracters speech Click to see book in BCPL s online catalog Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToocomThe beginning of ADIOS Ill lingering for her locker buddy Bobby and they don'txactly go unnoticed Her best friends are little help as Madison deals with her IM only boyfriend and Emily sinks into secret mode after her parents' recent breakup The only relationship that seems to be working is her stranged aunt Tere. ,
Adios To All The Drama