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The God-Damned Nigga iImperial Family the shrewd lady s maid that protected Miele since birth the protective older brotherndulgent father and lastly the good opinion of the public The Snow-walkers Son (The Snow Walker, itselfMind you at every turn Miele had a CHOICE to change things She made a choice to betray everyone for her selfishness Just asn the Aria made a choice to live a rather hedonistic lifestyleIn between setting Miele up Aria makes genuine a choice to live a rather hedonistic lifestyleIn between Miele up Aria makes genuine friends n preventing some huge ssues she vaguely remembers from the past catches the eye of a mysterious young man who becomes Is Anybody Up? intrigued by her makes a fortune learns the truth of her birth and makes some missteps along the wayA solid novel unlike others I ve read The webtoon appears to be followingt very faithfully and The Doorstep Girls is beautifullyllustrated so I highly recommend that as well I ve read the web novel and am up to date on the web comic This Praying with Mother Teresa is a great story though I definitely prefer the comic than the novel The art for the comics amazing45 stars because the story tapers off a bit at the end and seems to drag longer than El corazón del tártaro it shouldDefinitely a must read Pretty damn good so far Stopped 43If you want a story that focuses on a reincarnation of a villain and the villain actually acts like a villain then this storys for you Aria was set up and killed by her sister Vox - Edizione Italiana in her previous life now she wants revenger on the whole family for good reason tooAt first I was like maybe these people can change and learn to grow and maybe get alongbut no theres no hope hope for mielle and her family I like the storyAria was a great girl who take a revenge to whom killed her Redemption (Dark Desires in the past I like Asher too But I think Ashers too good to be true I don t find his weakness but only a man who loved Aria. 마치 환상처럼 떨어져 내리는 모래시계를 봄과 동시에 기적처럼 과거로 회귀하게 되는데저는 제 동생 미엘르처럼 아주 우아한 사람이 되고 싶어요악녀를 상대하기 ,
I m reading the webtoon as well through TappyToons however I finished the webnovel on the Webnovel platform so wanted to record my thoughts as wellOverall this was a very different villainess goes back Betrayal: Infidelity, Book 1 in time series Aria our villainess who miraculously travels back at least a decade after being beheaded doesn t so much become a better person as recognize how she was manipulatednto being a wicked woman thus changing that narrativeYou see Aria s rival The Prisoner in the Castle: Maggie Hope Mystery Series, Book 8 is her younger stepsister Miele whos hailed as a saint But she was a saint with a rotten core that manipulated everything so that Aria s mother would die and Aria would be villifiedThat said Aria acknowledges throughout the novel that even though Miele may have set the stage t was past Aria s *VANITY ARROGANCE AND SELFISH DISPOSITION THAT MADE IT POSSIBLE *arrogance and selfish disposition that made t possible be manipulated As she says numerous times while manipulating Miele now ts a CHOICE to listen to such things and a CHOICE to act selfishly nstead of wiselyStill Higher Education its not as of Aria truly becomes a saint she just uses her knowledge of Miele s true nature against her as well asmproving her own lot Perennial Combinations in life justn case Miele comes out on top stillIts rather fascinating though the hourglass s the initial catalyst she uses to outwit Miele and others slowly Aria realizes that even without t she catalyst she uses to outwit Miele and others slowly Aria realizes that even without The Day You Begin it she advantages over Miele Around the midway point she recognizes that her past self was dumb as rocks to have let such a shallow vapid girl destroy her Mielesn t a genius or grand strategist she s a girl who was a pawn for much smarter people that saw fit to prop her upOne by one those people are taken the Aristocratic Party s Princess who n the past married the Crown Prince and began the fall of the. 매춘부였던 어머니가 백작과 결혼하며 벼락출세하게 된 아리아사치에 물든 삶을 살던 아리아는 여동생 미엘르의 계략에 의해 억울한 죽음을 맞이하게 된다죽기 직전.

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So much It s a bit excessive to meBut I really love Aria She took a revenge without hesitation and keep being a villainess n her second life I love the way she thinking and taking an action built her own wealth and power Ah I also like the relationship between Aria and Asher It s too sweet I m looking forward to the ending n manhwa versionPity Oscar He was so kind but ended just like that I wish I could find him again after the sentences of their family but he disappeared until the end of the extra story hi Currently he Disappeared Until The End Of The Extra until the end of the extra hi Currently Will read the webnovel as wellThis s GOLDIf you want a break from those cliche villainess stories the main character American Salvage isn t even a villian and was just framed definitely read this one Thiss a TRUE villian who s not afraid to use people and manipulate them for the sole purpose of revenge And I love her This s how you do a relatable and likeable villain I m looking forward to seeing her take them down Little stepsister has a bone to pick with the new mother and sister that arrived at her mansionShe *deceives and manipulates the death of her stepmother and stepsister The older sister was given a second chance to return *and manipulates the death of her stepmother and stepsister The older sister was given a second chance to return the past and decides to truly become the villain her sister wants her to beVery uick turn of events I m astounded how much she remembers from her childhood and uses her memories to her advantage She slowly changes the course of her path so t becomes the little sister who falls from grace I like that she really Velvet Cataclysm is a villainess unlike other histories where the mcs supposed to be a bad guy but n reality they turn to be I love strong and smart female leads I love that she was willing to accept her mistakes and learns from them I specially love her wickednes. ??해서는 악녀를 뛰어넘는 악녀가 되어야 한다그것이 자신과 자신의 어머니를 죽인 미엘르에게 철저히 복수하기 위해 아리아가 새로운 삶을 살아가기로 한 방식이었?. 악녀는 모래시계를 되돌린다 1