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Eadily usable knowledge for practicing programmers *DO NOT PASS ON THIS BOOK *not pass on this book will continue to teach ou things in 10 ears Also get the Refactoring book from Martin Fowler with Kent Beck which has stood the test the Refactoring book from Martin Fowler with Kent Beck which has stood the test time and is relevant than ever To appreciate the cover of the book watch Rich Hickey s talk at Rails con A better title would have been how to manage and reduce complexity in software developmentThis book is not a 500 page bible it goes straight to the point it is well written at least for an non native english reader it can and should be read cover to cover There is no useless chapterIt is very practical Even senior developers will grab good ideasIf all developers could apply the easy recommendations of this book the software development world would have another face This book could be complete but the author himself acknowledge this is an open topic Ouvrage pragmatiue mettre entre les mains de toutes les personnes d veloppant ou g rant des devsAussi bien adress aux d butants u aux exp riment s pour ui un rafra chissement de m moire et une prise de recul sont g n ralement bienvenusLe retour d exp rience sur les travaux ui ont tourn au vinaigre est aussi pr cieux ue les bonnes pratiues nonc es Ecrit noir sur blanc et concis Peut tre lu pour des applications non objet car John Ousterhout est aussi le cr ateur du langage TclTk lu pour des applications non objet car John Ousterhout est aussi le cr ateur du langage TclTk sur C Ce livre ne traite pas de l interface graphiue mais de th mes comme les commentaires le traitement des erreurs les interfaces des sous programmes proc dures classes complexit performance Chaue chapitre peut tre relu ind pendamment aprs une lecture compl te Un ensemble de r sum s gris s les red flag permettent de retenir l essentiel tr s facilement Bref un tr s bon livre pour codeur sans tre un sp cialiste. Re design The book also introduces a set of red flags that identify design problems You can apply the ideas in this book to minimize the complexity of large software systems so that ou can write softwareuickly and cheap.

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Author is not afraid to go against the common idioms of good design and he defines a new way to look at problem decomposition and abstractions The way developers get thought to design SYSTEMS IN CONJUNCTION WITH SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT in conjunction with software development too often leads to creating over complicated software Any software which is too complex to maintain will eventually be rewritten The author explains a different approach on how to decompose problems and he defines a methodology to achieve optimal results over time It also provides a list of red flags which when found in a software project enables the developer to timely recognize and correct design issues before they go out of handsI d recommend this book to the seasoned developer or software architect who has already seen a number of projects and designed a few systems Which such experience the reader will uickly recognize many of the bad ways to design a system and the type of problems which bad design leads to As an experienced software engineer I liked this book a lot It s short fairly general and high level much of the content seems like common sense but it s still very helpful to have it clearly set down The author emp Superbe livre tr s abordable en to have it clearly set down The author emp Superbe livre tr s abordable en Kindle a lire absolument si vous faites de la programmation objet Plein de sagesse logicielle un must The author discuss complexity and how to achieve simplicity in software and it does so in a very concise manner applying for the writing of this book the very same principles the book propose I really liked that it starts explaining clearly what is the most common problem that programmers have when actually working with real code and gives clear understandable and useful guidelines and principles to avoid them in the future Some of most relevant and Al problem in software design which is managing complexity It then discusses philosophical issues about how to approach the software design process and it presents a collection of design principles to apply during softwa. All in this book is right most is said before ou cannot disagreeHowever the book is not particular specific as to how to obtain software design with low complexity It is high level guidance it is left to the reader to make it into practical work Too much theory too few examples Ousterhout ha avuto a che fare con grossi sistemi per alcune decadi e sui sorgenti di Tcl io personalmente ho imparato cosa fosse la buona progettualit del software Poi il progetto Raft nato negli ultimi anni l autore ha affermato in maniera pi chiara il ruolo anni l autore affermato in maniera pi chiara il ruolo padrone che lui affida alla riduzione della complessit nel software Ma non mi aspettavo che se ne uscisse con un libro del genere Le pi grandi lezioni Su Come Scrivere Buon Software Che Di come scrivere buon software che di si imparano in decadi sono riassunte ui in maniera magistrale con argomenti molto forti seppure non sempre scientificamente supportabili per forza di cose Il discorso non solo di ordine filosofico i consigli dati hanno immediata applicazione pratica uesto libro vi far diventare programmatori migliori e se siete gi bravi vi ricorder che la vostra sfida contro la complessit anche se a volte vi sentite soli a farla specialmente in alcuni ambienti non affatto vana This is an excellent book by an author who clearly understands software designHe gives an excellent set of principles for software design He carefully explains how he s come to this conclusion after many ears of software development and he gives alternative approaches explaining the trade off between different approachesThe actual software examples he gives come from operating systems I have not worked on operating systems myself so the examples were not entirely relevant to me However the principles he is describing make a lot of sense and are very useful The. This book addresses the topic of software design how to decompose complex software systems into modules such as classes and methods that can be implemented relatively independently The book first introduces the fundament. A Philosophy of Software Design